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My boys...<3 Me and my love at the Five and Dime.... 2013 Me and my family! 2014 (3 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (3 comments) My love and I (1 comments) My 3 boys❤️ (2 comments) I'm about 26 pounds more in this pic from 2007...just want to lose about 15 or so now. (2 comments) Worked out for 45 mins....peaches, yogurt and cinnamon for breakfast!!! Yummm (3 comments) Had a great weekend at the Rocky Mountain National Park...40 min cardiovascular today and tracking food...amazing how hard it is to hike at an altitude of 12,000 feet in the Rockies...beautiful! (2 comments) Back on it this week!!! Had a rough couple of week with sick kids and a pulled muscle....getting back with it tho!! Jogged 2 1/2 miles today!! Breakfast (1 comments) (2 comments) Just aDoRe them No words, just love them (1 comments) Okay my first fitness photo...whatever it takes to get motivated!! 30 mins cardio, 15 mins strength. So glad it's done!! (3 comments) Raisin Bran, banana, raspberries and 2%. Also, a list of things to do today.... (2 comments) Pancake with mixed berries and an egg... Chimichanga salad...it's what's for lunch ya'll!! (2 comments) Eggs#tomatoes#celery#mushrooms#onions#croi
breakfast (1 comments) smoothietime#hubby#and#Ia (3 comments) Pumpkin picking in Colorado #love#them#snowcapped#mountains (1 comments) sourdoughbread#avacado#mushroom#porkrib#so
ooo hungry##
Smoothie time#lovemesome#chocolateRaspberry (1 comments) Hot maple oatmeal with mixed berries#yummigoodness#warmMeUp exhausted from 30 mins strength training and Christmas decorating (2 comments) Got to get this BACK YO (2 comments) Motivation wall... just printed paper!! (1 comments) Snow in Colorado and coffee brewing (4 comments) salad for lunch, tortilla strips, cashews, feta, salsa, canned chicken breast, tad of light ranch (1 comments) is having a tough day with emotional kids...maybe its nap time for me!! lol Wishing each of you a wonderful day ;) (1 comments) Me at 180...goal 165... (5 comments) Flour tortilla, homemade refried beans, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, spinach, dolup sour cream, homemade salsa. My burrito breakfast YO!!! lol (5 comments) Bean and cheese chimichanga, cabbage, mozzarella, light ranch, sweet potato fries....oooh lala (1 comments) After freezing an hour and a half so my boys could go sledding. Yogi, Egyptian Licorice...to warm me up...and of course hugs from my sweet Boy♡ (2 comments) Pork rib and bean soup with fritos, avacado, lemon juice, light sour cream. My biggest meal today. Some warm me up SOUP!! One egg, veggies, naan bread...tomatillo salsa a (1 comments) Going to the Superbowl!!! woohoo...still tracking my food ;) (1 comments) The boys and I made these!! (2 comments) Tuna, light mayo, salsa, avacado...for dinner!! ;) (1 comments) My favorite oranges!!!! Love ;) (1 comments) Kodiak Cakes for breakfast! (5 comments) Dripping with sweat...3 miles and some strength DONE!! (3 comments) Late breakfast...lots to do today but will do some strength training today. Here's my bf ;)...sorry for the bites (so hungry!!) Spinach, onion, tomatoes, mushrooms, sauted in evoo and then one egg to bind it all and to add protein...garnish with avacado and chimichurri. 2 Corn tortillas...delish!! Happy Friday ALL ;) (2 comments) Shrimp, chicken pot stickers, pasta, and salad. So yummy!! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) Can't wait to take my fitness to another level!! (2 comments) Yep, getting ready to dig deeper!! ;) (3 comments) Dinner and Masters Cardio done. Boom!! ;) Been working out daily (except Thurs.) and watching my foods. Building some strength and loving the different routines!! (1 comments) Incline push ups...omg...tough Chisel Endurance DONE BOOM!! Happy Friday all ;) (3 comments) Went on a bike ride for a close up!! (1 comments) ♡♡♡♡♡ (1 comments) Not going to lie...did not have the motivation, will, or strength to push play today. My pull up bar fell on my head twice this week plus 2 of my resistance bands broke. Ugh!! However, Chisel Cardio and 10 min Abs DONE baby!! My plan is to finish what I started and head back to the store haha!! C'mon guys don't quit!! (3 comments) Brunch...ONE egg underneathe!! (2 comments) Strength DONE!! Boya!! The after pic is since agreeing to be a coach...sometimes we all just need a little push!! (1 comments) Hey all Beachbody is inviting ALL to join them on their Health Bet starting Monday, September 5th and lasting until October 2nd. What do you get? Free dibs on a pot of 1.5 million just for being consistent!! C'mon ya'll take the challenge with me and track your progress on the Challenge Tracker!! If you already purchased a challenge pack then all you have to do is track!! No measurements required ...just drink and post the Shakeology 5 times a week and track 3 workouts. Send me a pm to know Started my strength training program again and it was tough because I also INCREASED my weights!! Had my superfood shake and added PB2 which I felt like I was craving, so yummy!! If you are not challenging yourself then you are not moving, you are not getting better, or growing. It's almost like giving up and going backwards. This holds true spiritually, physically, and mentally. Life is worth the effort!! What are YOU doing to take on some challenges? Would love to hear it and I' (1 comments) Push, push, push...and be glad you did!! Happy Fall all!! I have a secret group in Facebook and I would love to be daily motivation for you. If you are serious about fighting your way to a healthier you send me a mssg!! My goal is to help anyone through this and yes, I will be working out too! ;) We all have a journey to embrace and we need friends to help us through it. Fall forward and grab your dreams and know that there are people who truly care about others even if they are complete strangers ♡ You can do it!! ;) Ran a mile and a half and worked out to Dirty 30...shoulders on fiya!! Have a great day all!! ;) Smiling cuz I made some healthy choices for myself! I ran two miles, did 30 pushups, 30 reverse lunges per leg with weights, did one minute planks on left and right side, and last but certainly not least drank my superfood smoothie with PB2, milk and banana....just delish!! To top it off I love wearing my super compfy yogas and just a t-shirt #justbeingme #wantsome #greatfeeling #lovewhatido <3 (4 comments) Take a challenge with me starting Monday, January 9th! Breakfast...one egg, tomato medley, salsa, slice of bacon, sauteed onion and spinach and finally avacado. Here in a minute a yummy nutritious smoothie!! Snow day here we come!! (2 comments) All the beautiful options!! This is my most common photo. I am very proud of my progress and feel lean and strong!! I lost 15lbs during an AMAZING cleanse!! One of the best decisions I've made. 170lbs now!! 4/2017 This salad has some serious substance!! haha...it was SO good! 4/2017 Love these as a snack!! Hard at SP and at 149lbs....2007 I'll never give up fighting for me because it helps me to be there for others too! LOVE SP Gained about 15lbs 2011 (1 comments)

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