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says: It's not very romantic, but the boyfriend knows what I need. (2 comments) says: Don't get fooled today. (4 comments) says: Signs of an upcoming race. Race t-shirt and bib number, this makes it official, right? (1 comments) says: I came in 7th in my age group!! I'm elated!!!! (5 comments) Pre-race photo (note my nervous smile). (3 comments) says: I chose the balance ball chair before my boss could decide what kind of furniture to get. He says my chair looks pregnant :) (4 comments) says: Happy 4th of July :) History is funny like that. says: Today's mantra: (1 comments) ***sigh*** (4 comments) says: Yup! (5 comments) ***sigh*** (1 comments) says: Perfect audits, they DO exist!! says: Perfect audits, they DO exist!! says: Thanks for the reminder health insurance. (4 comments) (10 comments) says: Happy Halloween! Don't stay out too late, it's a school night! (1 comments) says: 91 in November is wrong, even in sunny Southern California. (7 comments) says: Thank you doesn't seem enough... (1 comments) says: Truth! (1 comments) says: Happy Sunday. (3 comments) says: Me all week: (1 comments) says: One reason I love Saturdays: (1 comments) says: My new yoga mat is on its way to me. (3 comments) says: When the desire to get to the gym is stronger than the chattering of your own teeth...forty-one shmorty-one! (2 comments) says: I spend the afternoon putting together 'Love Bugs' for my nephews' 1st grade class...I don't even like Valentine's Day! (8 comments) says: So this happen today. (3 comments) (2 comments) I did my hair so I wouldn't look sick. Good camouflage, no? (3 comments) A pix of my long gone youth, college graduation. I had braces!! (6 comments) My first running hat! (11 comments) A pix of my long gone youth, college graduation. I had braces! (1 comments) (2 comments) My new cut! (9 comments) My new glasses! (10 comments) Why, yes! That IS my Spark Activity Tracker! (11 comments) 5th Annual 29th Birthday (15 comments) says: Happy Birthday America!! says: Happy last day of September, make it count! (4 comments) (3 comments) the 2010 me (2 comments) the 2012 me (4 comments) (5 comments)

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