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Nov 2012 Nov 2012 Vision Board Me and my little man March 2016 March 2016 Dec 2015 My family Oct 2012 (6 comments) My husband and I Oct 2012 (1 comments) Me and Athen Oct 2012 My princess, Erica Oct 2012 The little man that has stolen my heart, Avery Oct 2012 Me with my babies already in their halloween costumes lol. Oct 7, 2012 (1 comments) Me :) Sept 2012 ( down 33lbs) (2 comments) Feeling good with 25lbs lost (2 comments) Christmas 2011 Me and my babies Me and my princess June 2011 August 2010 (1 comments) Me (5 comments) Me and Erica (2 comments) Me and my little man (with my new hair color) (2 comments) It took me 2 hours to do that hair! (1 comments) My babies!! (3 comments) Me with my two most amazing blessings from God. I love my babies!! (4 comments) Oh, I love them more than words can even describe! (2 comments) My babies (6 comments) My actual wedding pic What I could have looked like 50lbs lighter. (4 comments) Me in an actual pic like 2 years ago. Approx 255lbs (1 comments) This is what I might look like 50lbs ligher. For real, I need to make this happen!! (3 comments) me and my husband (5 comments) I hate that I am this size :( (2 comments) These are 3 of my main reasons for needing to lose weight and be healthy. (4 comments) I'm posting this to remind myself that it'll be much easier to do things with her when I weigh less 271lbs 7/14/09 271lbs 7/14/09 271lbs 7/14/09 My least favorite pic which is exactly the reason why I want to see it every time I log on. (1 comments)

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