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September 2009 (2 comments) This is how I want to live my life! To the fullest! (2 comments) (2 comments) April 2013 (1 comments) With the boys and my sis, Temple 5K 7/24/13 (1 comments) With the boys and my dad, Temple 5K 7/24/13 (1 comments) Over 5000 people leaving the starting line...wow!! Temple 5K 7/24/13 Perfect for me!! Thanks Christine!! :D (2 comments) My first time with bangs in years. I love them! LOL (4 comments) Sept 2009 vs Dec 2013 (2 comments) Apr 2013 vs Dec 2013 (1 comments) ***Dance like no one is watching*** (1 comments) Halloween 2014 (3 comments) (2 comments) is recovering from having my little one. Looking forward to getting back to normalcy! :D (7 comments) Marvelous Monday to you all! Off to a great start! Back to work full time tomorrow and I guess it is time..will miss my little one but she is lucky to have lots of gramma loves! :) Make it a good one! (1 comments) No more excuses!! Time to get this done. Day 3 in the books of this new year! Make tomorrow great!!! :D Woke up a bit early to put dinner in the crockpot...also woke up to this...Stay warm friends!! :) TGIF!!! :D (2 comments) I just got the 7 day streak for tracking food!! :D I don't think I have ever tracked that many days in a row. Progress!!! :D :D (1 comments) Your mind is a powerful tool! Believe you can do it!! I know I can do anything...no matter the difficulties or setback!! I am AWESOME! You are too! ;) (2 comments) Was an awesome day!! :) Great workout, ate in ranges and even got in a little weekday cleaning. Feeling accomplished!! :) After a really rough week finally got me a good night sleep. Feeling rested and ready for this day to begin. :) Got em all in!! In my ranges and well balanced today. Also got in some strength training and cardio today! Feeling amazing and looking forward to tomorrow. :) I have to say that this new community feed was a wonderful idea. I makes connecting with others simple and right at my fingertips! All you wonderful SparkFriends are so motivational!! :) rainy rest of the week ahead! Stay warm and dry friends. Rough night last night. Hubby's first late night swing shift...so went to bed late, woke up when he got home then the babe decided to get up at 5. Needless to say I am tired. Top it all off with 12 year old busting up his knee.. Bring on the coffee now to get ready for work. Feeling quite overwhelmed with healthy eating yet again. I go from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds. I am taking the time to remind myself to take smaller steps. First step, begin tracking daily and a serving of fruit/veggie at each meal. I can DO IT!!! (1 comments) Killed my goals today!! How did you all do?? Keep going!! Even if today is not perfect, the small changes we make today shape our future. Persistence is key! TGIF!! Thought we could use a good smile!! Be strong today! ;) I want to say I am on the "I Can" step but I think I keep falling back down to the "I'll Try" step. I am working hard to make those small steps to get up to the "I Can". I know I can, now time to just do it! :D (1 comments) Fighting a cold this week but still trying to go as strong as I can. My healthy self has waiting long enough, can't let this cold stop me! ;) Sleep well SP friends! Started the week off with a healthy breakfast. I am taking those small steps to happy and healthy! Starting the day off on a positive note, when in doubt smile...and fake it til you make it. ;) Looking forward to the day! My little lady and i before our 5K this morning. :) Happy day today. Thought we could use a smile today...she was actually just talking and I caught it at just the right time lol. She is teething again...one finally pushed through and the other is on its way...so sleep didn't go so well last night. Regardless i got up and started the day on the right foot with some gentle yoga. Now to go to bed early!! Zzzzzz Hike today with my family. Holy calorie burn. And even made it carrying my daughter the whole way. Extra 20 lbs to carry...cant believe i used to lug around an extra 90 lbs. Feeling pretty great!! :) Today is day 5 this week of up to move without snooze!! Looking forward to an active weekend!! :D Happy Monday everyone!! Set some goals this week to get away from my desk once every hour. Set some timers in my email. Now to make sure I don't ignore them. ;) Have a great week everyone!! Day 9 complete of rising instead of snoozing. Boy I didn't want to get up, I would have rather gone back to bed after such a rough night. BUT I got up, did some yoga and feel better for it!! :D Put your mind to it and you can do anything! :) Keep pushing Sparkfriends! Good morning friends! Been a while since I have posted anything here. Been trying to figure out my mind in my journey and I have come around to patience. In a world that wants everything right now it is hard not to get sucked into that. So I am stepping back from focusing on what I can do now and really just working on and enjoying the process. Am I where I would like to be...no...but I am considerably further from where I started. 1 step, 1 day, 1 moment at a time. 3 days may seem small but for a girl that doesn't like tracking, it is a big step!! :D Feeling accomplished! I am tired of struggling with my eating. I do so great with a set schedule and then on weekends when I don't have one it all goes out the window. I will figure this out!! Goals for this week 5+ servings of freggies per day and tracking!! Mornings are still tough for me, especially when you forget to set the alarm. Luckily we got ready and out the door in time but darn if I don't want to go back to bed!! :P Looking forward to the day though. :D (1 comments) My journey has not been perfect, I don't keep with many streaks but I have 80 days under my belt of at least logging in for inspiration. Something is better than nothing. :D I am ready for the weekend! After a long week of making some much needed choices, I need some downtime! Planning some much needed cleaning paired with some self-care. What is everyone else's plan for the weekend?

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