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had a great weekend with the Granddaughter. We made cupcakes and the powdered sugar attacked her!! We love to make cupcakes! is darn tired. We had a change in our plans yesterday and the granddaughter came home from work with me and stayed with us until early this afternoon. She makes my heart happy! (1 comments) Did the Tread the Trail for Epilepsy walk today. My reasons to get healthy! Grandma (me) and my newest granddaughter. My LuLu Beautiful afternoon. (8 comments) A favorite place to walk. Love walking on days like this! Newest reason to get healthy! (5 comments) Woohoo, might not be fast but I did it! Was going for 3.5 miles. The $$$ I dont spend on fast food I spend on concerts. Let me tell you, you can get a heck of a workout in if you want to be at the front on the floor! Ashes to New, In This Moment, Papa Roach and Five Finger Death Punch. Awesome concert. (1 comments) What a gorgeous day for a walk! Beautiful scenery on my drive home from work. Cant wait until the leaves really start changing color. I was only going to do 30 minutes but it was such a beautiful day! Such a pretty place. I love walking here. (2 comments) Activities before the 5K glow run/walk. It was so much fun to do it with me kids and grandkids. Forgot to post this last night. Finished with the 5k. Myself, daughter and niece. Was great doing this with family! (5 comments) First time at the gym in probably 6 months, if not longer. Im ready for bed! 3rd shift is kicking my hinny! (2 comments) The view from the parking lot at work. Wish the picture did the view justice! After bring married for over 25 years I finally got my wish to have a family picture taken. Theses are my 7 reasons to get healthy! (8 comments) Family picture (1 comments) Wasn't going to walk today but it is such a beautiful fall day! Have been a little off my game lately. This walk helped so much! (2 comments) The colors are amazing. Loved my walk tonight! (2 comments) Late start, short walk but I did it! I need to remember this. Sometimes things dont go the way we planned, but we still are breathing! (3 comments) Its a whole lotta coffee kind of day! Drove 4 1/2 hours to see this cutie be baptized. Now the 4 1/2 hour home! Uggghhh (2 comments) Drove 4 1/2 hours to see this cutie be baptized. Now the 4 1/2 hour drive home! Uggghhh (2 comments) I just had to share. I can't quit laughing. (2 comments) I have a gym membership but I would rather walk outside, but after today I may have to start using my membership since it is supposed to get colder and start raining. (3 comments) Some day I will conquer you, you evil thing! (2 comments) I love this exercise for some weird reason! (2 comments) I got to take the granddaughter to school and of course had to take a selfie! LOL (4 comments) I stink, but feel great! Babies first Halloween! (2 comments) One of our decorations. She loves selfies! (1 comments) Promise this is the last Halloween pic I post until next year, but had to show the granddaughters costume. She freaked out a few people with that crazy painted mouth. The rest are ppl that helped us with the haunted garage. The leaves are really falling. Was a damp and windy walk this morning, but I did it. Haven't been to kind to myself lately and needed to get back on track. 6:27 a.m. finally done with work and heading to the gym (2 comments) After 12 hours on a fork truck Im ready for the gym! Time at gym was hot! These socks are so soft. Only wear them on weekends and not when I walk, too (1 comments) I wear purple for my Granddaughter. We need a cure! (3 comments) Got a phone call at work tonight that my Granddaughter had a seizure. Nothing worse than knowing that there isnt a darn thing you can do to make her better except fight for a cure. (9 comments) Granddaughter is home and doing well! Worked another 12 hour shift. Was super tired bit managed 30 minutes at the gym. (4 comments) Finally made it to the gym. Tonight at work we are having a potluck..... Ughh, hate it we have them. If you don't eat feelings get hurt, if I eat i blew all the work way out of the water...... (2 comments) Worked a 12 but made it to the gym for 30 minutes. 60 minutes on treadmill. Workout done! (1 comments) Oldest granddaughter had to have surgery yesterday. Was pretty rough on her little body so I spent the night with her and her Mommy at their house. Doing much better this morning. (6 comments) And workout completed! (2 comments) Workout done! Work out done......60 minutes treadmill and a little strength training. (2 comments) (1 comments) Thirty minutes on elliptical. Wasn't going to go but glad I did! Made it to the gym this morning...workout done! Trying to get some volunteer work done for an epilepsy awareness event, but this train..... (1 comments) Work out finished... Woohoo. That feels good!!! Happy Thanksgiving! (2 comments) I had to share November is epilepsy awareness month, so I have trying yo wear purple as much as possible. My shirt today. I wear purple in honor of my granddaughter and the many wonderful people I have met trying to find a cure for this condition. (1 comments) Sort of fitting after yesterday..... LOL (4 comments) Quick workout, lots later than normal, feels kind of strange. A short work out today. The weather is getting bad, and I'm a nervous driver on ice.....the 30 minute drive home takes forever! Just got exciting news! Going to be Grandma again! Need to keep working on becoming healthy!!!! (8 comments) Finally got my behind to the fitness center. Wasn't very long but better than what I have been doing! (1 comments) Granddaughter had a Christmas concert tonight so I went to the gym afterwards instead of driving back home than back for work. Longest workout in a long time! Granddaughters Christmas program. I didnt go to the gym today because I had to work overtime. I know it seems like an excuse but I was just to tired and havent gotten good sleep all week. (4 comments) Getting ready for company Christmas party. Taking my Mom as my guest. (2 comments) Very fitting today! (2 comments) What a dreary and wet past few days. Going to go to the gym after work this morning, will see if the pain in my legs causes more cramping. Wish me luck! What to do when you have to go in to work for an hour? Hit the gym at 11:30 p.m Been a while since I have been here. This year I am hoping this does not happen! I need to keep moving away from the temptation of the goodie table! (1 comments) I was not going to make any candy this year, but the family rebelled. I am only make a few of their favs! Just wanted to share. (1 comments) The view of our small tree from the front yard. To funny, my children act like we are this way with the granddaughters. I disagree, we do give them time, patience, understanding, comfort and love. We do let them do things that we didnt let our kids do when they were little, but I think its because as grandparents we realize how fast time really does go and that picking up all the crayons isnt always what is important. (4 comments) We are having our family Christmas tonight. Am I ready, nope. My house is small and there will be 10 people. Most of the food is prepped, gifts are wrapped and m I st of the dusting is finished. Have a great day fellow PEPs! (4 comments) Look what I found under the Christmas tree! (3 comments) Finally, time for the gym! Woohoo Worst snow storm of the year and we get a phone call that my Mom has had a heart attack. Thank goodness my son was home to drive me what would normally be a 45 minute drive to the hospital. She is testing mow but tomorrow morning will be moving her to a better/larger hospital for more tests and possible surgery. My Dad is with her and my son and i are in a family room. Please say a prayer for her! (8 comments) Still waiting for answers, prayers still needed! (5 comments) I am trying to remember this! Sometimes just holding a door for someone, smiling at a stranger, or even a hello can change someone's day. (1 comments) Thank you all for the kind words and your thoughts and prayers. My Mom is coming home today. Was so worried about both my parents. My Dad wasnt taking his meds and his levels got low while at the hospital. (3 comments) Had to share! Love this!!! (1 comments) Been a rough few weeks! Hopefully heading in the right direction soon! (3 comments) Granddaughter is spending the night. Made cupcakes and now playing with play-doh. I really like this! (1 comments) Im gonna feel this when I get up! Glamour shot its not, but I'm working on a better me! 2 days in a row WootWoot! (4 comments) This is a better version of ice cream that I want to try. Made it to the gym again today for a short workout. Son needed to use my car so I had to leave early. (1 comments) 4 days in a row! Being pretty much inactive for almost a month is really biting me hard! (1 comments) No workout today. Had to take my son for oral surgery this morning. Drinking my water while waiting though. (5 comments) This exists simply to taunt me! I will defeat you some day! Workout finished for the day! I agree with this 100 percent! (5 comments) From this morning. I needed to do this after the night we all had at work! Workout finished! It was short, but I'm a sweaty mess. I did it instead of just thinking about it! I haven't been doing very good since December so I consider this a small victory! (7 comments) Wearing purple today to support and raise awareness for all affected by epilepsy. Today is epilepsy awareness day. Granddaughter had her first seizure when she was only 11 days old. Newest reason to get healthy! Born June 6th 2016. Proud big sister! (6 comments) This is my attempt at getting back at it. With 3 grandchildren now I better quit with the excuses and start getting healthy! (2 comments) My Granddaughter is the reason we do the Tread the Trail for Epilepsy every year! Love her to the moon and back! (2 comments) Grandson supporting his sister at the Tread the Trail for Epilepsy! (2 comments) My son and his family supporting their niece at Tread the Trail for Epilepsy! (4 comments) This little girl has the biggest heart. Granddaughter lost her first tooth! Love the fall colors. I actually got out and walked for an hour. Had all three of the grandchildren over the weekend. I am totally worn out, didn't eat healthy but my heart is over flowing! (4 comments) I really enjoy walking here (1 comments) Was such a nice walk. Can't believe it is November. It was so nice outside I ended up going for another short walk with the youngest granddaughter she loved it (2 comments) I did it! I keep telling myself I'll go for a walk after work, but I keep finding excuses but today I did it. Was a little cold but so beautiful. (5 comments) It was a bit frosty this morning, I had a million excuses not to walk, but I did anyway. Go me (3 comments) My handsome grandson. I just had to share! Love getting snap chats like this! (5 comments) I really didn't want to walk this morning because it was cold but I'm so glad I did! (3 comments) Worked 10 pm to 10 am picked up the oldest granddaughter. No walk today because we at tented an epilepsy awareness event. The reason I wear purple! No walk yesterday but ended up with 16, 294 steps. This girl kept me busy. Didn't walk yesterday but did manage 15,611 steps. My daughter and son in law took my to see two of my favorite bands in concert as an early birthday present! (1 comments) Got a late start because I was being grumpy and mad at myself for a 5 pound weight gain. I noticed on my walk that my favorite tree has been cut down. It had the most beautiful leaves on it in the fall. Made me sad. (6 comments) Not liking the looks of that sky. Walked 60 minutes, temperature wise it was warm but windy. (2 comments) Spent the day yesterday with all 3 of the grandkids. Love the difference in their little personalities. No walk but I was worn out by bed time! (2 comments) Doodle and I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! (2 comments) November is Epilepsy Awareness month. Wearing purple to support my Granddaughter and 3 other special kids I have meant and of course everyone that is affected by epilepsy. Fighting for a cure!! (1 comments) My Grandson and my Mom. He came to visit after Mom got out of surgery for a total knee replacement yesterday. (2 comments) The youngest granddaughter did NOT like Santa, even poor Santa looks a bit stunned! (5 comments) The oldest granddaughter and my grandson liked Santa. (1 comments) Shoveled snow for 45 minutes, wow I'm worn out! (4 comments) One and a half hours shoveling snow and it's still snowing. Can't imagine how long it would have taken if my son hadn't used the snow blower before I got home. (1 comments) I love this picture of my Dad and Grandson taken at our family Christmas last night. (3 comments) Merry Christmas from our house to yours. May the blessings of the season fill your hearts. (4 comments) Getting ready to watch some Super Bowl commercials! Granddaughters go to drink, water. Enjoyed watching all the dance teams show case their talents! Was a beautiful afternoon. Went went with my daughters family to feed the ducks. Son in law is hiding. Took the Granddaughter with me on my walk. Guess it wore her out! (1 comments) So proud of this girl! She may not have done it the conventional way, but that's what made this even more special! (3 comments) My lil Grandma (center) Halloween 2013 1st place in her age group Her shirt says "Santa Loves Me" Daughter, holding a friends baby, Santa, myself and Granddaughter Inspiring If it were only that easy! Tread the Trails for Epilepsy Awarness Grandaughter, myself, Mom, Daughter and Dad Tread The Trails Granddaughter and Dad at Tread The Trails for Epilepsy Awareness My monkey in the tree July 4th, 2014 Granddaughter and myself Granddaugters first parade appearance Oct 1, 14 actaully walking in the parade This is my reason to get healthy! My little angel! Church program 2014 The first time we got to see my granddaughter. The first time my daughter got to see the baby, she didn't get to hold her. The love of my life!! Isn't she cute!! (2 comments) The shirts we wore on the walk to raise money for epilepsy research. (1 comments) "Hamma"s big girl! (1 comments) My reason for being healthy! One very spoiled dog! He thinks I have a treat. at her Aunts wedding on her Dad's side Peek-a-boo! Baby Rockstar look going on here.

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