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Just some Humor! LOL Whoo Hoo! Enjoy Your Day Everyone!!!! Yay! Travel Ban in CT so No Work!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!! Enjoy Your Day Off Everyone!!!! ???????????????????? LOL! I just had to! Enjoy your Day Off! I know I will! ???????????????????? Omg and another Storm coming soon! Geeze this is Madness! I tell you Madness! ???????? I'm not Irish but I do love me some Corned Beef & Cabbage! Yum Yum! Happy St. Patricks Day Everyone!!!! ???????????????????????????????? I'm not Irish but I am Italian Sicilian and I'm soo Proud of Me because I made Homemade Irish Soda Bread and it was my Very First Time! So I ate that with my Corned Beef Cabbage with Horseradish! So just wanted to Share!!!! Hope Everyone had a Great St. Patricks Day!!!! ???????????????????????????????????????? Good Morning Everybody! Just a thought to ponder about! Always be Grateful!!!! ???????????????? Hey Everybody, I know its the First Day of Spring but its 40 degrees out and Brrr Cold! So I think this Picture sums it up for Me! LOL Hmm is it Wrong that I'm not Irish but Love Corned Beef Hash soo much that I froze soo much for later!!!! LOL #LEFTOVERSFORDAYS #WHYISTHISFOODSOODAMNGOOD #YUMMERS ???????????????????????????????????????? (1 comments) Haha I'm feeling this way until I feel 50 Degrees as I go to my Car in the Morning! Theres still Snow on the Ground and its 30 Degrees right now! I'm just saying! ???????? LOL! My Sentiments Exactly! And please don't comment if you live in 60, 70, 80, 90, & 100 Degree Temperatures! This is just Aimed at my People who are Dealing with Cold Temperatures only! #MYCTPEOPLEYOURELATE ???????????????????? Haha! Yup 26 Degrees here! Brrr its Cold Outside! But its supposed to be Spring! Mother Nature bring me my Sun and Warm Days already! Take Your Meds and get it together already LOL!!!! ???????? Me At My Beginning Weight 301 lbs. Me Right Now! Me Hopefully After At Goal! Me At Goal Hopefully!!!! (1 comments) Hopefully I will be at 15 soon again and than 20 lbs gone and than the numbers will be even greater! I'm putting 15 lbs lost, but its really 16 now! Yay! Ohh 20 lbs weight loss I hope u are next! :) Yay I'm at 20 lbs loss again! Whoo Hoo! :) Me Living It Up At The Beach! (2 comments) My Graduation! Bachelors Degree Yay! :) Me In Paradise! Breathtaking Hawaii! Moana Falls! Hawaii What a Hike that was! But I Conquered It! :) (1 comments) (1 comments) This Is What Exercising 7 Days A Week 10 Min on Sundays & Eating Healthy Got Me After 90 Days! :) (3 comments) Yay! I'm Getting Smaller! :) Yay First time ever reaching 25 lbs loss Whoo hoo! ;) Omg I Have Never Made It This Far Before! I Am Sooo Happy & Proud Right Now! :)

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