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Nicholas and Jodi's wedding was wonderful and no rain! (2 comments) Nick's new bride, just had her appendix taken out early this morning and is home, recovering. (7 comments) Sending love to Papa, in Heaven, on Father's day. Thank you for always being there, even now. (1 comments) Sending Birthday wishes to my Kenny, in Heaven, on what would be his 35th birthday. xoxox (3 comments) is meal planning with veggies from the garden, working out with Gilad, gardening and walking through the Botanical Gardens, today! (3 comments) Sitting in Kenny's memorial garden. I love my time spent here. (9 comments) another view of the memorial garden. Prayers, memories, peace, togetherness and inspiration. (1 comments) In the rose garden. In the rose garden. (1 comments) In the rose garden (4 comments) Having coffee with my Spark friends! (4 comments) Having fun, with my buddies on the Beachcomber 14! (1 comments) another day of beachcomber fun! (3 comments) Having a good time with my buddies on the beach. (2 comments) Time for swabbing the deck and getting ready for Ashley's party, on Saturday! (1 comments) Party day for Ashley! (1 comments) Ashley enjoyed, everything about her birthday party, yesterday. (3 comments) (1 comments) Beachcomber 14, challenge gals, it is time for the luau! (1 comments) (1 comments) Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley. Theodore Roethke (1 comments) (4 comments) is going to have fun, with Ashley at Naylor's beach! (3 comments) Feeling rejuvinated after spending the day with Ashley at Naylor's Beach. (8 comments) Heading to the mountains, again, in the "Hills are Alive" Challenge. (3 comments) (4 comments) Cross the meadow and the stream and listen as the peaceful water brings peace upon your soul. Maximillian Degenerez (2 comments) (1 comments) New haircut. Gotta get used to it. (2 comments) (5 comments) (4 comments) A day with Ashley in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. (2 comments) One week to go, until the Out of the Darkness Walk! (1 comments) Getting closer to the Out of the Darkness walk, to honor Kenny and fight suicide, everyday. (4 comments) Happy Birthday to my niece, Melanie! (1 comments) Out of the Darkness walk, just a few days away! (2 comments) Today is our Out of the Darkness walk! Thank you all, for your support and friendship. (2 comments) Our walk, yesterday, was healing and went well. Thank you for your support, donations, well wishes and walks that some of you made, in honor of Kenny. (2 comments) Welcome to Autumn! My favorite time of year! (3 comments) September has been a month to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. Let's open our eyes, even more, going into October. (1 comments) Do you have your goals set for October? Let's see how far we can get by the 31st! (2 comments) (3 comments) Happy Halloween! (1 comments) (2 comments) Nick, Jodi and Tigger. (1 comments) Enjoying time with my Nicholas. (2 comments) Let us remember all who served with honor. (1 comments) They're not gray hairs. They're wisdom highlights. ~Author Unknown (2 comments) (1 comments) Foggy morning in Richmond. (1 comments) is (5 comments) Merry Christmas, everyone. Remembering Kenny, always. Nicholas at one of his favorite places. Loving my snow days. Happy Fat Tuesday, everyone, or as they call it in Germany, Fastnacht. (1 comments) Ashley and I checking out Kenny's memorial brick, at the Redskins training camp. Nick and I are happy with the memorial brick we got for Kenny. (5 comments) Happy Easter, my friends! (4 comments) Having good times in April. (4 comments) Good times at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. (4 comments) Had a wonderful time, at Lewis Ginter Botanical gardens with my daughter Ashley. Have a glorious Saturday! (4 comments) Upper 80's this week! Feeling good. (5 comments) (1 comments) Another great visit to the gardens with Mama and Betsy. (3 comments) Loved the butterflies at Lewis Ginter! (4 comments) Looking forward to going to Lewis Ginter again, soon. Come on Sunshine! is remembering her Kenny . It is two years, today since he entered Heaven. I thank God for giving my my son and for the 33 years we had, together. I love you Kenny. (5 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) enjoyed a day in the garden with Ashley. (3 comments) (6 comments) Remembering and missing Papa on Father's day. I know he is still watching over us. Thank you, Papa. Bye bye Spring, hello, Summer! (1 comments) Happy Birthday to my Kenny in Heaven. Forever 33, but would have been 36 if he were still here. (3 comments) is basking in the warmth of the sun, in the garden. Burning calories and creating beautiful spaces. Beautiful moonflowers! Catching the breeze in Yorktown (10 comments) (10 comments) Ashley, enjoying the sun and salty air. (2 comments) 2012 Acorn Challenge! (7 comments) May 2013 at Bryan Park (5 comments) Enjoying the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia (3 comments) Me with kale, in my garden. (7 comments) Ashley and I walking through the Azaleas at Bryan Park. (1 comments) Flowers for Papa and friends at Arlington Cemetery. (3 comments) (4 comments) My oldest son Kenny is with me always. (12 comments) Kenny at Christmas 2013. Such a good memory. (8 comments) The 4 cousins. (1 comments) (2 comments) Ashley, the birthday girl. (5 comments) Ashley and her Grami, catching the summer breeze. (3 comments) Kenny's Walking Warriors (1 comments) November start. (7 comments) Nick and Grami baking Hazelnut bars. :) (4 comments) New reversable runner, Autumn/Christmas for my Kenny. :) (6 comments) My Cardinal and Angel tree. :) (5 comments) Happy birthday to my wonderful son Nicholas! (2 comments) The steeper the mountain the harder the climb the better the view from the finishing line. (4 comments) (6 comments) "The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled." ~Plutarch (3 comments) Oh what fun! (3 comments) Nicholas enjoying the Grand Canyon. (8 comments) Thank you for your prayers! Nicholas is now home, recouperating. Spring is around the corner! (6 comments) Day at the Va. Horse Festival (4 comments) Happy April! (6 comments) Happy Easter! Here I am with my big sister, on an Easter morning, long ago. (3 comments) Remembering my Kenny. 6-24-80 5-18-14 (8 comments) is remembering my Papa and all those who have served our country. (1 comments) My son Nicholas and I, checking out the site for his wedding on June 5th! So exciting! (8 comments) Wedding by the river. (5 comments) Ashley(bridesmaid) and her David (2 comments) My new hair cut and a day at the park! (6 comments) (2 comments) Nick and his Jodi at Nick's 30th birthday party! (3 comments) Here I am with my Ashley! (2 comments) Ashley and I are gearing up for some healthy baking! (4 comments) Our Tigger! (4 comments) Mama at 87! (2 comments) My Ashley. (4 comments) Uncle Bob and Kenny (3 comments) Ashley enjoying the view! (2 comments) Ashley on our River hike! (2 comments) Enjoying the river with Ashley (3 comments) Spending the day with Ashley at the Garden (2 comments) Got me! (2 comments) Mother's day at Ashley's (3 comments) (9 comments) Hanging out with my sister, Betsy. (5 comments)

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