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10-19-13 (6 comments) Halloween 2002-freshman year. ~150lbs? Not sure if I ended up putting on the "Freshman 15" or not. (3 comments) I want abs, but not like this! Probably late 2003 ? (2 comments) after a late night. overweight, but at least 50 lbs from where I am now. Hope to get back there soon (2 comments) 2004ish? (1 comments) July 04. I had definitely gained weight, but I was living in the city and biking everyday This is a weird photo, but I can't believe how much thinner I was. Fall 2004 Doing a corny pose in early 2005 (when that jacket still sorta fit...) Halloween 2005. I was getting up there, probably at or close to 190. I carry weight in my stomach :( (2 comments) This is either late 05 or early 06. I hate my stomach! Nov 06. It's hard putting all these unflattering pictures up! This is from Feb 2006, shooting a music video (1 comments) July 2007, after living in LA for 4 months, we got to visit the special "Kwik-E-Mart" 7-11! I look more bloated than Homer... Probably the ugliest picture of me on here! (2 comments) John and I at Disneyland in April 2008. It was so hot and I was recovering from major hiking sunburn At my brother's wedding in October 08. These pictures are hard to look at b/c I felt so fat that day (2 comments) This was taken January 3, 2009. A little inspiration. People say she is fat and that is crazy! She is NORMAL in the real world. (8 comments) ...sure she fluctuates, but she only looks big when you compare her to her stick thin counterparts! (1 comments) Baking strawberry rhubarb pie (not so diet friendly, but baking is one of my life's passions)! (8 comments) May 2009... the only OK photo of me from a friend's birthday party (1 comments) Johnny and I on Mt. San Jacinto, over 8,500 feet above Palm Springs (June 27, 2009) 12 lbs down (4 comments) individual chicken pot pies... a Martha Stewart recipe and surprisingly not SO bad! from my blog (2 comments) 12-5-09 @ Griffith Park ... still here, but struggling (1 comments) Risotto Cakes: it's all about balance! great with a side salad or asparagus! (5 comments) Rarely am I willing to stand in front, but we did tallest-to-shortest (Rarely am I considered tall!) (1 comments) April 10, 2010 (1 comments) Johnny and me in Vegas for his 26th birthday, June 7th, 2010 (2 comments) 8-6-10, in Northern PA for a friend's wedding, 193(ish) pounds (2 comments) 8-6-10, 193 lbs 8-6-10, so happy (1 comments) 193. next time I officiate a wedding I am wearing BLACK... and hopefully I'll be 20-30 lbs smaller! (2 comments) 8-7-10, marrying two dear friends, looking pregnant and pale (2 comments) makeup by my friend Jenn (professional), photo by Johnny. His little sister is the one on the left. (2 comments) @ the LA Fair September 19th. 192ish pounds because of my birthday and tons of bad food! (2 comments) to the bone... that's me! (5 comments) The pic on the left is from a video I just found from March 2008, many months before joining Spark. (16 comments) 4-24-11 Making some green beans on Easter Sunday (John is cutting the ham in the background)! (3 comments) 5/14/11 New SHORT haircut! about 8 inches taken off by my lovely friend Amy! (13 comments) 5-14-11 ... finally allowed myself to get a new haircut even though I haven't met my 40 lb goal yet! (3 comments) 7-16-2011: Me & Johnny at our 6 year anniversary dinner! 190 lbs. John says his head looks fat =/ (10 comments) Me as Wendy from Wendy's for Halloween - 10/29/11 - back in the 190s and STUCK (2 comments) 7-4-12 with John at my aunt's pool party in Minnesota. (2 comments) 7-6-12 stuck back around 200 lbs but I will get back down! (1 comments) Progress (or lack thereof)... (4 comments) The Color Run 5k -- Feb 2, 2013 (7 comments) 10-19-13 (8 comments)

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