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Me! (4 comments) Me at my brother-in-law's wedding (9 comments) Conrad (10 comments) My sweetie! (3 comments) HUGE-A-MONGOUS 1 lb. Sugar Daddy lollipop-Yummy! (4 comments) Me and a friend at Cave of the Winds in Colorado (4 comments) Look out for the first bite! (3 comments) My closeup (3 comments) Cliff & me at Pike's Peak! (2 comments) Us at Blue Cow in CO-right after enjoying a delicious ice cream cone! 12 degrees out and Cliff has no coat on! (2 comments) Cliff and me at 4th of July Parade 2014 (2 comments) Girl in the mirror (1 comments) (1 comments) (3 comments) (7 comments) Cliff behind the wheel of our new 2014 Toyota Sienna! (7 comments) Me holding Spike (a spiked lizard) at Reptomania at my local library! So cool! (2 comments) Another cold start to the "summer" concert season in IL! (5 comments) Now this is the life! Sitting on my balcony, reading and sipping a cup of tea! What could be better than this? (3 comments) Cliff & me at the wedding ot Cliff's best man's son. Boy, does time fly. It was our 1st outdoor wedding. It was lovely-held in a gazebo on Fox Lake in Elgin. (2 comments) My new hat (from Picklesburgh), a festival honoring pickles held in Pittsburgh. My niece got it for me since I couldn't go & she lives near Pittsburgh. (2 comments) I lost 2.2 lbs. for a total of 28.4 since January 1st! (9 comments) Well, I decided to bite the bullet(no calories!) and try on some pants that haven't fit in quite a while...THEY FIT!!!!!!! :-) (10 comments) I lost 2.2 lbs! (6 comments) I'm so proud of myself! I lost 3.4 lbs. over vacation! That's truly a first for me since I usually gain when I go on vacation! (7 comments) I got 20 points FOR SPINNING THE BONUS WHEEL I got 20 points FOR SPINNING THE BONUS WHEEL (2 comments) (4 comments) Cliff & I are celebrating our 24th anniversay today(actual date 4-24) by going to the zoo and a nice dinner. (9 comments) I just got 1,000 SPARKGOODIE POINTS on the bonus wheel! (2 comments) (2 comments) I lost 2.4 more lbs.! (3 comments) (5 comments) 5-3-2017-NATIONAL TWO DIFFERENT COLORED SHOES DAY (2 comments) I got 25 points on the bonus wheel today! I declare today, FRIDAY MAY 5, JUDY TRIBBEY'S BIRTHDAY! (10 comments) 5-6-2017-NATIONAL START SEEING MONARCHS DAY A great big THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes! I had a terrific day-even my yoga group sang to me! (2 comments) I just got 25 points on the daily Spark Wheel and 1,000 SparkGoodie points on the bonus wheel! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY (2 comments) Unique picture (Portland, OR) Fun Picture I Created with an app (1 comments) My sister is a 1 year survivor of breast cancer today! I am so proud of her! (3 comments) May 29, 2017 - MEMORIAL DAY - NATIONAL PAPERCLIP DAY - NATIONAL COQ AU VIN DAY (1 comments) I just got 25 points for spinning the bonus wheel! (3 comments) I won 50 SPARKGOODIE POINTS today! (3 comments) My sister is visiting me! She took this great pic of an owl at River Trail Nature Center in Northbrook, IL (6 comments) Me, Cliff and my sister Joan at Harrer Park 6-28-2017 (2 comments) Heading out to see fireworks tonight! (1 comments) HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! (1 comments) I am having the toenail on my big toe on my left foot removed this afternoon. I'm a little bit nervous...OK, a lot nervous! Wish me luck, please. (6 comments) I got 25 points for spinning the bonus wheel! I just got 50 spark GOODIE points on the bonus wheel! (2 comments) (1 comments) This is me (Judy) in my favorite Beatles blouse wearing my record earrings! (5 comments) Leopard at Brookfield Zoo (2 comments) My before picture (18 comments) Me as a KOPS (Keep Off Pounds Sensibly) (11 comments) My awards!!! (2 comments)

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