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(1 comments) We love going to Southern IL to visit my son! (1 comments) My 2 kids:) (1 comments) Family Vacations in Florida! (3 comments) Trying to stay warm in IL with -25 degrees wind chill! Photo of myself, grandson Kohen, and daughter Kristin! (2 comments) My grandson spent the night and grandma was up for 1 hr. at 2am. I'm gonna be dragging today! Hoping to walk outside today 75 degrees! !the day with this cutie! Make it a great day Sparkfriends (1 comments) 60 degrees today! I'm dreaming of going to the beach this summer with my hubby and kids. The photo is from last summer! :) (1 comments) Going with my family to Bass Pro Shop. Hubby and son getting ready to fish for trout! Have a blessed day! (1 comments) Cutting my dead ornamental grass and dead flowers. Hope to get a walk in. Enjoy your day Spark friends! The photo is my grandson Kohen. Have a blessed day! Attended our grandson Kohen's Baptism last night. Beautiful ceremony! (1 comments) Celebrating my daughters graduation today. She now has her Master's degree in Special Ed! Have a great day Sparkers! (3 comments) Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy time with your family! Have a blessed day! Had a fun weekend with my family! (1 comments) Three hours sleep last night. It's gonna be a long day! Very little sleep this past weekend due to celebrating graduation! (1 comments) Happy Memorial Day! Thanks to those that serve our country! Photo is me and my grandson. T.G.I.F.! Niece playing softball tonight! Have a great weekend Spark friends! Photo of my grandson! (2 comments) Have a blessed day! Enjoyed having my grandson and his dog over the weekend! Heading to St. Louis for a Jimmy Buffet concert! On vacation now until August when kids go back to school. Photo is my daycare boys yesterday! (1 comments) In St.Louis for a Jimmy Buffet concert. He was awesome! Date weekend with my hubby! (1 comments) Having a great weekend with the hubby! Photo is my grandson. To cute to not share! Have a great weekend Sparkfriends! (1 comments) Having a fun weekend with my hubby! Enjoy your day Spark friends! Photo of my grandson. To cute to not share! (1 comments) Enjoying vacation in South Carolina! Make it a great day! Having so much fun with my kids! Nothing better than a beautiful day at the beach! Have a blessed day! Enjoy your day! Fun day at Cubs game! Walked 14,000 steps! Sunshine in IL! Think I'll go to the pool today! Happy 4th of July! Sunny 87 degrees! Pool day! Have a blessed day Sparkfriends! (1 comments) Cleaning my house and pool day! T.G.I.F.! (1 comments) Enjoy your day Sparkfriends! Pool day! Have a blessed Sunday! Pic of my grandson! (1 comments) Going shopping in Destin with the girls! Guys are going deep sea fishing! (1 comments) Last day at the beach! Its been a fun week with my kids! Shopping with my daughter today! Hope to get lots of walking! T.G.I.F.! Enjoying a beautiful sunny day in IL! Enjoy your day Sparkfriends! (1 comments) Heading home! Have a blessed day! 1st Birthday party for my grandson today! Where did the year go? Have a blessed day! My grandson's 1st Birthday! (1 comments) Spent yesterday at Curtis Orchard with my kids. What a fun day! (1 comments) Riding on our class float in our Homecoming Parade! (1 comments) Getting my hair done for my class reunion and shopping! Dinner & Dance tonight! (2 comments) Grammy's little dragon! Make it a great day! (1 comments) I had such a fun weekend with my family! My legs are so sore from hiking at the Holy Boulders in Southern IL! (2 comments) Had so much fun painting my snowman! I'm up way to late! Going to a huge craft show in the morning! Have a blessed day! Heavy rain coming to IL! The pic is what I made yesterday! (2 comments) I do not like heavy rain days! So gloomy! Spent sometime with my grandson, Kohen this past weekend. Still decorating for Christmas! (1 comments) Finally done decorating for Christmas! Love the Holidays! Dinner with family tonight. Have a blessed day! Working on my Christmas cards and writing my annual letter! Christmas letter done! Cards will be stuffed today. One less stress done! (2 comments) Need to start wrapping gifts! Hope my grandson dosen't unwrap then! (1 comments) Need to start wrapping gifts! Hope my grandson dosen't unwrap then! Today is my 54th Birthday! I can't believe I'm that old! (2 comments) Cleaning my house today and wrapping gifts! Rainy dreary day in Illinois today. Wrapping and cleaning my house! Pic is my tree! (3 comments) Chilly today in IL but forecasting no white Christmas for us! Enjoy your day Sparkfriends! (1 comments) Christmas shopping and Ugly Sweater party tonight! Pic is my Daycare gang! Shopping with my daughter & grandson. Love spending time with them! T.G.I.F.! So ready for the weekend! Pic is my grandson! (4 comments) Picture is grandson, Kohen hugging his new toy Grammy gave him. He makes me want to have better health! (2 comments) Our room at The Paradisus in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is beautiful! Laying in the sun today! (2 comments) Going to downtown Playa Del Carmen sight seeing and shopping! Last night dinner at a hibachi Grill was great! Took a cooking class on making guacamole with the house chef. He then asked me to make a batch for the class! Happy Easter Sparkfriends! Have a blessed day. Grandson's gift! 23 degrees in IL this morning! Dreaming for warmer temps! Photo-grandson (2 comments) Had a great Mother's Day! Got a pedicure, two bracelets, beautiful potted plant, and several different Moscato! Last day of my 35 year daycare business! I will just keep my grandson in the fall. So hard to say good bye to my little ones! (4 comments) Taking my grandson to story time at the library! Beautiful day in IL! (4 comments) Grandson coming to play today! He keeps me on the move!😃 (1 comments) Grandson coming to play today! He keeps me moving! (5 comments) Gardening, walked outside, and pool day! Make it a great day Sparkfriends! (2 comments) Bike ride and gardening this morning! I love Summer! Pic is one of my Fairy Gardens! (1 comments) Beautiful day in IL! Walking, gardening, and pool day! Grandson in pic! (1 comments) Enjoy your weekend Sparkfriends! Pool day! Pic is one of my Fairy Gardens! (2 comments) Today my hubby and I celebrate 36 years of marriage! Time flies when your having fun! (1 comments) Had an awesome day at the zoo! Got in lots of walking yesterday! Busy Saturday with a niece's Birthday and a good friends retirement party! Only 70 degrees in IL today! Pic is grandson & myself! (3 comments) Watching my grandson this morning! He keeps me moving! Have a blessed day! Photo is of my blessing grandson Kohen! Kenny Chesney was awesome! Fun times in St. Louis! (1 comments) T.G.I.F.! Cleaning my house this morning & pool day in the afternoon! Pic is grandson & daughter. (2 comments) Working on dead heading flowers & mowing today! Pic of my daughters family! Son-in- law works at Caterpillar. (2 comments) My happy place! Pool & beach day! Shopping in Destin & meeting my niece for supper! Pic is my grandson ! Ate dinner at Red Bar last night. Fun day of shopping at Destin! (1 comments) Last day on the beach. Our week flew by with our kids! Love my family time! Pic is me and my grandson! Heading to Nashville for the weekend & then home. We had a great week with our kids! (1 comments) Heading home today from a fun week st the beach & Nashville! School starts here tomorrow. I'll watch my grandson while his mom teaches! Summer just flew by! Headed to watch my grandson. 5:30am alarm seemed awfully early! Pic is Kohen, my grandson. (1 comments) Looking forward to cooler temps starting Saturday! I have sore muscles from chasing my 23 month d grandson at the park! (1 comments) Another perfect day to walk outside! Loving it! My grandson and I were outside all day yesterday! Cleaning my daughter's house today. Trying to help her out before baby arrives in a few weeks. Doctor dosen't want her doing any thing unnecessary! (3 comments) So ready for some cooler temps on Wed.! My grandson would love to go play at the park! Pic is Kohen and his dog Levi! (1 comments) Ready for the weekend! Big family party tomorrow for my grandson's Birthday! Pic is what we gave him last night! (2 comments) Family celebration for grandsons 2nd Birthday today! Have a great weekend Sparkfriends! Gorgeous day in IL! Cleaning my daughters carpet today after the big party & playing outside with my grandson! Loving our beautiful weather in IL! My grandson will have me outside all day! (2 comments) Taking my grandson to storytime & going to see my grandson in the NICU! (1 comments) Have a blessed day Sparkfriends! Pic is our grandson Drake! Got to take his first bottle yesterday! Hoping he comes home by end of the next week. (1 comments) Saw my new grandson last night. He may get two come home on Saturday. He is so sweet! (4 comments) Mall walking & visiting my grandson in the NICU! Enjoy your day Sparkfriends!

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