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Before pictures May 14 2012 Mother's Day Mom and me mothers day 2013 I am down 13lbs so far. I have bounced between 241 and 245 for 2 months..time to break the cycle. I was so sore today after chasing cattle all over the country side and then trying to round them up. It was a very fun time. I did manage to stretch and workout today despite the sore muscles. Still below 240 since I broke my plateau. Looking forward to continued weight loss success. Working on not stressing the small stuff but focusing on my recovery. I am on the left. My Mom is in the middle and my 13yr old daughter is on the right. My goal is to someday be the same weight as my daughter. I can't express enough that I am exhausted from being the fattest person in my family. Updated photo: June 1st Detox shake..1 nectorine, cilantro, 1 cup almond milk, and 1 banana and 1 tbsp chia seeds. Coupled with 2 cooked eggs on the side. Yummers. I did it!!! 1 hr on the elliptical!!! Sweat pouring down my back!! Burning calories at the river today. Stretching my back. My poor lower back has been flaring up. 1 month and 6lb side by side. Left today and right May 9th. Starting weight 258lbs..CW 237lbs Purple shirt 258lbs and wolves shirt 237lbs. Before and after. First 20lbs. Only 105lbs to go. Back at the gym, 2nd time today. I was so stressed at work. We had a fight break out on my bus. I was real good and had the principal come out but I was also furious and held my tongue. Instead of going home, I went to the gym to let off steam. Got a better before and during picture too. I didn't weigh in Friday so I went to the gym and weighed in the private bathroom on the analog scale..did I just see what I thought I saw..O_O 233lbs!! Awesome!!! Sorry for the dirty mirror but I finally fit my 16s. At least buttoned them without sucking in. My goal is to get rid of my spare tire around my waste and double chin. There is still a long way to go. Kicked butt doing Turbofire with my daughter and an AB workout, plus my hour at the gym. I also managed to repair the door in the bathroom. I am tired. Time to do a slower workout tomorrow. Ok, been up 40 min with the TENS unit on my back, time to get dressed and go workout while the kids are sleeping. We had a big thunder storm move in last night. They stayed up to watch it. Last day. Weight is the same as last week so that made it real easy to mark my final weigh in for the month. I am either going to do once a month weigh ins or not weigh in until the end of December. How I look at it is watching the scale isn't going to all of a sudden make me lose weight or keep it off. I need to start looking at other indicators, like my close fitting looser. Working out at the gym with my Mom. Then we went horse back riding, sight seeing, and today shopping. #deliciousdailymoment had a great time with my Mom at the gym while she was vacationing with me. Yeah!!! The gym is done with the new carpet, my daughter and I can workout again!! It's sided mostly around but this is when we got one side up. I was thinking my Thrive wasn't being effective today. I was very wrong. I went 7 hrs without having to sit down building our garage. I then went an additional several hours going go time 14hrs. That's without feeling completely whiped out. I am tired but my body has held up and I don't have brain fog. Have a great night all. It's true what they say, working out with a workout buddy is always better. Loving working out with my daughter who pushes me. Going to fit in my 3rd day of the week workout. Yesterday I was just to busy. This week I have averaged my calories and worked out hard so I don't want to lose momentum. My tummy pooch after 5 kids and one set of twins and 2 c-sections. My goal is to blast the tummy fat and get rid of the back fat too. #BeforeAndAfter same weight 245, 6 months apart. My Mom and me..April 2012 (1 comments) My kids (5 comments) Day 3 day going home from the hospital and puffy. Day 3 going home from the hospital (1 comments) 4 days old. (2 comments) My little man 1 day old. (1 comments) Ready to POP..38 weeks..5 days before I had my little one. 32 weeks pregnant Christmas 2011 Pregnant with #5 261 pounds My 4 beautiful children Shooting at 8 weeks pregnant, weight 218 pounds The lowest I got on my HCG diet 194 It was at least a good try. HGC is fine and worked it was me November of 2010, not much different since then, weight is the same. Starting my workout wearing my largest pants because the others didn't fit. Viteral Me at 204 pounds. Viteral me at 124 pounds or my goal weight 2010, blurry but 224 pounds here

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