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Hope you all have a Great Week end rainy here! It wont be long til warmth gets here! ~ I love the Poor People who come in to the Soup kitchen, they touch my Heart like no one else~ (1 comments) (1 comments) Enjoyed the day yesterday went to the New Luckys Market , a Huge Organic Health type Store It is amazing! Stocked up on Good food etc for my health! Hope you all enjoy yur week end! Warmth is comeing back after the Wintryday yesterday! Bless you all! enjoying the lovely day, cool but sunny! I'm really looking forward to the weekend and working outdoors! bless you all! (1 comments) Enjoy your week end ! (1 comments) ~~ Never giving up~~Ever~~ (2 comments) No longer beating my self up! Im giving myself a Pat for getting my Mo Jo back and Feeling in BEAST MODE WHOO_HOO! (1 comments) Is Heading to the Big City today to see my Hand specilaist, a Check up still having trouble then do some shopping! Bless you all! (1 comments) Hope you all have a Relaxing night im worn out today need to get re-charged (1 comments) A storm this morning! Im glad the lights went on this morning and i can see... and take my Shower~~AMEN~~ I have to say The People i see every friday dont have a lot but they have Big hearts one brought me a Bouquet of Hyaciniths and Daffodills! Made me smile and Just love those People! Enjoy every minute of your Week end! Get out doors give hugs, dig in the dirt and just enjoy Life! (1 comments) As the sun was here just as soon the Cloud s rolled in and it is Raining! Weather changes here for sure! (1 comments) Rain makes flowers grow so we should be dancing in the fields of Wild flowers ~**~happy Jume~~* The Blood drive went Great! Im ready for a Great Healthy Month! ~BLESSINGS TO ALL~~ (1 comments) beautiful out today cool but sunny~ Its a Beautiful day here and amazing to see every thing in Nature Happy including ~ME~ (1 comments) ENjoyed working out doors today! enjoying befor ethe heat hits this week end! (1 comments) Every thing in Nature is so Happy right now! Birds are chirping, Turkeys are roaming and have nests the Deer are so Happy they only come once in a while and will bring Fawns when they can! Im sure of A warm week end here! when it gets 90 im staying indoors and a chance to get those jobs done inside! Bless you all ! Looking forward to the does bringing a fawn n to the yard! So-o Blessed to be able to see this miracle (1 comments) Looking forward to meeting the fawns that the does will bring in to the yard! They always do its just a matter of Time! ~~Blessed to see this when it happens! (1 comments) (1 comments) Pantry day and Garden Meeting today! So-oo A Busy Day here! Still humid and warm! ~~This Little girl is beyond Cute~~ (1 comments) (1 comments) Happy Friday to all! A doe is walking out in the field enjoying the rain ! Soon i think she will bring her Baby or Babies! It is a Great timeof year watching the Ma ma,s with Babies even the birds! ~~IM BLESSED~ (3 comments) (1 comments) this is a corner of my garden! It makes me happy when I am in among the flowers and find ~Peace~☮ (2 comments) Blessed Sunday to all my Sparkfriends!~ The Mug is gone much cooler, im feeling better p;an to get it up this week!~ Wish me luck~ (1 comments) Amen! The air is fresh, and cooler the mug is gone and i feel better so gona try to kick it up a little (1 comments) is Enjoying being out side today! got a lot of Jobs done in My Garden! Just a corner of my Garden! (1 comments) GODS Garden tonight and i have been warned the Weeds have Begun! i hope there is lots of Help tonight! ~just a little corner of my Garden! Notice the squirrel in the picture! (1 comments) A Picture perfect day and a stay at home Day!A Good Night @ GODS Garden a lot of Work and Blisters from weeding withhoes!but also lots of Exercise! A Good Night in GODS Garden but lots of work and some blisters but we all got lots of Exercise too! (1 comments) I had 50 yes 50 Turkeys all eating in my Yard! That is a Real sign of SPRING COMING (2 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) Hippie Kitty! (1 comments) Im Dreaming of Spring again! Soon very soon! It is suppose to be a tad warmer today so hope to get out for a little walk and fresh Air! Hope your day is a Good one! (1 comments) (1 comments) I have two Goals this Week#1 is drink more water and #2 is trim the portions! Ella Camina if your Out there Thank you for the Awesome gift and Happy wishes for you too! You can always Dance when other exercise gets Boring! As long as ya keep Moving~~ (1 comments) this is a picture of one of my wild friends looking in my window.. I love my deer herd! (3 comments) Hope you all have a Fun Happy Day! Going to meet a friend for lunch today, then home to make Bean soup for the Soup kitchen tomorrow This makes ya fee like dancing in a field of Wild flowers! Dance girl Dance! Blessigs Joy and Love your way ! This makes ya feel like dancing! (1 comments) (1 comments) We had Lots of Thunder storms last night and it washed all the Snow away except for those Giant Piles Yay! Bless you all (2 comments) (1 comments) Going to the Big City today to see the Ear specialist! Its just a check up! All is well i thinkbut had trouble in the Past! Will go Meijering while im there and Jo Annes! Bless you all and Hugs! (2 comments) I had my Share of flubbing up this week! I can see now stress does cause me to Eat! Too many Goodiesat the Tea, My fault if i taste tested to many! A new week to kick it up! Lets go-oo! Winter is here this Morning! Itswhite outand snowing now! Getting ready for the Pantry in a few! Hope your day is Beautiful I went out and picked up what i raked before winter hits again Tonight! Sleet and SNow in the forecast! (1 comments) Winter is coming back tomorrow! Snow,Sleet, rain wind etc is on its way so will have to put the rake away and get out the Shovel is wanting it to be Spring so bad and Feel grass under my Feet and walk up on the hill, but not yet it is too dangerous! (2 comments) Blessings to all! Getting ready for the Soup Kitchen! Just Hot dogs and salads so an easy day! I have amazed Myself! I have got in three days of 10,000 steps on the indoor Bike..Nothing is stopping me now! Lets go-oo! I just never thought I could do this Keep pushing on.. (2 comments) A New Week coming up!I hope your week is the Best. I plan on doing the best i can this week on Food, Exercise and enjoying and just being grateful for Life! (1 comments) Meetings on Sunday morning is the work of the Devil! I hate that but i have two ! I hope they are fast a storm moving in too! Mind, Body spirit and Soul is so Important in our Well being! (1 comments) The crazy weather has moved on to other states! Just cold here now! Have a Great warm day where you are! A new Week to get our Goals in Order and kick it up to acheive them! A Storm coming tomorrow! Ugh! hate Sleet in this winding hilly Area (1 comments) is wishing you all A Great recharging , relaxing Wonderful Week end! (1 comments) A Good Day @ the Soup Kitchen but so Many was needing some one to talk to! All i cando is Advice them from Life Lessons and Hope it helps! So Many are Lost and Alone! (1 comments) Have lots of SNOW to shovel today sogetting some of my Exercise out in the Great Cold weather! i have to admit it is Beautiful! Blessings to all! The snow has quit but really Cold! Of to the Pantry for a couple Hrs then Home (2 comments) A Stay at Home day! Went to Church last night so just enjoying the Day! A Little Yoga, a little Prayers and watching the Snow fall and oh ya playing with my Kitty Greyson! he is so Cute! I love him. We all need to let our inner light shine for others! (1 comments) Is Wishing you all A Great DAY! (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) We Spark friends Are in this fight together so every saturday when i go to Church i will light a candle for us to get this right! Bless you All! Lets get this done! Thanks GOD for Help (2 comments) A picture of GReyson my cat with one of his new antics tunneling under rugs Getting My Goals in no matter what! making Spinach Pie for my Chiropractor fo his Birthday! My Signature Dish! (1 comments) Love this picture and the Movement, It makes you want to Join her and she is adorable (1 comments) Is Planning on getting my Goals in today but still getting some Om time in! A reprieve from Shoveling for now Thank GOD! (2 comments) (1 comments) 2nd week Of Wolf spirit Challenge! Who- Hoo! ~~The Snow is high enough now so the Deer can eat out of the Bird feeder~~ (6 comments) Sprinkling you all with Motivation Dust! ! (3 comments) One of my Deer friends looking in the window wanting food Now! (3 comments) Heres Hoping you have a Great week end! It is Brutal cold here so no exercise outdoors .. I have a Bike indoors tho! (2 comments) Feeling happy after feeding 40 @ the pantry! Chicken noodle soup and 2 healthy salads! when they leave Happy im Happy too! Love my Pantry Friends Amen! I got my L-o-n-g Drive way plowed and I got the Snow shoveled and a Reprieve in the Snow ..for now~* (1 comments) Hey Sparkers Keep Going! I iwll have time to think of Goals as it is a Winter wonderland Snow storm out and im staying safe indoors today! Windy cold ans Snow on the way! Brr-r (1 comments) Stay Motivated! Yes WE CAN! (1 comments) Staying Positive and Motivated! (2 comments) (3 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) so far Snow hasn,t been as bad as they said! Amen! o the Pantry Taco day a little party for the coming 2017 Going for an Apt this morning before the Storm ! Might stop and get some Healthy foods! Weeding out the foods I cant have around! Still working on My plan for 2017! I am looking forward to it as i dont even feel my Best when i stuff my Self with JUNK! (1 comments) My one one spark friend got me thinking on getting a Plan for 2017 so i am doing that this week#1 is Mindset.. Ya that is a Big one to work on! (1 comments) Bless you all and Have a Fun filled day! (1 comments) Im feeling grateful so many people came to help! 5 trees decorated, Angels adorn , Nativity scene up, 25 plants set in good places! Awesome (2 comments) A Stay @ Home day to get stuff done , tomorrow is the Big Decorating day @ church! Yikes and im in charge no special plans either oh Well as usual it will all come together! !! Have a Happy Week all! Enjoy every minute and Have F-U-N~ (1 comments) SNOW Please Stop and give us out here in the sticks a break! The wild friends and i are tired of being mired in it! and it has Just begun! Good Grief! Brr-r its a Nice night to make a fire in the fireplace and watch the Snow piling up! Brr-r! itsa Nice night for a fire in the fireplaceand watch the Snow Piing up! It is Aweful out 17 plus inches and still flling! Thank GOD im home ! is Happy to have been asked to be on the x-Weighted Challenge for Wolf Spirit! grr-r! (2 comments) Yikes, The Winter is coming in like a Lion! Warnings about the weather coming in! Ugh..So not ready especially since i have a Long, Long, Drive Back to the Woods! Praying it isn,t to bad! (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) This is Greyson. My new Handsome kitty! He is a Wonderful Cat! Blessed to have adopted this Guy! (2 comments) day 375 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 12/3/2016 (2 comments) Have a Great Week end all! Im looking forward to it with a little Relaxing! is going to the Food Pantry this morning! i made them a Apple crunch for today! Bless you all! (1 comments) A Good turn out at theBlood drive yesterday so it just makes Me feel happy Inside! Six from the pantry came..Have a Great Day! is going to help at the Blood drive today and taking some Pantry friends! it should be a good day! Going to the pantry for a while to Help unload the Food rescue truck and put it all away! People who live around te Pantry come and Help so it gets done A.S,A.P! Then home to do Things! On My way to the Pantry for a few to u nload Food rescue Truck and put it all away! Continuing on my Adding Yoga and More minutes on the Bike! A little at a time two Doc apts both just check-ups ! Bless u all sparkling Friends! You SHINE~~ (1 comments) Decided to get back to daily Meditation and My usual Yoga Poses! My Body will be more Flexable and My inner self Happier too! (1 comments) A Busy day here! have to go to the Church and me and Helpers will convert the Thanksgiving Mode to the first week of Advent ! Out goes the Pumpkins cornshocks, any thing Orange! its Purple and Pink! I am done being the Fat girl, that is! So tired of Getting....No where!~Lets do this~ (1 comments) Blessings to you on your Thanksgiving! Im going out to eat with Friends! later a Wine with my Neighbors! Thats about it!ENjoy your Friends , Family and just be Grateful for Life! Feeling Blessed and Grateful to be Living in Heaven on Earth with My Deer friends and Feathered Friend even the turkey s! Wouldn,t want to be any where else! (1 comments) I crashed the Goals after the Surgeries! It must have Been the Anesthesia, Ya Right ! Im Back to ge it right again! Coming out with Boxing Gloves! Im Trying to revamp My Healthy path as i have crashed after the surgeries! it must have been the Anesthia! Ya, Right! (1 comments) The wind is still here and the Slippery roads but the Snow Quit! !4 miles from me they got 8 inches but i dont think we got that much! The rain first made the Rds like skating rinks! (2 comments) Oh NO! It was over 70 today and A Snow Storm Warning for tomorrow! (2 comments) Oh No! its coming The First Snow of the Season , Not ready for it! better finish my Little jobs today outdoors! Bless you all im mending well! Love ya,s a Bunch! (5 comments) (2 comments) Its Good to not hear a lot of Gunshots near! The Whole Bunch of Deer was Hanging out in my Yard last night! Going for Cataract Sugery today! Will be glad when it is DONE! Bless you all! (2 comments) UGH! The opening day for Deer Season! i have reason to worry about my Deer friends! It is Fooggy, a Good thing for the Deer! (2 comments) Ugh! The forst day of Hunting Now i iwll Have to worry about Deer friends! I glad it is Foggy this Morning! (1 comments) Going to church Later to water Plants and Make Sure every thing is Perfect before Church,that is one of My Jobs, then to spend a few minutes in silence before People come in to connect and Pray ! A Nice day here! had Lunch with an Old friend! Came Home and too Nice to be inside so did a few Jobs and Laid out in the warmth for a Few! What a Glorious day For Nov 10th! Just enjoying myself! taking some Om time and Loving the 70 Degree weather! it is a Blessing to be in Silemmce and Just connect with The Creator and Feeling Gratitude Another Beautiful Day !67 today! is Looking forward to the Beautiful Fall week end ! 60,s is amazing for November (1 comments) Coming along but ut is hard to do everything with one hand!sparking with one finger is really hardmbut wanted to say HI! Keep Praying (1 comments) Bless you All!Coming along! Itis hard with one hand!Hard toget a shower, open cat food cansEtc andTo be on line!Im taking care (3 comments) This is Greyson, My New Best friend! (1 comments) (3 comments) Yikes! Now im getting nervous! Surgery is 1145 tomorrow! Dont know if i will get a chance to spark! I need Hugs! (3 comments) Happy Haunting! A Picture of me being a Motorcycle lady at the pantry party! A fun day (3 comments) Says the Frost hit last night very frosty and could get rain and Yes, SNOW showers later! (3 comments) Getting ready for the pantry and then to see the Doc for a pre op check up! Have a Great Day spark friends (1 comments) This is ME after losing 38 pounds! (12 comments) (8 comments) This is Pastor Chris and I ! She is pastor at the Food pantry, not my Pastor but a Good friend! (4 comments) I,mDone for today! The old Bod said it is time to quit or i will pay for it! Part of the day was pretty the rest cloudy! (1 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) Hoping you all have a great Week end! week 3 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 210 minutes per week" earned 10/15/2016 (2 comments) Looking forward to some Om time and then some Sonny Play time then he sleeps all Night This is Sonny when he was a Baby! he is 7 months now much Bigger! A Beautiful Guy! (1 comments) Praying for those in the Path of Hurracane Mathew! (1 comments) is Getting in the Halloween Mood! got some Decorations out! What scares me is when the Coyotes run thru in the Middle of the Night Howling! It gives me Goose Bumps! (2 comments) Getting in the Halloween Mood! Cant ya tell? Blue Scary is Cool! (1 comments) Help I need some fairy Dust scattered all over! (1 comments) Coming home from Church i notiiced a lot of Trees changing! I hope it stays for a while but not too long so we cant get up the tons of Leaves that fall before the white Stuff ! They said on the News that the leaves changing is behind 10 days and Boy are they Right! its taking forever! Little touchs tho! When they fall then i will have added cardio cleaning them up! (1 comments) They said on the news The fall Leaves changing is behind 10 days! Just waiting sarting to change but so slow! Going to work and Give Blood at the Blood drive today! i have Given 4 gallons inMy Life time! Each time you give you can save 3 people! isn,t that awesome ans it doesn,t hurt just a poke ! (3 comments) is giving herself a pep talk and trying to tell that negative voice to shut- up! (1 comments) is trying to tell the negative mind to like shut-up! (2 comments) wishing you all a Wonderful Weekend! (1 comments) Almost Done in GODS Garden 4000# of produce given away to local Pantries! Its a Good feeling to do Good for others! (1 comments) A Good Night in GODS Garden! One more time to pick and that is it for this Year! Over 4000# of produce for Local Pantries! Not a bad year! (1 comments) Is Happy my Doctor apt went well! I only lost 4# but my Stats and Arthritis seems to be Doing Better so im just feeling positive and im gona kick it up as good as i can! (3 comments) day 300 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 9/19/2016 Just waiting for those Leaves to change ! I got a lot of Work done out doors today! enjoying my coffee watching out the window i see A Doe with one Fawn, she had two so hoping its just a new doe with one! i heard Coyotes run thru last night! It s scary when you hear them! (1 comments) This is about the size of the ones that come here! Their spots are leaving! (1 comments) Im doing some jobs outdoors today! I see adoe out in the yard with one fawn there was two unless it a different doe! Hope so as i heard Coyotes last night! a eerie sound in the middle of the night! (1 comments) Happy the week end is here! Enjoy yours! Enjoying frolicking inthe cooler weather! i brought my Huge Mandevella plant in! I didn,t want it to get touched with frost! Making Boiled Dinner for the Pantry today! Wish me Luck! Have a fun Fall Day! (1 comments) Enjoy your Day Spark friends! Fall feeling is in the Air again! im Ready! so tired of High Humidity stuff! Just wanted to Wish you all A happy Friday! I love fridays! Yes! Happy My Chiropractor is Back so i can get my Adjustment! He helps me so much! Its been a hot , humid Rainy mess here! Come back Fall weather! Had a Nice restfall week end but got my Exercise in and some Gentle Yoga helps the Pain in My back! (1 comments) Im So happy Mother Teresa has Become a saint! She is MyHero and go by her quotes daily! is Happy my Very Long Drive way got done yesterday! it looks Beautiful! Just hanging out here today outside! Is Hoping you all Have a Great Week end! Just enjoying the Great out doors here! (4 comments) A Great day at the Soup Kitchen all were Happy and Loved the Food! i also gave out School supplies! is Happy To be asked To Be on the Private Emerald Gems! (1 comments) is Making Tater Tot Casserole for the Soup Kitchen today! Friday will make a Nice Sallad which they love now! Before they didnt eat salad so im Happy they are getting something Healthy ! is Cooking up a storm at the pantry today! Requested Tater Tot Casserole! If it makes them Happy.. Im Happy! A nice sald to go with it for the Healthy Minded but i iwll have to taste Test the Dish! WOWZA! we had a Haul out of GODS Garden last night! 550# of Produce for local Pantries! I felt like i was 99 yrs old last night but ok this morning! (4 comments) Aw! I just think this is adorable! Love Thomas Merton quotes too! There is a touch of Fall in the air here! Enjoyed te day yesterday! The wine was lovely and the Food was Healthy and only had a couple samples of wine so all was great! Today is my OM Day! its a beautiful one too! (1 comments) I have been out in Nature surrounded by GODS Creations is so amazing and i am Blessed to live here! (2 comments) is Having a stressful week! Need some Om time today! (2 comments) (2 comments) is Going to The Pow wow on sunday! im looking forward to it so Much! Its Awesome! (1 comments) is Glad The week end is on its way even tho a llot of rain but it is needed just hope it isn,t both days! I iwll have to get out in nature and look at the Gorgeous full moon tonight! Just wants to Thank all ,Y sprkling friends for there Support! (1 comments) A rainy kind of day here thinking it was a Good day to bottle my Kombucha and wow did i get the fizz this time! A volcano but it is the Best tasting i have made taking Dr. T. his Bottle! is Being Positive as my Friend says and doing my Best! Im feelin Good about this week! Doing a few Jobs then taking the day to just enjoy Nature Watch the animals and spending time with GOD is Happy it is Raining and so are the Deer ! i see them standing out in it and i feel like doing the same! In the 70,s here today! Is Happy it is Raining out it has been so-o Dry! The Deer are standing in it out in the field! They are Happy and me also! In the 70,s but still humid! I will take it! Happy to have a free adjustment today and The Doc said im doing Better and to keep doing my Excercse and the Yoga Flexability! YAY! (1 comments) Glad to be going to see my Chiropractor! i learn from him! I get two adjustments a month free at the pantry where he comes and i supply him with my Healthy Drink! he loves It! Kombucha! (1 comments) (3 comments) (2 comments) is Happy to be inside Got my Steps in Some Yoga flexability and am about to get some OM time and GOD Time After an un believable haul of Veggies in GODS Garden I'm gona take it to the pantry and stay in It is Plain HOT out! Is enjoying the cool morning! Going for Lunch with The pastor of the pantry church! Tho we are of different faiths we honor the divine in each other and enjoy each others company! is feeling joyfull! Two Does and four fawns walked thru my Yard this morning! They will be back and i will get that Picture for all to see! (1 comments) Is so excited to have two does and Four fawns walk thru my Yard! I iwll get that picture! zfeelin a Day out in Nature! Makes me feel so close to GOD! is looking forward to being Free No Meetings no Pantry tho i love it there .. Just me taking care of ...Me! A little Yoga, a Little Gardening, and a lots of time being with the Creator out in Nature Love Sundays! A time to relax and unwind and do what i want! I went to church last night! It was cool for a while but it feels Toasy right now! Boy are They Wrong!! A much Cooler morning and so comfortable! Gona enjoy the whole week end and just stay out side! is going to have Breakfast with some old friend i haven,t seen in a while! Looking forward to my Sunday to rewind and get ready for a new Week! Pantryand Soup Kitchen on Friday Helping there and feeding about 40 -50 makes my heart Happy ! Feed them Getting Hugs and seeing them eat is so Great! They love me and i love them ! venturing out to finish Cottage for week end Vistors! Not my visitors but people visiting the Cottage i clean! Enjoying a little light Yoga , not all of thse Poses for sure but doing what i can! Is getting a lot done today most in side as it is HOT and Humid! (1 comments) Its GettingHotter again ! I will get indoor jobs done but have to go to GODS Garden tonight ! Love going there but not so much when its 90 plus! (4 comments) is Happy to start a new Week and a new Beginning! is geting back to my old Positive Self! Thinking it is to Dangerous for Cats here! May not get another one! Going to a wedding today! That will be a postiive day, I think! Trying to move on after losing Buddy! I jst keep seeing him behind me in front of Me and being a Clown but a mind change is Coming on this My Heart hurts this Morning Still no Buddy the Cat ! Still hoping but is getting dimmer! (2 comments) (1 comments) is Happy a Less busy week is coming next week ! it has been way to busy! Bless You All! Going to give And work At the Church Blood Drive today! It is amazing that by getting a Poke and giviing Blood you can save 3 lives! i have given 10 gallons ! (1 comments) A Busy day here! Pantry for two Hours then later Going to GODs Garden hopeful to pick beans or Something! Love GODS Garden It is nice to have a new week, a new start! Cooler today! Thank GOD for that relief! (1 comments) (2 comments) Thuderstorms this morning and Hot and even more Humid after this! i have to go Clean the cottage today! i have been calling it off but sometime to day i have to and No A/C! (1 comments) will be making a Flower Bouquet for the Church! i want to make a Mixed Bouquet so will need to stop @ the store! The Humidity and heat is aweful! I ventured to the cottage i clean and got Sheets etc and Home Cleaning can wait! A storm went thru! all is ok tho but now it is so stifling I hate it !Venture over to the Cottage i clean and got sheets etc and Home! is Staying in today getting things done in side! its gona be 95 and Humid! Ugh! Stifling.. Bottled My Kombucha tea! a Different flavor turmeric, ginger, lemon balm . lemon Peel! I give my Chiro a bottle every week! he give me a free adjustment! I love him! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Is Ready to go to GODS Garden and weed and hopefully Pick Something! Soon.. (2 comments) GOD Garden Night! I'm glad its gona be Cool tonight ! heat starts tomorrow! Im Happy i dont have any where to go maybe i can get some me time in outside before the Heat comes back! Has a Heavy Heart after seeing the News! more Police shot! The hate has too stop.GOD must be looking down and sad All he wants us to do is love one another ! The hate is getting worse! Very sad (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) Gona enjoy another Lovely day while it is still Cool ! It was a Perfect 10 day yesterday! Loving the Cooler, less Humid Weather! I had a really Good Healthy week and think it is Looking up for me and with this weather more energy! WOW!A real weather change! it could be in the 40,s tonight.. Good sleeping weather! have a Goood night all! I did my exercise and im am tired! We have some one who comes to our Soup Kitchen much like this! We try to make him feel Love! Blessing s to all! its raining nice out this Morning and Cool! i love it and the flowers Love it too! (1 comments) Relief got injections in my toes! I feel like Dancin again!! Wanna Join me ! Use the power of your wordin the direction of truth and LOVE! Blessings all have a ood day! Is Happy to see a Ma ma and two Baby fawns out in My field! They were just adorable! i couldn,t get a picture so i found one to show you what they look like! (2 comments) Is kicking it up and hoping i can get this right this week and forever! Is proud she got back to the Woods! its been a long while! It was Beautiful and peaceful! Felt like i was walking with GOD (1 comments) Is going to enjoy the day out in Nature, a little Gardening and little OM Time and refocusing as i have faltered and starting to read my Favorie Book which i do once a year or so! Is going to reread my most life changing Book as i do every year atleast and it is time! A storm just went thru. Some got huge Hail! Cool right now but next week the Heat and Humidity is on High! UGH!! is Pushing a little more every day t get more Steps in! Im not Great but better than i was... If i can do it any one can! (1 comments) I just love this picture ! it makes me feel like going out and Dancing in the field! (3 comments) (1 comments) Enjoyed my Night in GODS Garden! its a time to connect with others dig in the dirt and just being with GOD! Its getting Beautiful! is getting ready to go to GODS Garden to work! Always enjoy going there to help! (1 comments) It s a Busy place in town so staying home and off the roads! I will continue my Turkey patrol! The little ones are crazy and so is Buddy, the cat! is gona relax tonight with Buddy! i feel worn out this afternoon! (2 comments) is relaxing tonight! Some more OM time (1 comments) Is Having a Good week! I am staying strong to keep going in this direction! A walk in store later! Perfect weather here! Love it! Enjoyed being out Doors today! The weather is perfect 72 degrees is still staying strong but over indulged at a Fancy restaurant last night and to top of the night.. Ice Cream! It was all good but im back strong on the healthier plan! Im staying tough! YA! Is feeling motivated to Make Healthy choices and gettur right this time ! Ive learned the Mind is 100% of this healthy mindset ! I can do this! (1 comments) A wonderful night for sleeping! Very cool didn,t want to get up but heading to the Pantry in a few! Hope your all enjoying the cooler weather! (1 comments) Is out among the Bees and gardening and thinking about the Body, Mind connection! WOW! That is the key to getting this right! (1 comments) A new week to get things done and recharge my Self tho i have,nt done bad i wanna do better! Filling my water feature today i was standing surrounded with Bees and we can live in Harmony! Also thinking we we kill them we cant not live with out them! My thinking today is on Bee,s, i have thousands and tho i have to stand in the middle of them drinking from my water feature . we can live in Harmony! We need to be-e kind to them! It is a most Beautiful warm rain out! I'm vowing to go out and experience Dancing in the rain this Morning Its gona be one of those Hot days! i lose all energy when we get those! (1 comments) (1 comments) Hope you all Have a Beautiful Week end! its gona be a warm one here! Yikes!!! Going to see the Doc today! Wish me luck... is taking some Me time and getting a New Do-o! Its a gorgeous day here cool and low humidity! My Bees have arrived for this season there are thousands and as last year they have taken over my water feature and Garden but we can live in Harmony! (3 comments) Trying to jump start myself this morning and this week! I have a lot of Pain but doing my exercise any way! Maybe its the Humidity! (3 comments) I feel a lazy day coming on! Enjoy yours spark friends! (1 comments) (2 comments) Looking forward to the Beautiful week end! Im going to be making smoothies @ the Pantry today1 That will be a Big Job! Wish me luck! another very Rainy day! Yesterday i was with out electric so i had a chnce to clean some, meditate some and play with Buddy my cat! Actually we had a Good relaxing day, More indoor work today! (1 comments) Looks like a rainy day here in the woods! i over did yesterday and im paying for it today! I feel like im 90 today! Taking it easy! (1 comments) GODs Garden tonight and The pantry this morning so i will be a Busy Bee today! (1 comments) is heart brokened and sick of the on going hate happening! praying for the victims and their families in orlando! It all so insane and seems to be growing (1 comments) Enjoyed being out in Nature today! it was beyond Words Beautiful! I got things done and had a little ME Time also! I'm glad the frost didn,t get here but almost it did! Blessings on your day A Busy one here! I have a Spark angel who sent me her Spark tracker as she didn,t use it! I'm so Happy to have it and her in my corner! Bless you spark angel (1 comments) Brr-rr! its a cold one this morning feel like turning the furnace on.. but wont still have some digging to do later! I hope it warms up (1 comments) Planning on spending some ME time in the garden today! Love it out there! (1 comments) is a happy Girl that most of GOD,S GARDEN is planted! Lotof veggies and flowers also! The flowers will decorate the church ! Bless you all! (1 comments) Planting GODS GARDEN in the morning and am not feeling too flexable, will gettur done with others one way or another! (1 comments) Got a lot of things done! Stayed in doors and tho my Back hurt i pushed on and goot my exercise and house work Done! Yay! (1 comments) Its looking Dark and rainy out! Cant help but say I'm enjoying the cooler weather! it has been kinda hot and humid already this month! Makin sure I get my Yoga stretches in today if I don't I feel it! is ready for a new week and hope you all have a Good one (1 comments) (1 comments) Blessed memorial Week end ! Dont forget those who have lost their lives or lost someone ! Pray for them (1 comments) Happy and Blessed Memeorial day to you all!! im gona work out doors this week end which i love to do! The Great weather is still here and i vow to stay out in it til it rains which may be in a couple of Days!! A Happy girl, gona enjoy this awesome Weather. Spend some time with GOD, a little walk, alittle gardening and some Relaxation! is Gona do a little exercise, and a little me time after! Great weather finally! Love it! (1 comments) Is looking forward to the perfect weather this week end! Have lots to go! A busy Lady today Hope you all have a great Day! Today is sunny and Beautiful but I hve to catch up on inside jobs cause I have a Busy week coming up! I hate being in when its nice out.. Have a Beautiful day ya all! A rather busy one here! Happy monday to all! Going to meet some friends for lunch now to picking Healthy options! Gona try! Yay! Snow is melting! May you all be filled with the Holy Spirit to day on Pentacost! He dwells in all of us! Listen! (2 comments) What1/?/? The ground is covered with snow! Yuck and the Neighbor Boy was gona finish the mowing today! maybe it will melt later! Hope the plants are ok! This week end at church is pentacost Sunday! Im the lead Decorator so its red draping and Red Begonias i bought yesterday! Looks Nice, The Holy spirit is important to me! Keeps me focused on goodness! This week end is Pentacost Sunday so decorating with Red Begonias and red draping! The Holy Spirit is what keeps me focused on what is important!Bless you all! On my way to the Food Pantry! Tater tot casserole on the Menu! They love that! (1 comments) The old Barometer Body is saying rain is coming Soon! Gona enjoy the warmth today before it gets Cold again! I hate this warm / cold thing going on!Getting my exercise all in today is gona enjoy the day while its awarmm getting cold this week end! brr-rr gona get all my exercise in today! Enjoying the sunshine this morning! The turkeys are out and about Being Happy! The Toms are still fanning and impressing the Hens!The Blue birds are checking out my Bird Box! YAY.. This is a Jun tea scoby! I use one to make the fermented Jun Tea! loaded with Happy Probiotics Since I had Bee hives last year on My Property I have been interested in Bees and Honey! Amazing! is Making my second batch of Jun Tea, like Kombusha but made with Green tea and Honey and since i have lots of Honey im enjoying it! Not for all but i like it Is back at it doing it right! My spark friends are keeping me Going! Today I,m making my 2nd batch of Jun tea. its like kombusha but made with Green tea and Honey! Very good and lots of Good Bacteria! (1 comments) is ready to sart this week right and not crash! A nice day getting out an do some gardening! Eating Healthy is my Goal this week! Im getting to old to keep getting no where! BLESSINGS to all the Wonderful Moms out there! I have not been Blessed with Kids but I have been Blessed to Love Homeless Kids and Feed them! That is my Gift.. Hug your kids twice today (2 comments) Blessings to all The great Moms out there in the world! I have not been Blessed to be a Mom but I have been Blessed to Mother Homeless Children and Feed them and give them Food My Blessing Happy Mothers day to all the Moms out there and those who have Mothered some one! (1 comments) I,m feeling so Blessed an Grateful that I live here in GODS Country! Every thing in Nature is just coming alive and so-o Beautiful (1 comments) The Bonz is happy my pictures and emoticons are Back! Yay! is feeling a little Better with the Back! TheChiro thinks it a Plectoral muscle! Im taking it slow! Still having the pinched nerve problem! Seems to come and go! When it hits it really hurt so taking it slow today! going to the chiro ! Out with a friend for lunch will be nice to see her again (1 comments) I,m feeling good about my Progress this time! Working so hard on getting it done! I am the Boss of..Me (1 comments) A rainy day here so-o will get things done indoors and continue on my Healthy thoughts! Two days being on the right path has been good! Day two of my NOT flubbing up mindset! I did a-ok yesterday but wow its hard not to eat @ night! I'm Determined this time! Is determined to make this a no Flub- up week! I'm tired of getting no where! Kicking it up a Notch.. Lets go-o! (2 comments) Blessings and I am Happy you liked my visualization Before Mass! I have had others pray for me and I have felt it I think! So maybe I will just make this a Saturday new tradition pray for you all @330 I said a group Prayer for all my Spark friends before Mass! I imagined us all in a circle holding hands and dancing! How cool is that! Hope it brings love Happiness and Good health to all (4 comments) To live a Creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong! I like this.. Soup kitchen day! An easy one grilled Hot Dogs and salads and Whatever comes in on the truck this morning! Have a Great day ya All! Going plant shopping for the Church.. some palms nd other things.. Taking the girls with me ! A fun day Feeling perkier and feel a happy dance coming on the sun is out and love that! I crashed on my goals yesterday but its another day so watching my self today! (1 comments) is gona go do a little meditation and My Yoga fexability! I feel a little Better! Thank GOD! Hope you have a great day! gona quit raining today and ...Sun...Yay! (1 comments) Three weeks of Exercise, 10 days of cortisone and dont bend over or lift say the Doc!! Good Grief! Tats gona be a hard one glad i havea reacher! Happy to see the Blue birds @ the box today! (1 comments) is Happy for the Week end ! Altho its gona be-e rainy tomorrow its my day to focus rewind and have some OM time It is amazing how green every thing can get outside when it warms to 80 but its 58 today but not bad! Enjoying the outdoors so much! The woods speak with the voice of GOD!Amzing this time of year! is bummed! lost my tracker! Probably under something and i cant get on my knee..I will just blame it on Buddy! he does that stuff to get to me i think! (1 comments) Crashed on the eating plan yesterday but gona keep chugging along.. I may have to reset my goals and how I do it! (1 comments) We are all happy here in the woods! The Deer are out and about eating shoots coming up in the field and the Tom turkeys are dancing for the hens! Every thing is going to be coming alive in Nature .. (1 comments) Deerlady is so excited and cant wait for 70 degrees on the Week end! Amen! is Really thinking flowers and butterflies and warmth! I cat wait ! i will jump for Joy ! (1 comments) (1 comments) is looking forward to that warm weather coming! So- excited i may do a warmth Dance...what ever that might be-e! After a mixed bag of crazy weather yesterday Snow rain sleet and freezing rain it is looking better! in the 60,s by the week end! Thank GOD..Finally (1 comments) I,m ready for a reset and getting the right plan.. Not getting any younger so need to get this. Getting the juicer out of retirement and try something new and Better so-o here i go-o! Grr-r-r-! This is a new recharge day. Getting my juicer out of retirement and do a new plan! im not getting any younger so need to do something with results! Tired of getting no where on this weight loss goals (2 comments) The Juicing Class was interesting and tryed lots of Combos some good some not to much but i may get my Juicer out of the Closet today and tommorrow go Fruit and veggy shopping! I,m planning on going to a Juicing class at the Chiropractors office! its costly going there but he has helped me so much so worth it.. and he has Free things to help us! It will be fun! Hope you all have a Great Week end (1 comments) Another Storm rolling in! Dang it! Double Yuck! (2 comments) Is SO Happy i got up to 9,800 steps in on the! Never got tis far but on the bike i can gona go do the last 1,200 to make 10,0000! Here i go then i will rest! is getting Cardio in this Morning Shoveling! id rather be raking, or working in the Garden! O.M.G! (1 comments) Im getting my Exercise this moning shoveling! It looks like Winter here ..not Spring! is digusted with this snow falling but im glad i don,t have to go any where and im comfy in my favorite bag Lady clothes on and getting my Exercise in! Bless u! is indoors comfy and warm in my Favorite Bag Lady clothes on! Snowing again. Could get 5 inches! Good Grief Not Happy for this Snowy week end! Built in Cardio tho, Right!!! Hate this april fools on us Michiganders! Dance as if no one is watching or Sing to your hearts content! is Making Pulled Pork for the Soup kitchen! What a job!Maybe i should have made soup!! is going to work at the Church Blood drive! I will be able to give in June! I cant cause of Knee replacement ! My Pantry fiends are coming to make me Happy! Working hard to watch what I put in my Mouth.. So far so good.. Trying to get myself motivated and im doing quite well! Now to working on those food portions! even if the old Body hurts.. i plant on kicking it up a notch and some Flexability like yoga and work on getting portions Down!! If gona kick up my Efforts this Week portion control is still my Big problem and think i will add a Little Yoga not on my knee tho cause i cant but some flexability is ready for a new week! i upped my Exercise but need to add Yoga and Portion control! I still am Goofing up! Hope you all have a Joyful Easter! (2 comments) I,m a tired Girl after church Decorating but all worth it and the array of different flowers is so joyfull! Amen and Happy Easter to all! (3 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) is going tochurch this morning to help Place the plants in the Church a lot of Spring flowers and some Lilies! it should be Beautiful when the lights go on tonight @ the Vigal is Going to Good Friday service if i have to wade thru the Snow! Gona need a plow out today! A lot of SNOW! (2 comments) Not a Nice spring day here! Its a snow storm and i have the rest of The Church flowers at my House untill i can get there!! While im waiting my house smells like Heaven and looks springy inside Is Sending prayers for all my Awesome spark friends who are always there for me! Thank you! Planning on some changes this week like no sabotageing my self (1 comments) (2 comments) I amped up my Garden work and leaf raking today Work left over from last year when i had a Knee replacement ! Another 6000 steps today and am not perfect but better ! Im on the roll.... I go to Church on Saturday evening so i have a free day to do want i want , do some work, take a walk, listen to music or connect with God or just be Lazy.. (1 comments) I love Sunday cause i can do what ever i wan! Work out doors, Be creative Dnace ha ha or just be Lazy and watch the wils friends play out in the fields! (1 comments) I think this Picture is Beautiful and some times do this myself on nice summer nights! The power of Energy in our lives is amazing and I think GOD is like this energy always with us .. im enjoying the day! getting things done! Some exercise and listening to Music! Church later! Hope you all enjoy your week end! Enjoy yor Week end all! i iwll be getting ready for Palm sunday at church later! A Busyweek before EASTER coming with flowers deliverd @ Church ! it is a Holy Week! I am Proud of Myself! i got 5,500 steps in.. for me that is huge especially after the knee replacement! i feel motivated to soon Hit 10,000! (3 comments) Happy Week end ! Happy Fun Saint Patricks day Ya all! Not a nice day here in the Woods! Wild winds all night and down pours! I hate to drive in this but gotta go! (2 comments) is Hoping you all have a Great day! A busy week here! is Going for a shopping trip to Amish Country, a Day trip! Im down on things so i can stock up! Bless you All The old Body Barometer is letting me know Rain is coming! I can feel it in the air too. A Cool wind came up and came in to warm up and have some HOT Tea! (1 comments) Went outdoors and got some work done , a Little walk, then the Pain index revved up! I can feel that Rain coming! my body is like a Barometer! Thank GOD for Sundays! it gives me a time to reflect , to Honor God and to get a little done.. including a Walk to the Woods !Bless u all friends! Hugs.. is feeling Lazy today gona push the tush to get moving (1 comments) is feeling not motivated today but pushin to get @ least 30 min on the bike.. is Going on a trip today with some friends! should be a Good day! Bless you all! Is a HAPPY OLD Girl today! I managed to get in 45 minutes of excercise, plus chiro exercises even tho i hurt im pushing it! Is a Happy Old Girl! For the last three days i have managed to get 45 minutes of walking and cycling and extra flexability and chiro exercise and i am panning on this every day if i can (1 comments) I,m just a Happy old Girl today! For the last three days i amped up my exercise to 45 minutes of walking and cycling and i did it! Not bad for an old girl with an artificial Knee1 YaY...ME is aHAPY OLD GIRL! I walked to the woods with out walking in SNOW! Ive amped up my Activity to 45 Minutes a day of walking and or Cycling! Chiro thinks im doing good! YAY..ME! is Hoping you all have a Great, Healthy day! Take care of your body, Mind and spirit! Im doing well on these goals (1 comments) Wowza!! Rained All Night and when it quits I may actually be able to walk out and about on bare ground! Amen! Still dripping away and snow is melting so I'm a Happy girl! Loving it even if it is going to rain! day 100 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 3/3/2016 (2 comments) Is happy to hear Warmer weather for next Week, 50,s will cause a Major Melt down ! Yay! Let it all Melt! Skiers had their time not it is ours! (1 comments) is excited to hear Warmer weather for next week! 50,s will bring a major melt down! Lets make this a great New week ya all! I faltered yesterday but back on track.. I hate when that happens The Great spirit is so important in my life to show me what hhe wants me to do Next! (1 comments) is focusing on Lenton Goals this week and working on eating smaller portions and No Junk only good healthy stuff This is Mary the undoer of Knots (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) With this Thawing brings Dreaming about Spring, Walking on Green Grass watching every thing coming Alive again! Can,t wait!! Working on Lenton goals! more prayer, Doing good and helping some one which I did last night made soup and took to an Old friend and his wife! he and she was so Happy and called to say they loved it! (2 comments) Blessings to all my Sparkfriends! You are Awesome Ya know! (1 comments) Had to go to my Regular E.N.T and he says i have a bad infection in my ears.. Have to go back Friday and need to keep dry or the Ears wont get better! (1 comments) A Stay @ home day to get things done and ... Keep warm! Blessings to you all! a Stay @ home day to keep warm and getthings done! Enjoy your day! Staying in the warmth today with my Favorite Guy, Buddy my cat! he is lovable most of the time and very Handsome (3 comments) Spending the day mostly with by favorite Guy, Buddy my cat and doing a little shoveling! Don't want to brave the Brutal Cod but have to! Happy Valentines to all... (1 comments) This reminds me to eat clean and healthy (1 comments) This is Ma Ma nudging young one to get moving! This Deer friend was looking in my window wanting a Hand out (1 comments) day 60 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/23/2016 (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Thank you Great Spirit For filling me with Love, Hope and Joy! Thanks for good friends.... (1 comments) (1 comments) Happy Monday to you all (2 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) I love Pope Francis, Our new Catholic Leader! he is a breath of fresh air and is guiding us well! Mary the un-doer of Knots! DANG THOSE INTERNET GUYS MADE A MISTAKE. NOW ANOTHER 3-5 DAYSTIL I HAVE HAVE SERVICE! Good grief ! HUGS AND blessings , Bonz. HAVE A GOOD WEEK END FRIENDS! Always Look forward to the week end Saturday i go to Church , i put new flowers on the Alter.. every week then it is so restful to get there early and just Sit in GOD,S House! Blessings all. (1 comments) day 225 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 9/27/2015 (3 comments) This is my Kittie, Buddy who is missing... Still Hope but not feeling good ! He never strays away! (5 comments) day 200 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 9/2/2015 (2 comments) (3 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) day 5 of my streak for "Eat at least 5 fruits/veggies per day." earned 7/10/2015 is rested and ready for the week! PT today@ 1100! no telling what new things i wll have to do! The Bonz is back don,t know if i will be spark as much but still got the spark! (1 comments) (1 comments) day 125 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 6/19/2015 day 21 of my streak for "Eat at least 5 fruits/veggies per day." earned 6/15/2015 (1 comments) (1 comments) This looks like the woods here this time of Year, thousands of Trilliums! This is what Morels look like so-o good only found three hardly a taste (1 comments) (1 comments) I thought this was an awesome picture! (1 comments) (2 comments) I thought you all would enjoy this picture! I didn,t take it (2 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) I Love Saint. francis! he is the patron saint of all animals! (1 comments) (1 comments) AW! So cute.. (2 comments) This picture makes me feel peace and Love! This is a perfect picture id like for my wall.. (1 comments) Oh so cute! fawns are so adorable! i hope to see some in late Spring or later! (1 comments) (3 comments) I can,t wait to walk in a Spring Woods! wont be too long now! (2 comments) My table @ tea! (5 comments) The little girls at the Tea having lots of fun! they were so cute.. (2 comments) This is my new fur friend! i call him Buddy! (9 comments) I enjoy the silence i get with Yoga and the Flexability helps my Athritis! (1 comments) Halloween picture @ the pantry! Tom is a friend (6 comments) I planted this for You ,SONFLOWER GAMMY in GOD,S GARDEN 2014 (2 comments) I took this a few yrs ago in the yard! (2 comments) This picture makes me think of GOD as he rescuded me in the past when i was down and out! (1 comments) Love this Image of Jesus doing what i love to do in Nature and connecting with him in this way! (1 comments) Love this image! It is like Jesus and all of us dancing thru our life with him ! (4 comments) (3 comments) (5 comments) This is Rudy who passed away 09/09/13 He was an Angel! (10 comments) (4 comments) (5 comments) Turkeys in my back yard! (3 comments) This is Rudy who i had to put to sleep on (Sept 9, @013) I will miss you old friend! (8 comments) I love this picture! It is so spiritual! (3 comments) This is Rudy He goes for little walks only! No going up in the Hills (3 comments) Came trotting in the yard looking for a treat! (6 comments) Not far from where i live! It,s Heaven on earth to me.. (6 comments) Hay Turkeys , Get outta my corn!!!!! (3 comments) Winter of 2011! Some of my Deer friends! (5 comments) Mr. Bob and Rudy thinking of what they can get into next together!! They think they are coolguys!! (7 comments) (14 comments) This is Precious!! Hes A lot bigger now! (3 comments) Peeking out! (6 comments) Sleeping Bear Dunes! One of the most Beautiful places in the country! (4 comments) Seen this little baby during a walk in the woods! (10 comments) My Native American Room (10 comments) My Native American Room (3 comments) Isnt he a Cutie? (1 comments) Two of my wild friends taking a break in the sun!! (8 comments) Two of my wild friends! (4 comments) My WILD FRIENDS (5 comments) This is BOB, My hiking buddy! He has been slacking off lately! (8 comments)

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