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Om Tare Tam So Ha Om Ami Dewa Hri Buddha sitting in the Temple Compassion- love those animals
My Heros
Guess Who? (Madame Sarkosy!) The Dalai Lama, Lerab Ling Monastic community at Lérab Ling
The Dalai Lama, Sogyal Rinpoche, Madame Sarkosy Lérab Ling Greeting The Dalai Lama, Lérab Ling, France Entry to the Temple
American Nun, Australian monk, Dutch Monk before the fab Millau bridge, France
A beautiful new sister in my life! We will meet in Dec. '09 for the very first time!!!!
BEFORE! June '08, It was this picture that showed me HOW ROUND I WAS! Oh my!!!
AFTER June '09, celebrating solstice lightly -60 lbs!
Do I relate? Completely!!!! April '09, It's so good to get into shape, I wouldn't have dreamed of doing this last year!
Unexpected fun on the trail. Old grind stone mill in Cirque de Navacelles
Katie and Laura's wedding day, SF '08 Cabot, Hartley, Grahame and Neve Laura with Lily, Nina and Japhet and grandfather Ralph
Newest grandchild- Neve, born 4/9/09
Lily and Weeden
Japhet Nina Point du Diable, Olarques: coming back from of a 5 mi. walk up in the hills and back 1/19 Chapel St. Martin des Oeufs Flashing Peace amongst the dolomites
1/29/09 Sitting straight, it's the mountain that's slopping! Eglise St. Marie, Circque de Mouréze Circque de Mouréze, dolomites 1/29/09 View from our lunch stop, we couldn't go any higher- it was steep and slippery!
Snowgum gave me a motivator, the cherry blossoms are removed from this branch and added to the tree- Each Cherry blossom added to the tree is one pound lost. The Temple is in Wu Tai Shan, China. Two Sparked Nuns enjoying the winter white, So. France, Lérab Ling.
Good Heaven, how did I get here?
In the garden, December 15th, 2008 Letting it come, letting it go. Dear friend and view from my early spring garden Working on that balance!

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