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233 or so 223.6 :) Almost halfway across my ticker day 3 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/14/2015 Feeling inspired! (2 comments) Before :) After :) chopped spinach and lettuce salad The grande finale :) (4 comments) Good morning! Day 2 Lets do this! :) Turkey sandwich and baked fries! Finally in my chair! 10,000 + steps today! Happy weekend!!!! Stay strong!! Potatoes for a family reunion today. Lord help me :( (2 comments) Headed to a reunion! Skinny thoughts!! Keeping my mind off food with busy work (2 comments) Our little drive last night. Stopped on old wooden bridge to take this :) Low calorie lunch :) Country living :) Getting ready for our morning walk! Me against the energetic 2 yr old Lol Morning oatmeal with some granola :) My walking buddy, shes awesome ;) (4 comments) Taco salad! (4 comments) Oatmeal with 1 Tb of mini chocolate chips :) (2 comments) Down 3 lbs this week :) feeling happy (12 comments) Last nights taco salad turned into tonights quesadilla! Little heavy for supper but all low cal! Enjoying my morning oatmeal! Have a great day! Jeans are a little less tight :) yay! (3 comments) $2 per dozen from locally raised chickens, right next door :) (4 comments) (3 comments) Enjoying lunch! Apples, grapes, and cheese quesadillas! Shopping with my mom and little one today! Should definitely get my steps in! (2 comments) Breakfast in the making! Have a great day everybody! Much needed! Breakfast burrito! Some of my mums :) (3 comments) Trying to teach healthy habits early Rainy morning here :) Kinda cozy! More of the same great stuff :) Down 6 lbs in 2 weeks! (2 comments) Halfway through the week! Feeling motivated! Blueberry bagel with 2 tb of cream cheese! Little treat for the week! Kinda wanting another one of those blueberry bagels in the morning ;) Bagel with cream cheese :) and hot green tea, down a pound this morning :)))) I was so hungry i forgot to take a pic lol, but an egg and a piece of dry toast were here! Haha (2 comments) Survived birthday party temptations! Small victories!! (2 comments) Hooked! Sunday Funday! Hope everyone has had a great weekend! Stay strong! (2 comments) Oatmeal with brown sugar :) Evening walk :) Evening walk :) (4 comments) Down .2 this morning, slow week but i shall press on ;) (5 comments) Grilled chicken sandwich! Toasted bread, 1 Tb sour cream, banana peppers & lettuce :) Beans! (2 comments) Busied myself last night by making washcloths :) (4 comments) Last bagel of the package :'( lol More mums! Trying to enjoy them a before they're gone :( (2 comments) Halloween parade for the little preschoolers! My little one isnt quite old enough but we are passing out treats :) Halloween parade for the little preschoolers! My little one isnt quite old enough but we are passing out treats :) (7 comments) Waiting on my next one :) Saturday morning favorite! Malt O Meal, 130 calories per cup :) (3 comments) Halloween is rough candy wise, but back at it....tomorrow lol ;) (5 comments) Back at it friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Went with onion bagels and garden vegetable cream cheese spread! (2 comments) I'll admit, i havent been committed since Halloween. But, its a new week and im ready! (3 comments) Me at my smallest with my brother :) 167 lbs. Goofing off at School! Feelin' good Motivation! 160lbs Also Motivation....ugh 220 lbs Me at 230 pounds! UGHHHHH Me at 140 pounds!

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