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our new baby kitten. 2 months old.. our sweet new baby kitten..2 months old. (3 comments) This picture reminds me of a beautiful door entering to a beautiful path to heaven. (2 comments) our beautiful cat all cuddled is K.C. (4 comments) Here is K.C. drinking water..what a cat..thinks he is the King.. (4 comments) This is the Israel flag....just by seeing gives me hope. (7 comments) (3 comments) This is my favorite teddy bear from my teddy collections. His name is " Dubi " which means ...." My bear in Hebrew. when I feel discourged all I do is hold him and I feel the hope.and the strength that comes from G-d. Dubi is from Israel, . (5 comments) this is my collection of teddy bears...I love to collect them..also I love collection Angels...and dolphins.. (5 comments) I try to live on Faith,,life is not always haveing faith in the Almighty G-d of Israel helps me on my journey through life, (3 comments) this is a little baby kitten I found,he is so adorable is fiskey... (14 comments) this is my cat K.C. when he was a baby, he was spoiled then and he is spoiled now.but he is very active and trys to help me stay (5 comments) this is my Tanakh......... {Jewish Bible } it is in English on the left side, and Hebrew on the right side.The Hebrew words are read from right to left. this one is soft cover.I really enjoy reading and studying it.. (5 comments) This is the Light house in Ludington day maybe I will get to the end with every one,maybe put wings on my walker...OY!!! (3 comments) These are Three Torah Scrolls in the Synagogue, in the Ark Cabnet. not all Synagogues have the same coverings or colors. (4 comments) Found this on the internet.thought it was awesomme so thought I would post in my photos.... (1 comments) This is my daughter's new Guitar, she recieved it a few days before Yom Kippur... (1 comments) This is my baby K.C. (1 comments) These sweet horses belong to my friends,they are theapy horses for handicap children.. (2 comments) just something I saw on google.for a laugh... (2 comments) beautiful pictures of two wonderful beautiful horses. (1 comments) our cats new bed, but he will only go half way in ..go I saw these cute little babies on my computer. they have 6 toes on each paw. have a great day.. encouraging you to hang with people who lift you up.. (1 comments)

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