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4 wondeful grandchildren and us.......Christmas 2010 (4 comments) getting my heart healthy by using my treadmill. (1 comments) Me and my oldest daughter, Christy at an Hawaiian Party that I had last Sat. with 10 of my gfriends. (3 comments) I will lose these last 7#....FOR GOOD!!! (1 comments) Looking forward to a a beautiful 2011 (3 comments) taken Christmas 09...not the best but here it is (4 comments) Weigh ins are Thursday mornings. I will do it "MY WAY" (1 comments) a "caricature" of how I feel some days how about a "kiss".... BABY( just a pic that I love) Missouri Scrapbook....30 + hours to do. (7 comments) 60 hours of scrapbooking (4 comments) pics on the right...I on the left are postcards.....we are on vacation in Kennybuckport (1 comments) GLACIER BAY ALASKA..............JULY 28, 2010 (1 comments) Formal nite...on ship "Hello"........ from Ketchican, Alaska (2 comments) A sweet treat on the Alaskan cruise...Aug 2010 (2 comments) Thanksgiving day........2010.......weight 155# (2 comments) Jumping into 2011 with a new commitment for a healthier "ME"! up in Flagstaff, Az Aug09 (6 comments) a trail that leads to the Grand Canyon (5 comments) Me (in back) daughter (left) grdaughter (right) in front of 105 year old home we toured (4 comments) Me at Grand Canyon.......daughter was practicing her photography Aug 09 (6 comments) windy day at the Grand Canyon Aug 09 (me...grandaughter....daughter) (3 comments) Husband and I in front of famous Del Mar Hotel in San Diego...Sept.09 (8 comments) David and I standing by a 25 foot statue of the famous image...."Unconditional Surrender" 9/09 (7 comments) Daughter and Grandaughter in Sedona, Az. (5 comments) 16 year old grandaughter and me eating breakfast at one of our favorite places.....PINE COUNTRY (9 comments) Daughter taking pictures of the canyon.....grdaughter in the "forefront" (5 comments) Hello from Missouri...........June 09 (19 comments) taken Aug 09 (4 comments) Matthew (Grandson) age 7..8/09 99.99% Irish (4 comments) daughter and family 8/09 (5 comments) He`s my heart and buddy (grson Matthew) Feb 09 (5 comments) married 40 years (10 comments) me and my 2 daughters (12/08) (5 comments) my home sweet home (4 comments) I want to have this much character as I go into my "golden years" (1 comments) Christmas 07 (8 comments) Hey! handsome..... What ya got cookin`? (3 comments) 40th anniversary dinner at Texas RoadHouse (6 comments) Outlaw Husband of 40 years (4 comments) Nov.08 before 1st cruise (3 comments) husband/me of 39 years Christmas 07 (7 comments) close to highest weight ...190# (I am 3rd from the left) 1965 (12 comments) (42 years ago) 1969......185# and within 2 years had weighed over 200# (4 comments)

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