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She had a nice nap in Grandpa's arms this morning. She is still getting better from her ear infection. (1 comments) Happy St Patrick's Day! She walked on her own for the first time today!!! (2 comments) My granddaughter is sick with another ear infection :( (4 comments) We went to the park with the pups today. They were very interested in these big "dogs". (1 comments) I finished talking to my grand daughter on FaceTime. She is adorable :) (2 comments) I had a lot of fun on the 5K today. My son, his fiancιe and my grand daughter all went with me. I ran pushing my grand daughter (not easy) with hills and strong wind gusts. She fell asleep during it. (3 comments) XD She always makes me smile. She is so happy :) (2 comments) It was another beautiful day so we took the girls for a walk at the park. (2 comments) I've seen my grand daughter three days in a row this week. I love it! I took her and her Mommy out to lunch today. :) (1 comments) My son got engaged today! I am so happy for them. It was wonderful to witness the event. :D (3 comments) My baby didn't have a very good night but the vet wants to wait for her test results before trying anything else with her. I hope she does better tonight. (4 comments) We celebrated our grand daughter's birthday today. She loved her cake. :) (2 comments) Today is my grand daughter's 1st Birthday! It's hard to believe she is already a year old. (2 comments) day 1275 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 2/2/2017 I am on day 29 of working out every day!! (1 comments) Grandpa was playing one of my grand daughter's favorite Penatonix songs and she fell asleep listening to it. The song was Hallelujah and they sing it so well. (1 comments) So while I was whining about the scale yesterday I forgot to mention it was my daughter's 28th birthday (bad Mommy). (2 comments) She is so happy to be playing outside. (2 comments) I spent most of the day hanging out with my grand daughter. (3 comments) Her first taste of snow. She said mmmm after trying it :) (1 comments) Grandpa makes a very nice pillow :) (1 comments) My grand daughter took her first big spill today. :( (3 comments) Merry Christmas is so tired. I was on my feet for over 12 hours cooking and baking today. We had fun though. :) (1 comments) Started a virtual run on Monday with one of my daughter's friends. It isn't a lot of running but the medal sure is cute. (2 comments) My grand daughter is 10 months old today :) (2 comments) Even though my grand daughter is still sick she is still can be a happy girl :) (1 comments) I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My sweet little granddaughter started crawling yesterday. πŸ’• Guess who started crawling yesterday!!!! This face :) :) (2 comments) I post too many pictures of her but every day I'm sent something cuter than the day before. Love her outfit and expression 😍 (4 comments) I love her to pieces πŸ’• (6 comments) We had a nice visit with our grand daughter today. I was able to get her to sleep (not a small feat) and hold her while she slept :D (1 comments) I hung out with my Veteran today :) is back home. I was able to visit with my grand daughter for a little while today. A picture of her right after she woke up from her nap. (1 comments) Snuck over for a quick visit with my granddaughter today ❀️️ (4 comments) Taking a mini vacation with my hubby. Our current view right now. ❀️ (1 comments) Snapchat worked with my dog Cocoa today :D (2 comments) My grand daughter's mom took some fall pictures of her today :) (2 comments) Morning walk with the girls. It's much cooler than last week. I had a good exercise day today. A 10K run this morning and not a lot of sitting after. 😊 (5 comments) Grandma still has the touch :D It's been a long time since a baby fell asleep in my arms. (4 comments) My kitty Reese is totally relaxed while watching all the animals in the backyard. (2 comments) Morning walk with the girls 😁 I went to the park and ran over 6 miles. Then my grand daughter came over and helped us cheer for our Cornhuskers!! Hung out with my favorite people today :) (1 comments) We didn't make it to the park this morning. We had an unexpected visit with my grand daughter...which is so much better. :) We are going to try to walk the dogs at the park tomorrow. (1 comments) The "workout" outfit I got my grand daughter. <3 I was able to visit with this cutie pie today since I'll be going out of town tomorrow. Grandpa was having fun with her :) (1 comments) I only met a few goals today. I visited with my grand daughter and read most of the day. I am recharged and ready to go for next week. (2 comments) I spent the whole day at our town festival with my neighbors. We saw a bed race, ate too much food and watched a bunch of bands including Phil Vassar we had a lot of fun! We bought these today. They are so good! (1 comments) Happy baby XD (1 comments) Look who has two teeth!! Sorry for posting so many pictures. Thank you for all the kind words. (2 comments) Grandpa is teaching our grand daughter how to drive early ;-) (2 comments) A wonderful visit from my grand daughter today :) (1 comments) We had this teeny tiny frog on our sidewalk today. I had no idea that they were this small. :-O (3 comments) Long, rainy drive home but I made it! Thank you for the well wishes. My grand daughter came to visit for a little while today too so that was wonderful. (4 comments) We had fun in Orlando yesterday. We ended up at a place called The Drip and had a lot of fun. Here are our before and after pictures. (1 comments) My grand daughter came for a visit today. She's getting so big. I love her contemplative look in this picture. (4 comments) Thank you for the well wishes for my daughter. She is okay but really hurting today. The worst was where her seatbelt burned her by her neck. I'm just happy that it wasn't worse! (2 comments) Today I received one of those phone calls that a parent hates my daughter was involved in a pretty bad accident. A lady hit her passenger side hard enough to spin her around and into a wall :*-( (4 comments) day 1075 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 7/17/2016 Guess who came to visit today!!!! (4 comments) A lovely picture of my son talking to my grand daughter :) (2 comments) Our grand daughter came for a visit. Grandpa proved he still had the touch in getting baby to sleep. :) (2 comments) My grand daughter went in the pool today and LOVED it!! (3 comments) I had a very nice visit with my grand daughter today. She was very happy :) (1 comments) My newest picture of my grand daughter. (3 comments) Today we traded in our motorcycle for a new car. They were offering some great incentives. My hubby got his dream car for a great price. (2 comments) My granddaughter came for a visit :D (3 comments) We went to Boone Hill Plantation today. North and South, The Notebook and Queen were a couple of the movies/shows filmed there. Beautiful place. I ran the Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge this morning and then we walked all over Charleston today. I am very tired. (5 comments) day 1000 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 5/3/2016 My granddaughter came over for a visit today!! (4 comments) My beautiful granddaughter (4 comments) 8 mile run in the morning, mall walking this afternoon and Home Depot in the evening. A busy day! (2 comments) My run felt great this morning! (1 comments) Yummy dinner πŸ˜‹ (1 comments) Today was a very busy day. First I helped a friend fish cleaning a house for 4 hours, then I walked for almost an hour and a half on the treadmill and then I went to a painting class with a friend. (1 comments) My granddaughter came to visit today. :) She had some pictures taken professionally yesterday. (3 comments) This morning my husband, daughter and "grandpup" and I went to the park to walk. After about 5 miles my grandpup started to limp so my husband picked her up. I love the look on her face :) I had a great workout day today. I can't believe I managed 135 flights of stairs. I think my bottom is going to feel that tonight and tomorrow. (4 comments) Today was not a good day for diet and exercise but I got to spend a long time with my granddaughter so I'm okay with that. Back on track tomorrow :) (4 comments) We had wonderful weather for a run! (2 comments) day 150 of my streak for "Drink 8 cups of water per day" earned 3/3/2016 (1 comments) A great exercise day for me! I hope I can keep it up all week. (2 comments) Great day for a walk! (3 comments) day 925 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 2/18/2016 (1 comments) I'm a Grandma!!! I'm running on 1.5 hours of sleep for the last 37 hours. (3 comments) Tomorrow is my daughter's 27th birthday 0_o This makes me feel so old! (2 comments) day 900 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/24/2016 (1 comments) I went to the range today and shot for the first time in years. My hubby said I did really good. A wonderful dinner at Bonefish for our 31st wedding anniversary ❀️ (7 comments) Made Christmas cookie/candies today for gifts. Christmas crack, no bake cookies, chocolate covered peanuts, buckeyes, chocolate chip cookies, turtles and candied walnuts. I'm glad to be sending most of it to others 😊 (2 comments) It was a good day! (1 comments) I went to my friends house today to help her make a caramel cake from scratch today. While I'd love to have a taste of it I wasn't sorry to be leaving it at her house. (2 comments) Today's adventure is driving the scoot coupe around the island. Beautiful sunset in Captiva (4 comments) I went to see Josh Turner in concert tonight. He puts on a great show and sounds exactly the same. Hubby and I took the girls to the park for a 3 mile walk. They were very tired when we got home. I had a great day of steps yesterday!! (1 comments) Hot, hot, hot!! Heading out for a walk anyway πŸ˜… We are ready for our walk in the park. First picture of my grand baby 😍 (3 comments) Cute! It was a busy day! Morning walk with our girls. The not so great part of my park. I saw two of them today. (5 comments) Why I love my park. He/she walked right in front of us. (1 comments) Beautiful day for a walk Yummy dinner. Grilled swordfish, vegetables with brown, red and black rice. (1 comments) It was a good day! Walking around downtown Disney sure makes the steps add up! Today was a very active day! (1 comments) We made it to our event today. It had been raining and thundering before we started but it stopped right after we started. It was so humid we were wishing for rain. I got a trophy. :) (4 comments) Finally a day of meeting all my goals! It has been too long since that's happened. My trophy for placing! I was the overall winner masters female. (3 comments) Not a great feeling run but I did manage to run most of the hills and I met my goal distance. (1 comments) Surprisingly good πŸ˜‹ (1 comments) A very sluggish feeling run today. More proof to me that eating junk food the day before a run is not a good idea. :( It was a tough run today. I really had to push myself to finish. The weather was cooler today so the run was a little more enjoyable :) (1 comments) It was a beautiful day so I took each of my babies for a 2 mile walk. (2 comments) Goal met! :) (1 comments) Good day (1 comments) More visitors at our running park. Some visitors during today's run. (1 comments) I went to a running store and found a pair of running shoes that I'd never tried before. They were really comfortable on their treadmill so I'm excited to try them out. (2 comments) I had a great run today! (1 comments) Today is my baby girl's 26th birthday. It is so hard to believe. (4 comments) The end of the Color Run. Our own mini celebration after the Color Run. After the Color Run (2 comments) My family all dressed up for my husband's and my anniversary. (2 comments) My family My dream body Savannah Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon My Son's Senior Picture Us and our Danskin Tri finisher medals. We placed 3rd out of 26 in the relays. My children and I (4 comments) Running the Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge Matt and I before our 5K run. My finish time. My first 5K run Our trophies for the Brandon 5K. We took 1st and 2nd for our age group. NF Endurance Team at the 2010 Disney Princess half marathon. (1 comments) My Walking Buddy! (2 comments) Jazzi and Jeff My Family (1 comments) Jeff and I in Key West (1 comments)

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