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(10 comments) 1 tablespoon (3 comments) Snacking (2 comments) My fitness journey... My ups and downs (4 comments) #mylife #fitforlife (5 comments) My fitness Dancercise class When you fall off track... Get up get back on and push harder! 💪🏾 #onlyyoucanchangeyou (2 comments) Pic from this past summer 2015 (2 comments) My fitness Dancercise Classes Get your fit life LIFTT fitness Morning workout Breast cancer awareness 💗💞💕💗 My handmade earrings. Something I do when I'm bored is make jewelry 💖 (1 comments) Breakfasts Workout done! P90X Cardio X 40th Birthday transformation count down 😜 #Nov 24th (1 comments) I got this!!! (3 comments) Never give up!!! (3 comments) Exactly I can and I will! (1 comments) One of my a.m challenges I had up for my class for the month of August (1 comments) Gm!!! Take care of your temple, you only get one! Count down to the BIG 40 😩😱 (1 comments) Good morning! Breakfast (4 comments) October 2014 I was sooo dedicated and determine... I'm back at it! You can do it just set your mind and go hard go strong!!! 😜💪🏾 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 just do it!!! (4 comments) Workout accomplished! 💪🏾 birthday count down 😜 (3 comments) Breakfast Snack 🍎🍎🍎 Breakfast Breakfast omelette cheese onions broccoli 😋 I'm trying to get it back😩 (3 comments) Snacking healthy when I'm at work (3 comments) This will be my outfit all winter nothing but sweat suits... I will be beach body ready Summer 2016! (1 comments) I'm officially a part of the 40/40 club 😁.... 40 yrs old and I'm loving it! (8 comments) Turkey turkey Always mix it up! Me and my side sis 11/25/15 40th birthday celebration! I'm loving the big 40 (1 comments) My 40th Bday (4 comments) I have about 13 lbs to shed! 😩 (3 comments) Saturday day run Sunday run.... Sinuses was acting up bad! Eye boogies 😩 (1 comments) Work hard later (2 comments) 140 lbs October ~2013~ (6 comments) October 29, 2013 (4 comments) ONLY U CAN CHANGE U! (4 comments) (3 comments) Growing my hair with a twist.... (11 comments) (3 comments) ONE OF MY HEAD CHAIN JEWELRY I MADE...YOU LIKE? (9 comments) LIVING LIFE! (4 comments) ME DOING ME! WINTER 2011 (5 comments) It didn't happen over night but it happen! (14 comments) (13 comments) (4 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) (7 comments) (14 comments) (10 comments) (8 comments) (12 comments) NOVEMBER 2010 (15 comments) I AM PROUD OF MY BACK ...YAY WK 2 P90X (6 comments) (6 comments) WK 1 P90X (6 comments) On my way to my cuz hubby Bday PArty Feb19,2011 (8 comments) Just being silly while my daugther took the pics (8 comments) Struting what I work hard for,I'm not done yet! (9 comments) ME AND MY SIS DEC4th,2010...I AM DOING ME...Living my life for me! (24 comments) ME CELEBRATING MY BIRTHDAY ON BLACK FRIDAY (10 comments) LET'S GO SPARKFRIENDS!!!!! (13 comments) Me getting swimsuit ready Jan 2011...I am getting there (27 comments) BEFORE & AFTER PIC (23 comments) LESS BOOTY ,BUT I CAN DEAL WITH IT... (20 comments) WORKING HARD FOR MY BODY!!!!!!!!!!!!! (20 comments) DO YOU SEE THE IDIAN IN ME? way down there (9 comments) Winter of 2010 (7 comments) My arms are getting smaller yay!So is my 9/26/2010 (16 comments) (13 comments) I have the Strength to do this! (13 comments) Me & my daughter 2008 (12 comments) 2010 (9 comments) JAN 2010 when I had a DONK...I lost All My DONK...cry..cry...oh well (9 comments) Me in JAN 2010 Yes I WAS BIG TRYING TO HIDE IT my big belly (6 comments) Saturday NIght on my way to my cuz Party! I hvae the belly peeking out ,Have more work to do (11 comments) Me & my sis about to head out 8/21/2010 (10 comments) YES I WAS HUGE! DIS IS ME LAST YR AT MY SIS GRADUATION 2009.A HOT MESS!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING SMH (10 comments) MY SIS PROM NIGHT 2009...LOOKING AT THESE MOTIVATE ME NOT TO GO BACK THERE..UGGG (3 comments) Aug 2 ,2010 Week2 side... belly going down ...YAY!~ (1 comments) Week one (side) (2 comments) week one (back) (1 comments)

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