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Me in SF with one of my favorite flowers! Finished small quilt from pattern in Rose Huges book. Lots of beading. (2 comments) Sacred Datura new bike helmut to match red post ride face! Surrender! A thousand joyful wishes... (1 comments) My DEAR Daughter and Grand Dog celebrate the bounty of the season Finally retired, trip to Hawaii! Working on fewer trips to fridge. Logging, working a 12 step, and lots of praying! Divan Diva wants to sit HERE! After exercising! (1 comments) Betsey McCalls Paper Doll from April 1955 - good month, good year - for me! HELP! I am still on the DIVAN! Happy New Year Have a devine 2009! A Cactus Divan - that might work! DivanBike - OKAY that would work! I just can't face it without SP! Still close to the Divan... Metaphorse! This is soon to be my main wardrobe if I don't get my butt off the Divan! Yes - the teacup is normal sized...Not, but somedays I feel THAT big! Me in the glow of my computer - blogging! This is a gerber baby doll from 1955 or therabouts. A very good year! This amused me as my real, legal name is Raven If I looked like this, my Mother would be FULFILLED! me and my little 15 lb rescued kitty - we bottle fed her - very successfully! (2 comments) Woman with Divan, and a waist line before airbrushing (1 comments) A variant on standard Divan Diva posture! Another Divan Diva Pump it! Move it! I think large - that is ze Raven Goddess with the world in her belly! I made this quilt. ATTITUDE! July 2008 = me with my quilted "Self Portrait" - in my dreams! (1 comments) Me and Mr. Samurai - my DH! At Turtle Bay One of Daughter's early art pieces. (2 comments) quilt I need to finish! My daughter insists I reproduce a similar quilt as this late 1800's quilt.

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