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Hawaii Night Time Manta Ray Dive Hang Gliding (1 comments) Richard Petty Driving School. I went 168.3 mph at Daytona. (5 comments) September 2015 (2 comments) September 2015 (6 comments) is celebrating my anniversary on the third. (6 comments) January 1 2016 neighborhood party. (4 comments) is in the 180's!!!! (5 comments) Outfit for a Sassy '60s Party. 191. February 2016. (3 comments) Socks at the fire pit (4 comments) mentions that one suggestion from a Sparkbuddy was that she liked seeing people's pets. My cat is shy, so you won't see her on my vlogs. But here's a photo I snuck of her. She turned 17 on Monday. (10 comments) Easter socks at the fire pit (6 comments) got to enjoy one last firepit before the storm and the stinky weekend weather. (3 comments) week 3 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 90 minutes per week" earned 4/2/2016 Today's socks are in honor of the snow we are getting (9 comments) Afternoon vacation fire pit. If you have already seen my blog the socks are not a surprise. 🙂 (3 comments) modelmydiet.com My comparison between my heaviest and where I am now. April 9, 2016 (4 comments) Another fire pit (7 comments) Birthday dinner cooked on the Death Trap Grill. (Husbands birthday not mine) (9 comments) Fire pit with music (1 comments) Serene gave me a Tiara Sparkgoodie. Lucky for me I HAVE one from playing dressup with my nieces! (10 comments) After days of challenges, relaxing with a fire pit! (8 comments) was in Hawaii at a night scuba dive with manta rays 4 years ago today. Such an amazing experience. (6 comments) Relaxing! (5 comments) Snoring kitty next to me while I worked today. (2 comments) If I can't have a sunny day I will have sunny socks (2 comments) Vacation socks! Off to the spa! (7 comments) Stacking wood for my fire pit addiction! May 2016 (8 comments) Since I purged so many coffee mugs yesterday I shall console myself with coffee mug socks! (3 comments) Oh my golly! Fresh out of the shower so my hair is soaking wet but...you voted me a Sparkpeople Motivator!!! I am so surprised and tickled!! (12 comments) Big presentation so I wore my lucky elephant socks. So I wouldn't forget anything! (5 comments) week 10 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 90 minutes per week" earned 5/21/2016 (3 comments) May 2016 -- 5% weight loss at end of 5% Spring Challenge! (13 comments) is paying on the scale for her renegade weekend. (9 comments) is proud her company honors our veterans with a Missing Man table. is s proud her company honors our veterans with a Missing Man table. (1 comments) What happens when you think you can keep the guest bedding fur free if you don't make up the room early. (2 comments) (3 comments) My heaviest, 222 pounds 2007 2009 2014 (3 comments) March 2015

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