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My first post! This is to symbolize me starting back on track again! Even though I'm on a totally backwards schedule 😜 #fitbit #gonnadothis (2 comments) Good morning water! (2 comments) Smoothie time! Anyone else keep coconut oil in their bathroom? I mainly use it for oil pulling! I discovered this a while back and it really helps pull the swelling off of my very arthritic knee. I'm not sure how it works exactly, some say it pulls toxins out. But it does help! I just swish a little teaspoon of oil first thing in the morning for 20 minutes, then rinse and brush as normal :) I also use coconut oil for my dog's dry skin - internally and externally! 💞🐶☺️ (6 comments) Went walking this evening to get my 10k steps! Woot! Getting this schedule down and already have 2600 steps for 'tomorrow' 😅💥 Kickin' it old school with some Slim in 6 tonight! 😅 My (red) green smoothie breakfast! So much nom! And I put all the fruits in there..peach, nectarine, raspberries, banana, dates, and spinach 🍌🍑🍓🍒🍉🍏🍇 (2 comments) Midnight yoga with my two babies. Lol they're soooo helpful 😉💕🐶 (2 comments) Purple kale salad with heirloom carrots (one looks like bacon!), walnuts, and a dressing made from red wine vinegar, pecan oil, honey, garlic, and ginger :) (1 comments) Earthing in the rain ☺️☔️ (2 comments) Went for an hour and twenty minute walk today! Put a sermon in my ear, prayed over these joints and got to it! (2 comments) First bike ride in a long time! Whew! Here I am at the end, rode about 45 minutes 😄 (2 comments) 70 minute bike ride! Yeah! After my doctors visit last week - for high blood pressure!! - my np challenged me to lose 7 lbs in four weeks. I guess that was the straw that broke the camel's back. I immediately went into action. And with a lot of prayer, I've done so well this first week, I'm down 8 lbs!! I have a lot to go and I realize you lose a lot in the beginning.. But I'm still excited! 😁 (5 comments) Working out with Leslie today! Love her! (1 comments) Yeah! (2 comments) Hummus and veggie flatbread with sweet potato 😄 (1 comments) Oatmeal heaven 💕😜 (4 comments) Beach biking!! (2 comments) Biked all around the island! (1 comments) Feb 2013 (2 comments) Feb 2013, Starting weight 220 (1 comments) Feb 2013, 220 (4 comments) July 2012, -16 lbs and feeling great! (8 comments) March 2012, 223 (2 comments) March 2012 - Starting weight - for starting over (10 comments) July 2011 (4 comments) May 2011, 210 lbs (8 comments) May 2011, 210 lbs (2 comments) My furries! (3 comments) Sashi's snow face :) (10 comments) Snow in the Smokies! (1 comments) Merry Christmas 2010 (1 comments) New rescued baby Sophie :) (11 comments) Sashi in her cute little witch Halloween costume :) (1 comments) Me & My new kitten Silas :) (9 comments) New hair cuts :) Me & Sashi (11 comments) Healthy and Happy! - Summer 2010 (6 comments) How I roll (1 comments) Chillaxin :) (2 comments) Spring! (5 comments) Spring family photo :) (9 comments) Back in the game! (18 comments) Spring hair cuts! :) (3 comments) Sashi in the snow :) (1 comments) It snowed in GA! (4 comments) (4 comments) I've lost 100 pounds!! (65 comments) (4 comments) Twerkin it @ the gym! -98 lbs!! (4 comments) Merry Christmas! (3 comments) Sashi in her sweater! She's almost 10 months old now <3 (7 comments) I'm in this week's magazine! :D (35 comments) Me & Sashi (2 comments) Before & after -90 lbs (14 comments) 8 years, 90 lbs | I wore this dress to my high school graduation - and I can wear it again!! (12 comments) The new me, -88lbs (4 comments) Me & Hubby -87lbs (6 comments) -80 lbs (11 comments) Before & after -80 lbs (6 comments) -78 Lbs (2 comments) Sashi's 1st big girl hair cut | 5 months old (3 comments) Me & my Sashi (10 comments) My furry family (18 comments) Jan 2008, -65lbs (5 comments) Me & Hubby ~ Happy 200! (3 comments) 1/2 my goal! -50 lbs (2 comments) Beginning weight 256.5 (14 comments)

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