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May 24, 2012 on Bay Farm Island iwth San Francisco in the background (2 comments) Progress (would look better if I ever did core exercises!) (4 comments) May 24, 2012 on Bay Farm Island iwth San Francisco in the background Mar 2011 Yay, I made it to the very top -- Koko Head stairs "hike" near Honolulu, Oahu! November 2011 at a science fair in San Francisco (1 comments) Angus playing in a box Jan 5 2011-- at my heaviest (~148) since my heaviest of all time in 2009 (150). Ugh. Feel like crap. March 2011 view of Donner Lake from top of ski run at Donner Ranch DEC 2011 -- My first time ever playing miniature golf! Really! Skiing at Tahoe 2011 146 Jan 27 -- 138.5 March 20 (2012) (2 comments) Biking again! Me and my trike in 1970 Totally fit after the AIDs ride in 2004 (about 122 lbs) Pantry Fridge Door Freezer (1 comments) Counter Pantry (1 comments) Fridge main (2 comments) Pantry - whole wheat pasta, low sodium soups and broths and tomatoes (1 comments) Aloha! 2007 diving on Oahu JUN 2004 on the AIDS ride from S.F. to L.A. -- somewhere near Pebble Beach -- circa 121 lbs. Angus, Ella, and Cosmo (1 comments) DEC 2009 at about 146 pounds 2004 at about 120 pounds (after completing 7 months of heavy training and the AIDS ride) Pretty chubby in 2005 1995 -- The year I rode over 5000 miles -- road and mountain biking combined Me in "stencil" art Angus and Cosmo (2 comments) SEP 2007 at about 123 not-too-fit pounds 1987 swim team -- about 118 lbs. Burning Man 2003 -- the start of the burning of the man Ella and Angus in front of the heater. (3 comments) View from my house my bathroom vanity top -- I did the mosaic tile (2 comments)

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