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July 2011 (3 comments) at my skinniest - still in my glasses and work pants, goofing off in my new uniform top (2 comments) my new (to me) boat (4 comments) Racing in Tampa, FL (Aug 2011) (2 comments) on my new outrigger canoe (2 comments) paddling in front of the convention center Won this with the Philly Senior Women on 09/17/11 - showing the younguns how it's DONE (2 comments) completing my first outrigger canoe race in VA paddling my canoe in Yorktown, VA - Oct 2011 on vacation in Mexico (1 comments) eating and drinking whatever I want (and subsequently gaining weight) celebrating St Paddy's with my new girl (middle) and her bestie (on the left) racing in Ithaca, NY (July 2009) (2 comments) This is a dragonboat in a race. I'm in the last seat with the blue brace on my wrist. Although these look like Pittsburgh colors, this is actually my Philly team - PDBA. another dragonboat pic - this one was taken in Ithaca, NY from a bridge overlooking the race course (1 comments) training on outrigger canoe, Aug 2010 - I'm in the red top and that's downtown Pittsburgh in the background (1 comments) competing on the erg (Jan 2009 sprints) erg = ergometer (rowing machine) or as I like to call it, the UGH (3 comments) goofing around at tryouts for Prague races, Spring 2009 (2 comments) medal ceremony in Racice, Czech Republic (US Women's Dragonboat Team) (3 comments) Freyja (pronounced Freyah) reminding me that I should STRETCH more often (1 comments) April 2011 - not sure but maybe 130-135lbs? completing the run of the 2008 Fox Chapel Biathlon (erg 2k + run 2 miles) - a little chunkier finishing my (10k) leg of the 2009 Pittsburgh marathon relay this is what we call winning "by a dragon's head" in my sport with Vespa, my ex-gf's minpin (miniature pinscher) (1 comments) my cat Freyja as a kitten, chilling on my lap (1 comments) Team Nat - me with my training partner Natalie, who also goes by Nat. May 2011. after completing my time trial for Team USA - May 2011

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