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Oahu Color Run, Kapolei (8 Nov 14) (1 comments) Sulu Scared Ye Olde Stompers Gig, Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea - 26 Sep 10 Shook Arnie's arm when he was shaking someone else's hand! I'm behind yellow tie guy. (15 Sep 10) Battle of the Bands gig on Halloween - pictures with the "Skull" (or "Panda") (30 Oct 10) Haebangchon Festival gig (9 Oct 10) - Singing a ballad...Not! My new ukulele! (10 Nov 12) First time surfing...not very well! LOL! (Waikiki Beach, HI - 6 Jun 12) Flukes (tail) of a whale (On a boat outside of Hanauma Bay, HI - 8 Mar 13) Elvis sighting... (16 Jun 13) Giovanni's Shrimp Truck on Oahu's North Shore - still low-carbing - didn't eat the rice! (14 Jun 13) In Guiness Records as Largest Outdoor Maze (13 Jun 13) From heaviest (241) to current weight (192) - Want to lose about 40 more pounds Walk-A-Thon in Fairbanks, Alaska - around 60 degrees (17 May 14) (2 comments) In a sub-scooter in Moanalua Bay, Oahu (28 Jun 14) (1 comments) Sub-Scooter (1 comments) Doors-Off Helicopter Tour - Sight over Kiluea Volcano, Hawaii (02 Sep 14) Haeng Chu Castle I love living overseas! Here I am at the Great Wall. (I weigh the same as when I started SP.) Here's a sunrise from my apartment window in Seoul, South Korea overlooking the Han River (Aug 07). Here's me and the band playing a gig at Woodstock in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea (17 May 08). (1 comments) This is what I'm talkin' about! Dak (chicken) Kalbi (ribs) - has cabbage, onions, spices - healthy! Dubya in Seoul, Korea - yes, he went around and shook hands (including mine...) (Aug 08) Mugato

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