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My new hat. 08/2011 (3 comments) Homemade sopas with mashed beans, avocado, tomato and crispy kale. (8 comments) My driveway (3 comments) Sunflowers (3 comments) New photo ~ Ignore the dorky smile (14 comments) 11/30/2011 At work in some of my older clothes, a loose size 10 for the skirt. (9 comments) 07/11/12 Size 10 dress (7 comments) The grass is tastier on the other side I guess.... (5 comments) Close up of Jake and Annie (24 comments) Jake and Annie off to investigate what just drove by... (5 comments) Jake and Annie (6 comments) Jake the bloke with a sweet face. (10 comments) Annie's face is more of "What are you doing crazy lady?" (10 comments) Garden Growing 06/20/2011 (2 comments) Second time using the barbecue (2 comments) Just to show a nice side view, Annie is the blue merle. (3 comments) Here I am with Annie (5 comments) I put it together all by myself, can't wait to use it! (4 comments) Garden 05/25/2011 (4 comments) I make homemade deodorant. First time was last summer, this is second time. Lasted almost a year. (3 comments) Jake and Annie at the tire store. (12 comments) Watson Lake (3 comments) Annie playing find it in the front yard. (2 comments) Jake playing find it in the front yard. I love to cook, here are some homemade corn tortillas. (3 comments) Jake loves his pool. (4 comments) Annie chewing on an antler she stole from Jake. (1 comments) This is how Jake helps in the garden. (4 comments) This is the area that is for the garden. (1 comments) Garden, a work in progress (1 comments) I asked Jake if he wanted to come inside, this was his answer. I even had time to get my phone. (4 comments) Annie eating a strawberry, she hates to have food touch her paws. (9 comments) 05/17/2011 Front view at 169 lbs (4 comments) 05/17/2011 Side view at 169 lbs (4 comments) 05/17/2011 Backside view at 169 lbs (8 comments) Head shot 05/17/2011 (5 comments) I found myself a pink baseball hat! (9 comments)

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