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is SO happy to be home! Charleston is my new city love affair! Blogs forthcoming! :-)) (1 comments) is very happy to be home thinking of my new city 'love affair' with Charleston! (1 comments) Orange is one of my favorite colors...so happy! is so grateful to have morning walks like this! (3 comments) is trying to stay busy on her Josher's birthday today...miss you my angel son...SO MUCH...even a long 10 years later! (11 comments) is back to the consignment gallery trying to figure out where to place some beautiful furniture coming in...NO SPACE...yikes! (3 comments) is looking forward to a Friday luncheon with her friend that is moving away from FL. I'll miss her a BUNCH..we used to have a blast together..we hit each other's funny bone! :-)) YEP...my feelings EXACTLY! :-)) (4 comments) is enjoying her Sunday with her sweetie pie! 'Down time' is on the agenda today! :-)) is happy her Monday IS optional...at least in the off season! :-)) is taking her sweetie out for a great Father's Day...off to Sanibel Island to explore J. Ding Darling Wildlife Park! :-)) (2 comments) is back on track after the latest hoop~la! I'll be attending a going away party for my dear friend Saturday night...I'll miss her a TON..but life goes on! is looking forward to a happy holiday...enjoy yours also..and celebrate our freedom! (1 comments) is tragically NUMB over this world gone crazy! It is heartbreaking that these tragedies continue I'm praying for the families and loved ones..just very, very sad today. (5 comments) We are stronger than we think and braver than we know! (3 comments) Is on 'the road' again! Headed back waaaay down south to good ole' south FL! Been at the lake house last two days with friends...beautiful spot but sketchy wi~fi Okay so I'm a little sarcastic...yes...I AM! :-)) (2 comments) is decidedly HAPPY to be back in our beautiful home and sleeping in our comfy bed again! There is NO place like home my friends! Early morning walks in the neighborhood are the BEST! (2 comments) is exercised, house cleaned, now onto cooking for our dine-in group tonight. It's gonna be a good, good night! (1 comments) Pumpkin spice coffee and pumpkin spice candles....swoon! :-)) I love Halloween...but not the candy anymore! (2 comments) This says it all my dear sparklers! (1 comments) is loving this beautiful cooler weather...off to work we go..I'd rather be outside walking! "-)) is loving this beautiful weather..off to work we go..I'd rather be outside enjoying the day! (2 comments) is looking at her craft party project and thinking...WHAT WAS I thinking? :-)) (1 comments) is pooped with a capital P...but SO happy! Christmas Craft Party SUCCESS! Josh Project SUCCESS...I am one happy little sparkler! :-)) (4 comments) Here's my SWEETIE PIE...38 years of married bliss...AND we work together...how's that for AMAZING? (9 comments) is wishing ALL of her sparkling friends the BEST of Merry Christmas, and Hanukkah!! (1 comments) is celebrating 'me' birf~day...maybe ALL month long..I deserve it...thanks for all your well wishes my sparksters! :-)) is celebrating 'me' birf~day ..maybe ALL month long...I deserve it...har~de~har~har! (6 comments) A lovely memory of our recent Christmas getaway to the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, N.C. We loved it (3 comments) is having the BEST Valentine's Day...I hope all of you are too! (2 comments) is off to our consignment gallery this a.m. then a movie and happy hour with our darling J Bird who just lost her DH several wks ago. Friendship is LOVE! :-)) (2 comments) is enjoying her fur~children today...they are just TOO cute! (3 comments) is all exercised, good breakfast fed...and ready to face the day! Happy 70th birthday to my darling and STILL HANDSOME hubs! Kisssss! (2 comments) is out with friends to celebrate the hubs big birthday...we won't get TOO crazy...I promise you! We were such little dorks! :-)) (3 comments) The hubs and I last night before a night out with friends to celebrate his big 70! Wowsa..how time flys! (2 comments) is getting ready for a full day at the consignment gallery...fingers crossed for good sales! (2 comments) is looking forward to a leisurely Sunday with the hubs and the fur~kitties! Stay sparky my friends! is looking forward to a beautiful cool day in sunny SW FL! Enjoying our new rescue kitties! (1 comments) is loving her lazy day Sunday with the hubs..off to a healthy breakfast..maybe an afternoon movie..oh YES..must buy more catfood...derp! is contemplating a new antique buffet to replace another old buffet we already have...hummmm I think I'll go for it if it has enough storage...how bout that? Yip, yip, yippee this beauty is all mine! Smiling ear to ear!! (5 comments) is splitting the day at the consignment gallery...hubby is still sicky...I'm not top par so we both muddle through our shift...TEAMWORK...that's us! :-)) (6 comments) I love this little sign we found at a craft collective in N. Carolina! (1 comments) May 20 (2017) 39 years together! I made a GREAT choice in this wonderful man! (8 comments) May 20th...38 years (2016) married to my Mr. Wonderful! We have been through thick n thin together! (3 comments) The colors of Fall always thrill me..Mother Nature's palette is always the BEST! (3 comments) is sending Happy Bunny hopper wishes to all of her friends today! (1 comments) is happy, happy, happy tonight...met our friends then home to sit on our lanai and hear the wind blowing through the trees! It's so peaceful! is thanking her sparky friend Renee for the adorable card and 'stash...I've got my St. Paddy going on! :-)) (2 comments) is sending big love and happy B-Day wishes to her sweetie pie! He's still as CUTE as the day I met him! Happy B-Day DH you are my heart! :-)) (5 comments) I SO love this oil painting of our Josh by one of his very close friends! Josh was SO loved!!! (2 comments) How bout this for your outdoor neighbor! I think she's ready to have her babies again this season! (3 comments) A very cute little chair I reupholstered with zebra print and chalk painted for the gallery. Sold it (4 comments) A fantastically beautiful mirror in our consignment gallery made by a very talented artisan! (2 comments) LOVE these little guys! Actually ALL animals! (4 comments) is very happy tonight! After a day of playing tourist in Captiva going to friends to see their winter wonderland I'll take pics..it's OVER the top! (2 comments) is enjoying our vacation...it's SO good to have some down time with the hubs! :-)) I love my orchids (1 comments) Hated to sell this awesome 'tomb guardian' from our consignment gallery...but he found a new home! (2 comments) is looking forward to her hair appointment today @ 3:00 p.m. then a nice dinner out with friends. Then home to watch the ball drop from our cozy home! Happy New Year sparklers! :-)) (3 comments) is gearing up for a busy Friday...stay sparky my friends! :-)) (1 comments) is Looking forward to Sunday a special Valentine's Day with my sweetie and some friends! What could be a better day of rest and relaxation? Stay sparky my friends! :-)) (1 comments) is happy for a good day of sales at our consignment gallery...every little bit helps! :-)) (4 comments) is gearing up to host the g~normous dinner group tomorrow. Long past due for my turn. It's like a Thanksgiving...18 people..I think we should break up the group like we should break up big banks:-) (1 comments) is rushing around like a chicken with her head cut off...too many things to do...to little time to do them in...the story of me life...LOL! (3 comments) is LOVING her new back yard! Sitting outside listening to music and the birdies sing...68 degrees up to 78 today...more flowers to plant...YIP! Stay sparky my friends! (2 comments) is loving this 50 degree weather out on our lanai...wish I could fly all of you down here to enjoy it with me! I do...I DO! Have a sparkling Sunday my friends! (1 comments) is sitting outside looking at all of my lovely orchids..they are all blooming their little hearts out...just in time for Easter...yippee! :-)) is enjoying one of the last cool spells here in FL before summer sets in. Love our patio and my new flowers...my orchids are beautiful! :-)) (2 comments) is DONE with the paperwork! Off to the mountains tomorrow! Rest and relaxation time. Stay sparky my friends! :-)) (6 comments) Is SO,happy in the mountains! So much beauty everywhere! Went hiking today! (2 comments) is off to work then home to do a deep clean for entertaining the group tomorrow night at our house! Italiano night...whoop da! :-)) (1 comments) is cooking up an Italian Pasta feast for dine in group tonight...there WILL be left-overs...I hope I HOPE! :-)) (2 comments) is enjoying a day of office paperwork...off site! Woot...woot! Stay sparky my friends! :-)) (2 comments) is gathering up paperwork for her trip tomorrow to W. Palm Beach. It's about a 3 hour drive to transfer legal 'save our home' fight docs...but I feel SO worth it. Stay sparkie my friends! :-)) (4 comments) is having a elevation survey today to prove our house is NOT in a flood zone and we shouldn't be charges for such. So sick of the continual fight..but you do what you must to stand your ground! :-(( (2 comments) is having an elevation survey done today to prove for once and all our home is NOT located in a flood zone and we shouldn't be charged $6,000 for bogus force placed flood insurance. BLAH! (6 comments) is excited and grateful for a beautiful day in paradise. Going to enjoy it full tilt by going to the beach soaking up the sun and listening to the waves (1 comments) is chasing her tail around BIZ~ZY! Getting ready for my Annual Christmas Craft Party it's been going strong with my girlfriends since 1992...now THERE'S some history! (3 comments) New York City Christmas Magic 2013 (1 comments) Our lovely community lake on a bright sunny morning walk. We are SO lucky to live in this beauty! (2 comments) is watching Adele's NYC concert...what TALENT! WOWSA! A gift tonight for the hubs and I! Stay sparky my peeps! (5 comments) is taking a special girlfriend to a nice Christmas lunch tomorrow...looking SO forward to it! Happy holidays my friends! :-)) (1 comments) is getting closer and closer to her holiday vacation...YIP! :-)) (1 comments) I'm looking forward to a joyous Christmas, can't WAIT for our winter get~a~way in North Carolina :-) (2 comments) A beautiful Christmas luncheon with a best friend 12/15 (2 comments) is on 'full tilt' Florida CRAZY...and gosh it was COLD today...but 40's in January I can take! Hugs and warm wishes to my snow bound friends! (1 comments) CeCe Caldwell's Natural Chalk and Clay paint s pretty awesome! No need to sand strip or prime! (4 comments) is loving these new chilly mornings! It won't be long until summer and sweaty humid days assend...off for my walk! Stay sparky my friends! (2 comments) A recent pic in Key West April 2014 I'm still losing the chub and feeling GREAT! (8 comments) Our trip back home to IA last year for Christmas. I LOVE snow..on Christmas Day..that's it! :-)) (5 comments) My 'honey bun' sporting his new beard..look OUT George Clooney! (10 comments) My Birthday celebration 2014 time's a ticking...gotta achieve some milestones this year! (5 comments) The hubs and I on summer vacation back to Ia. August of 2011 (12 comments) Pineapple whips at the GREAT Iowa State Fair..whoop da! (9 comments) Big birthday party at The Capital Grille...yummy food and GREAT service! (6 comments) My freeform wirework semi precious necklaces...lots of work..lots of love just sold this sweetie pie (13 comments) I call this sweetie pie..a party around your neck! S/Silver turq. sponge coral (9 comments) Our 'little slice of heaven' in the backyard (9 comments) Tis I...smiley face! This was about 20 lbs heavier than today. (13 comments) "I want my water now mom!" (31 comments) RIP~my little Alaskan Snow Cat part Persian part Somali (mother of the big boy Keanu) (19 comments) My beautiful orchids swinging in the breeze all along our back patio~~ facing the wetlands (10 comments) My MOST favorite orchid..it's a royal blue/purple isn't it awesome..mother nature does it best! (14 comments) Here's the king of our castle...Keanu isn't he a looker? (17 comments) Here is the beautiful and talented 'Josh Man'..he was.. and always will be the light of our eyes!! (37 comments) Happier Christmas memories...the Josh man about age 7 or 8ish (10 comments) Yes, you may call me the 'Color Queen' every wall in my studio is a different color..whoop da! (39 comments) This is where the action happens..upstairs..in my little piece of heaven..Coyote Blue Studio (12 comments) Hot and spicy and as full of beads as any well stocked shop..I'm talkin' bead and shell central! (18 comments) Another view of the studio..it's my bliss! (4 comments) My work table picture me here working on my jewelry..I so love to create! (7 comments) More creations ready for my shows..these don't show that well without the light studio (10 comments) 34 lbs down and the ticker is still movin' woot, woot..thanks Spark People! (18 comments) One of my favorite creations ..free form copper necklace with pearls.. (7 comments) Ocean Dreams (14 comments) I LOVE this necklace..so much I refuse to sell it and will keep it for myself..oh this is costly! (9 comments) Right now I'm 'shell struck' with my jewelry..these came right off the beach on our morning walks! (14 comments) Yep...an endless supply of shells, these beauties came from my morning walk on the beach.. (24 comments) Free form with shells...what do you think? (19 comments) It is just the greatest feeling when people like your artistic creations isn't it? (7 comments) Some of my jewelry on display at our little farmer's market..I sold a bunch through season..yeah! (4 comments) Another favorite creation of mine where I display..free form on a s/s omega 30" chain..stunning! (16 comments) I love creating my jewelry, but my son was my best creation ever! I miss him sooo much! (25 comments) My beautiful hubby and our gorgeous son...like father like son..we surely miss Josh's wit and wisdom (4 comments) yep..here is my biggest inspiration..I still feel his essence around his dad and I every day! (4 comments) The beautiful Josh with me (his greatest fan) at grandma Shirleys in happier times at Christmas (4 comments) Granted this was MANY years ago..but I felt so happy and healthy around 125-130 lbs..someday (7 comments) Josh always scoped the audience..he wanted to be a film-maker and was an extraordinary writer! (8 comments) Beautiful Josh and his girlfriend Andrea on our Florida beach at sunset..I think of him always! (14 comments) Josh's photo applying for scholarship at film school in Orlando...he did receive a small grant! (16 comments) Josh's last photo..our mother/son trip to NYC to the Tribecca Film Fest...Viva Josh forever!! (21 comments) Our great horned owl..he is only about 20 feet away from our backyard lanai..what beauty! (11 comments) Bobcat right outside our pergola he came out of the wetlands good thing the cats are inside cats! (21 comments) He is KING of the wetlands..we all give him wide berth! (7 comments) From our beautiful Andrea this year for Mother's Day..Josh's last gift was an orchid..Andrea thanks! (4 comments) I LOVE CHRISTMAS..I have a Christmas brunch every year for our friends (9 comments)

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