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is adequate today is meh ... Dotslady 5-15-10 (um, and had a heart attack. So NOT the SP poster child for 5Ks!) (3 comments) 10-10-10 (1 comments) 3-17-11 6-19-11 9-11-11 7-25-12 and 5-1-15 (1 comments) 255lbs 48 yrs 4-28-08 I am what I am but more again 251lbs 10-28-07 I am what I am but more 243lbs 7-28-07 I am what I am. (1 comments) 226lbs 48yrs 10-08 (3 comments) 226lbs 10-08 Walked 230 miles to lose 17lbs. (2 comments) 220lbs 49 yrs 4-7-09 A bit less fat - woo hoo! Thanks for your support SP/ friends! (11 comments) 218lbs 7-11-10 55lbs down-yay :) I'm starting to roll again... (1 comments) 200lbs 49yrs 10-10-10 Can't wait for One-derland ... *wink* (10 comments) 199lbs! 10-20-10 My Onederland Day! wooHOO! (In black again ... :P) (8 comments) 198lbs 1-1-11 HAPPY HAPPY -- ONEderland (4 comments) STRESS? (5 comments) Another bfast: broccoli, strawberries, eggs, flax and onion/garlic (1 comments) My FAVE: POMEGRANATES. :). (2 comments) Bfast w/the barest of fridges: 1 last pepper, eggs, salmon, parsley and parmesan scramble: GOOD! (4 comments) Big A$$ salad! 20g fiber: kale/flax/carrot/cukes/salmon/fish oil/ACV/onion/garlic & nectarine (1 comments) I learned to eat eggs after a lifetime of not. (2 comments) sometimes you feel like a troll, sometimes you don't. (2 comments) Bye-Bye fat pants. Sz. 26. Down to a 16. (1 comments) I'm fightin' for my quality of life. Don't mess w/me! (3 comments) Your guts provide 70-80% of your immunity! Take care! (2 comments) Amber waves of gluten. So Americana, and a slow death for many unsuspecting people :( Life can be so "gray" (1 comments) My Secret Garden (4 comments) Reclining Salad. (3 comments) An apple a day keeps the doctor away. (Notice it's green - less sugar). (1 comments) Let's consider the slow-food movement instead! (4 comments) My mother before her hair turned white and she gained weight. ...gluten-free, casein-free, nightshade-free, lectin-free, caffeine-free, sugar-free & low histamine (1 comments) hahahaha (1 comments) Uh-oh! Mommy's on a diet and we're all gonna die! (1 comments) I was on a diet for a month and lost 30 days. hahahahahaha (3 comments) Do or do not. There is no try. (1 comments) Jen w/one of her pups, Musti, our new addition :) 10-10 (1 comments) Miss Ginger w/her summer clip, and 'dawg tarred.' (6 comments) Stray lil "Buddy" (no more fleas, ticks, parasites-a hot mess!). HE picked US Jul 08. (3 comments) Black Hills Jenny (Jenny-girl). My dogs are grain/gluten-free, too. Wild dogs don't eat grains. (3 comments)

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