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Where's the nearest Starbucks? Yin and Yang I need a hug! Be sure to stop and smell the flowers
Be Safe! Look both ways before crossing the street. Snow is no reason not to get your run in!
Feed me! I weigh HOW MUCH?! Walking with a friend is best!
Not the ugly duckling any more Guess who? She looks great! She must be on Working with a Personal Trainer is great! Please limit red meat for your health and mine!
What do you mean you like turkey legs?!? Fish are an important part of every diet Getting that last lick in the bottom of the jar
Is that the ice cream truck?! What are you in the mood for, fish or chicken?
Owww! A different perspective on eating I hate water aerobics! What do you mean I have to restrict my puppy treats? Be sure to drink plenty of water!
Not getting enough water makes me grouchy! Conga! A resistence band workout & dinner at once! Relax! Feeed Meee!
I did it My Waaay! Eat your vegetables Pilates are great for tummy toning! Proper walking shoes can make such a difference Whew! Those 60 minute workouts are hard!
I love a good run! Yuck! I hate cottage cheese! I log into as soon as I wake up.
A healthy diet is important for growing youngsters The rare catnap plant
Not just for breakfast any more
I know I shouldn't use the tanning booth but a tan makes me look so good. Does my butt look big? I'm gonna reach my goal!
Marching to the beat of a different drummer

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