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In Tallinn, Estonia, June 2016 (12 comments) Hiking in Normandy, June 2016 (4 comments) Hello Sparkfriends!!! :))) (12 comments) Before/After! (21 comments) A big smile! Sept 2016 (2 comments) LOVED my first day in Armenia (can you tell?!)! Can't wait to go to the mountain villages tomorrow! (9 comments) is actually paid to do this job!!! ;-) (But it WAS an exhausting day with 8 hours on fairly bad and mountainous roads...) (11 comments) visited people at the border in a war zone, with their house walls full of bullets... As I was leaving, the owner, an old man, went to his garden to pick up roses for me... Unforgettable times... (8 comments) had a wonderful hike yesterday for the 1st Nov holiday! I hope you'll enjoy reading my blog about it! :) (6 comments) bought myself some flowers this weekend, just because... And I should do that more often! Have a beautiful Monday dear Sparkfriends! (13 comments) accepted an offer on my apartment this morning! Now I really need to find a nice place to move to!!! Goodbye little appartment, I am glad I have a couple of months to say goodbye properly! (14 comments) is 48 today and got the best birthday gift: my offer on the little house of my dreams (still in the same area 15 minutes away from Paris) was accepted and it looks like everything is OK now! Woohoo! (22 comments) A perfect winter hike! (5 comments) is having a lovely time in Christmassy London. I LOVE the decorations this year! (9 comments) is back in Paris and just posted my first blog about my 'London Christmas'! I hope you'll enjoy it! Have a great week! (10 comments) had such a great time at Sparkfriend LIZALOT's concert tonight... I can't wait for the next one in April! Thank you LIZALOT!!! And bravo again!!! (6 comments) is cccccold in Paris today! But still went for my 1-hour walk at lunch time... Beautiful in the sun but awfully cold in the shade! Brrrr! (10 comments) is back from a fantastic 70-minute walk which took me a little over my lunch break time, but so worth it (glad I can organise my time as I wish!)... Can you tell how cold it is though? Brrrrrr!!!! (10 comments) was grateful my back pain improved enough for me to be able to meet a friend for dinner... It was freezing in Paris but so beautiful! (Sorry, only had my phone with me for the picture!) (12 comments) loved my hike around Auvers-sur-Oise yesterday! Will post a blog about it tomorrow. I hope you are having a great weekend! :) (4 comments) just posted my blog about my hike and great weekend! I hope you'll enjoy it! Happy Tuesday! (1 comments) is hoping you will enjoy my blog about Dijon! (4 comments) is feeling great after a beautiful hike in the woods today! Blog coming soon! :) (2 comments) is grateful you are enjoying my blog about my hike yesterday... Thank you so much for all your kind comments! I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday. ((HUGS)) (4 comments) came back all refreshed and happy after my hike today! Blog coming soon! :) (3 comments) is delighted to see clear signs of spring... Oh how I love this time of the year! (10 comments) is very sad. My mother died this morning. (21 comments) Estonia, June 2016 (2 comments) doesn't have any work trip for the summer! So I bought myself my summer basil pot, like I do each year! Do you also have some little traditions like that? :) (8 comments) Wonderful memories of Landscape Arboretum (MN) and Sparkfriends, even though I love life in Paris! (10 comments) We had such a beautiful picnic in the vineyard... missing HOLLYM48 and WILDASTER! (MN, May 2016) (8 comments) Gala evening at the Museum of Art of Philadelphia! (13 comments) (10 comments) Hiking by the Ocean in Brittany (Feb 2016)! (6 comments) Before/After! Feeling sooo encouraged! (24 comments) is looking at these lovely flowers on my desk this morning and loving working from home (who would have thought?!) (16 comments) was grateful for a lovely time over dinner with my mother last night... these moments when she seems content are precious... (24 comments) 29 November 2015 (24 comments) A sad story with a happy ending! Me in 2007 looking like my old self, and the following years... (22 comments) (22 comments) So special to meet HOLLYM48 at last and to go on a hike together (07/31/15) (8 comments) Progress! (11 comments) June 2015 (10 comments) (13 comments) View from my hotel's roof in Rome tonight... So happy to visit these gorgeous places for work! (7 comments) A beautiful roadside shrine I discovered in Picardie at Easter... so appropriate! (6 comments) Bluebells and wild anemones in the woods on top of Mont Sainte-Hélène, near Beauvais... (6 comments) (2 comments) (7 comments) Wild asparagus and wild garlic found during my walk in the woods tonight... wonderful for my salad! (11 comments) (2 comments) I love lilacs!!! (London, Spring 2013) (25 comments) Visiting a literacy class in Cairo, Egypt, last April... Did I say lately how much I love my job? :) (7 comments) Crossing a river in Congo, while Pierrette is patiently waiting for us. (Copyright: Richard Hanson) (6 comments) Children running towards me in Mouyondzi, Bouenza, Congo - Oct 2012 (10 comments) At a friend's wedding in Switzerland (August 2011) (23 comments) A roe deer I met during a hike... She was so close! (4 comments) Wild clematises are everywhere in the countryside around Paris... Gorgeous in winter! (13 comments) Leaves on water in the forest of Compiègne. (12 comments) A butterfly in a painter's garden in St-Paul, near Beauvais (North of Paris). (11 comments) Love love love hiking on these paths! (8 comments) At my local market... even eggs look good, don't they? :) (8 comments) June 2007, 80 kg (I am 6ft)... this is the weight I want to be back to. (11 comments) 28th July 2011 (15 comments) My visual motivator: Towards a lighter life (body + mind) (15 comments) A close-up of my visual motivator... making it reality! (8 comments) I love my job! - Léogane, Haiti, 2010. (13 comments)

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