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September 2013 (2 comments) September 23, 2013 (1 comments) I have no idea where I am but it sure is pretty. Wondering what foothill that is yonder While Shine decompresses from our walk today, I'm taking a few actions for self care today: yoga, deep tissue massage, good soundtrack, and hydration. Enjoying the canyon rim. (1 comments) Got my 100,000 this week. :-) Trying to get my steps in. I think I'm going to make it. (1 comments) Bridge walking today. More bridge walking today. Going for 2 maybe 3 laps. Easier than downtown walking where you have to stop and wait for walk love light every block. Well heck, for a day that felt like a loss, that's not half bad. If you asked me at 11, I would've told you I'd be lucky to get 3000 steps today. Parlaying my troubles into miles. If you can't beat'em [with a stick], walk and don't stop. +9 The fireflies are abundant this fine evening. is making a plan and checking it twice. For today's outings, that is. Plans include a sensible dinner, lots of steps, and maybe a sangria. Totally effed up my bangs today. Shh don't tell my hair stylist. I'm hoping it'll grow out enough by the next appointment that maybe he won't notice. (1 comments) Got the fever! Spring fever that is. Been infected for a few weeks so I decided to tackle it with a dose of garden goodies. I declare it Fun with Sushi night. Veggie style. Shine said she was good. She's lived w/us for 5 years now. Probably about 8 years old. She just succeeded in her 3rd attempt with run of the house without being crated. My baby's growing up so fast. It's all so quiet now. I hope that's a vortex to another time or world and not the underworld. Currently swooning over the amount of veggies in the house. More in the crisper. #sothankful Currently swooning over the amount of produce in the house. More in the crisper. #sothankful There's a badge for that! It's been while. Rock plank! (1 comments) Needed a new creative distraction so new project has thusly begun. Achieving verticalness. There are days you just feel compelled to ROY G BIV your husband's shirts. day 25 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 6/2/2016 Today was like banging my head against the wall. It's been a great week in strength, endurance, and weight loss so I treated myself. New workout shirt (honoring SHINE) and a bottle for hike on Sunday. Shine says, "walking in the rain? Its a'ight. Just be like Taylor and shake it off all swift like. The thunder boom booms? Not so much. Won't you join me in the tub before we all perish?" Before going to bed last night, I told myself I wanted to see the sunrise. It worked. Trying not to wake up to an alarm this summer. (1 comments) Um, yeah. Nothing like inadvertently showing off an awkwardly placed sunburn from earlier this season. Just glad my hiney wasn't in the air. I think this is the fox I saw this morning. But not indigenous to this area? It was more black than this and red foxes are definitely more prolific around here. Breakfast is on! (1 comments) YEP! is getting by with some OMD, Cat Stevens, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Beethoven, & 2Cellos. Those mushrooms! Wonder if they're the fun kind. (1 comments) Apparently I'm a 2 tracker walker now. One pays me to walk and the other automatically updates sparkpeople and keeps me social. (1 comments) Life on the river. And how is YOUR day?!? 9/6/13 New haircut. Face looking slimmer. :-) 7/22/13face looking a little slimmer. Had to post a little NSV since the scale isn't budging lately. Still WIP. Taken 9/3/12 my tree plank 9/23/2012 (6 comments) 1st 5k October 13, 2012. Finished 2nd in my age and gender division (2 comments) Finally got my hair cut and eyebrows waxed. 10/16/2012 (1 comments) May 11, 2012 (BEFORE) Dec 2, 2012 3/22/2013 (3 comments) May 2012 with a hiking group. 1 of 2 "before " pictures. WIP. On the left. May 2012 2 of 2 "before". Like putting things in front of me hid the bulge! :-)

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