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Mother's Day - Son Sky (14 comments) (19 comments) I do LOVE Dark Chocolate!!!!! (9 comments) Daughter Jennifer & Grandson Moshe - Aug. 2013 (7 comments) (12 comments) Me ...Elvis(Hubby) & Marilyn 2014 (6 comments) Jennifer & Moshe visiting Isreal (3 comments) (3 comments) (6 comments) Son Sky...Daughter Jennifer & Grandson Moshe (10 comments) Gulfstream Villages today!!! Maybe I'll try making a bet on the horses!! Wish me Luck! (6 comments) Valentine's Day 2013 (5 comments) Grocery Shopping day!!! Enjoy your Monday! Great weekend for me! (4 comments) BEACH DAY!!!!! (5 comments) Do you do this? (3 comments) Relaxing day!!! Very tired from all that dancing last night. Have a Successful Saturday!!!! (3 comments) Our son left today!! Visit is always so fast!!!! Until next time Sky! Love YOU!!!! (8 comments) HAPPY 80th Birthday to my Mom!!!! (19 comments) Today are friend Archie will be here!! He is a mini Schnauzer visitor for a few days!!! LOVE him!!!! (5 comments) Hope everyone has a SPARKtacular Day!!! (2 comments) Great day at our beautiful Gulfstream Racetrack!! Bet on 2 races....but lost!!! Oh well got in a lot of walking!!!! (3 comments) Grandson Moshe and Son Sky -enjoying the pool (3 comments) Daughter Jennifer (Yael) and grandson Moshe (6 comments) Don't forget to have your Fruits on Friday!!! Enjoy your day!!!!! (1 comments) LOVED our 2 mile walk in beautiful Aventura Mall!!! This was outside Bloomindales....of course I LOVE pink flamingo's!!!! (2 comments) Having a GREAT time with daughter & grandson....Flamingo Gardens Today!!!!! (2 comments) Had a wonderful time at Flamingo Gardens & went to Chuck E Cheese for video games!!! (5 comments) I got 20 points on wheel & 100 Goodies on Bonus Wheel!!! Yesterday was Museum of Science with Grandson & Daughter!! (3 comments) Last day yesterday with daughter and grandson...went to Water Park!! Had lots of fun....but got too much SUN!!! (3 comments) Ate my RED - WHITE & BLUE today!!! (2 comments) MURPHY'S LAW - Paradise Club 2015 (2 comments) Going to get my ab roller crunches/leg exercise done this morning! Grocery shopping day!!! Monday's not too bad!!! (3 comments) Grandson Moshe, slip at pool and glued forhead....and enjoying the remote control police car from his Grandma & Grandpa!! (5 comments) Going to look after my sisters cats and then on to my Thrift Shopping! (3 comments) Good Monday Morning!!! Picture is one my son took in his flower garden. Bee SAFE today & Push yourself !!!! (1 comments) Plans for today...Another walk in our beautiful Aventura Mall!! Enjoy your Saturday. (3 comments) Our Son will be here today visiting until Saturday!!! YEAH!!!! (1 comments) Beautiful Day at beach yesterday....We walked 2.60 miles. Today Relaxing! Enjoy your Day!!! (5 comments) day 100 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 9/1/2015 (2 comments) Happy Birthday to my Sister, Donna.....Victory957......http://www.spark
Going back tonight to Margaritaville!!!! Hoping to get to dance tonight!!! Enjoy your Saturday....have FUN!!! (4 comments) Heading back to Margaritaville today!!!! Enjoy your Saturday!!! (3 comments) Monday Healthy Grocery Shopping to get done!!! Our Son ..."Sky" will be here tonight!!! (1 comments) Will be doing a lot of Walking/Dancing tonight at Margaritaville! (2 comments) Had FUN last night at Margaritaville!! Even got o Dance -Band was Great!!! (2 comments) Have a GREAT Monday!! GREAT Week & Happy Thanksgiving !! Hair Cut & Grocery shopping today for me! (2 comments) Enjoy your Tuesday!!!! Take some time for yourselves......I'm getting ready for the Holiday's!!! Yeah!!!! (2 comments) Me and Hubby at Margaritaville Relaxing Today! 3 miles of walking last night at Hollywood Boardwalk!!! (6 comments) (2 comments) Our son SKY is here now!!! Here he is with his sister in NY. Just left there and is now in Miami!!!! (2 comments) Going to lunch today at Cheesecake Factory with our son!!! He will take a 2 hr lunch break from his work. Yipee!!!! (9 comments) Had a great time yesterday at my Sister's Church. We also got to meet someone.....And a beautiful Cookie Exchange!! OH NO!!!!!!! (4 comments) Daughter Jennifer & Grandson Moshe (3 comments) Me and Hubby 2015 (1 comments) Sky & Jeric (3 comments) Happy 6th Birthday to our Grandson, Moshe!!!!! Leaving for my mom's today with my sister....Will be back on Monday! (4 comments) My friend gave me this yesterday...going to try making Banana Ice Cream today!! It is really Healthier to make !! Hope I like it. (4 comments) My new Yonanas machine works GREAT! BEST banana Ice Cream made with frozen bananas!!! (2 comments) Happy Sunday!! We walked 4 miles yesterday at the beach!!! (2 comments) Aventura Mall with Hubby 2-13-16 (4 comments) Yesterday Tornado warnings -lost electric all day!!! Going thrift shopping today! Who is ready to go???? (4 comments) Today is my Mammogram day!!! Have a GREAT Thursday!!! (3 comments) Good Wednesday Spark Friends!! Here is where I'll be today....Who is coming with me today????? (3 comments) Our Grandson, Moshe is celebrating his "Purim"...tonight he will dress up as bear. (2 comments) Happy Sunday!! Walking in our beauriful Mall...loooks like the Sales Associate "Photo Bombed" us!!!! (1 comments) Going shopping again at Goodwill!!! My grandson had a Friend trying to get in window!!!! (3 comments) Went walking yesterday at out beautiful Mall....enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!! (1 comments) Back from visit with Mom!! Very tired and going t bed early. Hope your Monday was Marvelous!! (1 comments) Father & Son.....My 2 Handsome Men in my life!!! (1 comments) Taking my Mom to train this morning to head home. Going to Museum of Science with Daughter & Grandson!!! (2 comments) My daughter & grandson left for NY today! Sure had some fun with them! Saw A Beautiful Planet in 3D yesterday! (1 comments) Pictures done yesterday at the Mall.....no shopping...just Walking!!! (1 comments) Daughter-Jennifer & Grandson Moshe (7 comments) Trying on a new Hat at Aventura Mall Trying Hat on at Aventura Mall 7-2016 (3 comments) Lovely Day yesterday in our NICE cool Aventura Mall!!! Keep your "Spark" going today!!! (1 comments) Hubby & Me at Aventura Mall (3 comments) Wishing my Hubby a Very Happy Birthday!!! (6 comments) day 100 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 9/20/2016 (2 comments) My Hubby is performing tonight at a Birthday Pary !!! A FUN time tonight!!!! (4 comments) (3 comments) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SON SKY!!! (6 comments) Great time for the Surprise Bachelor Party.The Bachelor is the one in the tux t-shirt next to me!!! (3 comments) Fun day yesterday at MARGARITAVILLE!!! Just a little rain! (2 comments) Beautiful Aventura Mall 2016 (1 comments) Margaritaville in Hollywood, FL Celebrated their 1 year Anniversary this weekend! (2 comments) Last night at '5 o'clock Somewhere! Got to DANCE!!!!! Margaritaville -Santa !! (1 comments) 40 Years ago I gave birth to this beautiful young lady......our Daughter Jennifer....Happy Birthday!!!!! (4 comments) day 175 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 12/4/2016 Loving my new hair cut feels so much better now! Enjoy your Tuesday!! Going to post office & Goodwill shopping. (9 comments) Hard Rock was so much FUN last night...so many decorations & pretty Trees!! Going to my sisters Church Christmas Party & Service this morning. Enjoy Your Sunday!!! (1 comments) day 197 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 12/26/2016 This Christmas visit to mom's a DISASTER....I forgot to bring the GIFTS!!! waaaaaa!!!!! Forgetful ME!!!! Picture of me, mom & sister Donna. (9 comments) Our 7 yr old Moshe celebrated his birthday Yesterday! Happy Birthday to YOU!!!! LOVE you!!! (5 comments) day 200 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 12/29/2016 (1 comments) Just got sad news...dogs last night got our Mr. Meow.....so loved him!!!! (19 comments) Sunday - relaxing!!! (2 comments) Enjoy your Martin Luther King Day! Let's have PEACE among us all!!!! Terrific Tuesday!!! ENJOY!!! (4 comments) Who wants to Thrift Shop?? ME!!!!! See ya all laer!!!! (1 comments) Have a HAPPY Thursday!!! Whats your plans today??? (1 comments) going to BJ's to shop- Going to Mall later for walking! Valentine's Day - 40th Wedding Anniversary (7 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) New me for 2012!!!! (11 comments) (5 comments) NEW ME!!! Hollywood Beach !!! (13 comments) Beautiful Day at Hollywood Beach (13 comments) Our meeting in CA (Me and Dutch) (1 comments) Me and hubby(Lee) visiting our son SKY in Los Angeles,CA (8 comments) Grandson was born Dec. 26th 2009!! Jennifer & baby doing well (2 comments) Daughter Jennifer (Yael) and grandson Moshe (10 comments) Beautiful daughter Jennifer & Grandson Moshe (5 comments) Survivor of Cancer - The new me, still fighting!!! (16 comments) (10 comments) Proud Grandma! (5 comments) Uncle Sky and Moshe (2 comments) Jennifer and Moshe (born Dec 26th) (3 comments) (2 comments) Grandson....... Moshe Elimelech- born Dec 26th (6 comments) I love to read!!! (4 comments) OH BOY...I got a Happy 1st Birthday Cookie!!!!! Moshe is now 1 year old 12-26-10 (9 comments) (7 comments) Lee, Me & son ...Sky (4 comments) St. Patricks Day -Me & Lee (5 comments) Me and Hubby (4 comments) "Give Peace A Chance" .....John Lennon (6 comments) My Handsome son, SKY the Teacher (7 comments) 10th Grade (4 comments) 28 years ago....to be that weight again ...135 (7 comments) (6 comments)

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