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Thimbleberry, my faerie character (3 comments) *gigglesnort* (1 comments) My boy! His name is Ein (6 weeks old) (2 comments) 6 weeks old (1 comments) after his firs bath (9.5 weeks old) THIS! Found at The Museum of Weird in Austin TX (1 comments) Everyone should see this and know it to be true (2 comments) prettied up for Matt's show (1 comments) Winter 2010 photo shoot, 142lbs(maybe, my scale might have been lying). Hooray corset training! (1 comments) Winter 2010 photo shoot, 142lbs. (maybe, my scale might have been lying) YES WE CAN! my new dress. It's a size 6! still fits but it's a bit tight now *sad face* (5 comments) it's a JACK o lantern. get it? Jack Skelington as a jack o lantern... hehe (3 comments) 2010's Wickerman face (1 comments) my costume for Halloween 2010 (1 comments) I found my "Spark" hehe marked for my art (1 comments) fire is my passion This one was used in photo exhibit in Albany NY! (2 comments) ugh, so pudgy! taken June 2010. always stretching (2 comments) me and my man at the club; I love him so much! (3 comments) I barely fit into that dress, meh, it will fit better again someday I feel beautiful at the club (1 comments) Irish Fest 2010, this is our 3rd NTIF together. How cool is that?! (1 comments) The couple that shoots together, stays together. LOL! (M and I shooting stuff at a friend's ranch) (2 comments) slightly different garb, hehehe (1 comments) I'm wearing dinner napkins! (old picture btw, I've gained a bit since this was taken) (1 comments) wearing my boyfriend's garb (3 comments) (2 comments) tasty tasty fire That's what I survived.... (2 comments)

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