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"...[L]et us strip off every weight that slows us down..." Hebrews 12:1 NLT (3 comments) Summer '98 - WHAT WE TALKIN' ABOUT?!! Mmm, not going back to 400-Ville..that's what! (7 comments) December 1998...Me at my Heaviest 407 lbs....this picture is as REAL AS IT GETS!!! (4 comments) Oct 1999; Down 100lbs. for the 10 year reunion, so close to being at my final goal for the 20 year! (6 comments) November 2001; My parents and I after church (2 comments) May 2004: My best friend and I at the AKA Derby Brunch (5 comments) John 11:26 "And whosoever liveth & believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?" (1 comments) This is my #1 fan...he gave me an iPod to help motivate me to exercise over 30 mins/day. (7 comments) June 2007; Reason #10,007 to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day! (2 comments) Thankful to be BBQ's Queen of the Week 6/25~7/1. Loveablelulu, I won our bet, here's the pic!!! (2 comments) 08/07/07 DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD!!! 10.75 inches lost for the month of July! (6 comments) 9/2/07; My return to THE CHAIR!!! (6 comments) 09/15/07 Gettin' Ready for the Church Golf Scramble...FORE!!! 10/26/07 Wearing one of my Goal~Dream Dresses...Yay Me! (23 comments) So My Pastor got younger and I got smaller...LOL! (7 comments) 11/4/07 The Oprah Comparison... do we really look that much alike? I WISH!! LOL :) (10 comments) 11.11.07 As Julia would say..."SHAKE IT BABY!!!" (5 comments) 2.16.08 Me at my smallest...in the 220's...sending myself a REMINDER!!! (6 comments) 04/16/08 Feeling Like a Butterfly!!! (6 comments) 8/8/08 At the Office...My Home Away From Home!!! (7 comments) 09/17/08 On my way to the Oprah Show (7 comments) REJECTING REJECTION! (see blog from 5/8/09) 5/22/09 The weekend Birthday Celebration began w/ my new Birthday Hair...LOL! (23 comments) 05.30.09 Me and My Precious Niece/#1 Fitness Motivator (NEWBEIN) (2 comments) 07.13.09 At the Maxwell Concert =) (15 comments) 09/12/09 Me and NEWBEIN at the Legends of Hip Hop Concert...PEACE!!! (6 comments) 9/26/09 Getting SPARKed at the SPARK Convention in Cincinnati...Can I get a WOO-HOO? WOO-HOO!!! (11 comments) 10/3/09 Me at my 20 Year Class Reunion. One RED DRESS down, one RED DRESS to go...WOO-HOO! (21 comments) 10.11.09 Me the day after the Jay-Z concert...I'm ON TO THE NEXT ONE ;) (6 comments) 10.17.09 I love playing in make-up!!! ;-) (3 comments) 10.23.09 At the Black & White Ball with Pastor and Sister Cosby (this dress is one of my designs) (12 comments) 10.23.09 Me at the Black and White Ball in my sleeveless dress...I'M SO AMBITIOUS!!! (5 comments) 01.10.10 Loving my YOUNG FOREVER Cardio Friendly hairdo...Day 1 of the CC COMPLETE 10 Challenge! (23 comments) So ready to get "ON TO THE NEXT ONE" with The Extreme DIVA Make-Over Challenge! (5 comments) 4.10.10 Enjoying Girls' Night Out and feeling YOUNG FOREVER! (19 comments) 07.01.10 Looking Forward to the INDEPENDENCE Challenge 7/6/10-8/6/10 (18 comments) Inspired by LYNNAMIN's Motto which is based on Haggai 2:9 NLT- "My latter SHALL BE Greater..." (6 comments) 7/6/10 So thankful for my SPARK Family/Accountability Partners who are helping me get ON2THENEXT1! (5 comments) 7.14.10~Living My Life Like It's *GOLDEN*...because it is! ;-) (10 comments) 7.17.10 Thankful for the PROGRESS, inside & outside! I'm so loving this INDEPENDENCE CHALLENGE! (9 comments) 8/9/10-10/29/10~Trying to make the most of this BODY FOR LIFE and get BACK TO COOL! (17 comments) 9/13/10 Just Me! (11 comments) 11/01/10-01/01/10 Ready for THE ONE Challenge with the CC's! I'm ON TO THE NEXT ONE! (2 comments) 01.02.2011 I mean this is my LAST "Before Picture"!!! (3 comments) 04.17.11 Thankful to be down 20 lbs. since 01/02/11 God is INDEED Good!!! (14 comments) I'm SOOOO On To The Next One!!! ;) (5 comments) 05.19.11 DIVA Las Vegas...LOL! :) (14 comments) 7/10/11- So thankful to be back on the "losing" streak...I'm ON TO THE NEXT ONE!!! ;) (18 comments) I'm determined to do my part to KNOCK OUT CANCER, Especially Breast Cancer! (4 comments) 01/25/12 ~ Prayerful, Focused, Driven and ON TO THE NEXT ONE! (10 comments)

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