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This is a dress that I bought after reaching my goal. (2 comments) Just another picture taken on 5/2/10 (2 comments) (4 comments) Me 8/12. Trying to get back on track with my fitness goals. Still feel good though! This is a before and after picture of me. (3 comments) This is me December of 08'. I'm feeling great and I want to continue on the road to success! This is my sister, me, and my nephew May of 08'. I'll be excited to see how I look May of 09'! Me May of 08'. I think this was some time in 98', but I could be wrong. I feel like I have come a long way! I look at this and it is amazing to see the difference! (2 comments) Seeing myself in pictures back in 98, finally made me realize at that time that I needed to change. This was when I turned 21 and I feel like I look better than ever at 31. Yay! This is me on 12/7/08 when we started working with Jacinda and joined Sparkpeople! (2 comments) Me on 3/29/09. I can tell that everything fits so much better now! Me on 3/29/09. I'm halfway there and what a journey! (1 comments) Just took this today 4/16/09. Go Sparkpeople!! (2 comments) New picture of me taken 6/26/09. On my way to my goal! Love the pink slippers. lol (2 comments) Picture of me 6/26/09. (1 comments) On my way to my goal, thanks to Sparkpeople and all the wonderful support I have! This was me June of 08' (2 comments) This is me July of 09' (4 comments) Me in my goal Halloween costume this year 09'. I am so excited! Taken on a camera phone so a little blurry, but still, yay! Halloween 09'. Didn't think I would ever look like this, or be able to DO this. lol Halloween 09'. My new hair for the new me! (6 comments) Donating my hair in memory of my sister. (2 comments) Here is a clearer picture of my Halloween costume. (3 comments)

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