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day 7 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 4/19/2015 Beautiful Foxglove close-up My first photo Me in PC Autumn 2015 Stump Pass beach (2 comments) Stump Pass walk. The start of the flooded pathway - it got deeper! (1 comments) Stump Pass beach beyond the floods (1 comments) My first Spark Friend meeting with Jean and Joe Fleshner April 2015 (2 comments) A wonderful poem to remember all our animal friends (4 comments) Photographers in the photo! Taken at Barrington Court. (5 comments) My little car (3 comments) Lets swim (3 comments) New Years Day walk at Studland Sunny walk. Lovely horse on today's walk. Seems like yesterday! Yiddle and Bubblyfish (1 comments) A walk in Florida April 2012 (3 comments) All dressed up at son's wedding (3 comments) Stuart at Woolsbarrow Fort Our first daffodil of the spring! The fishing boats are home. Durdle Door walk 1st November 2009 (1 comments) Stuart at Durdle Door (1 comments) Farewell to my camel (2 comments) Sunday walk in the forest (5 comments) A walk at Arne (7 comments) Our old cat Jet (1 comments) Pre-capsize photo (1 comments) Daughter Katherine (1 comments) Up, up and away! (2 comments) Me with a sea urchin in Kenya (2 comments) Here's where I'm swimming in Fla! (2 comments) The picture that shocked me into action - all 189lbs of me - yuk! (3 comments) Wareham riverside walk Studland beach - a favourite weekend walk Footpath through the woods - my regular walk from home when in the UK (1 comments) A frosty morning walk in October Hubby next to a very old tree at Stourhead - a fabulous walking place. (2 comments) Camel ride in Cairo - March 2006 (2 comments) Canoeing in Florida - June 2007 Ferry to France - April 2007 Greece 2007 day 1 heading to the Acropolis (1 comments) Greece 2007 - not for us the easy route - we walked all the way! Greece 2007 - Day 2 and a post lunch stroll through the Roman Agora in Ministiraki Greece 2007 - View of Perdika a little fishing village on the island Greece 2007 - sunset after a day spent on an Athens beach Greece 2007 - the feet of two weary travellers! (1 comments)

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