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I won (2 comments) had a wonderful day w/hubby & his mum visiting the RBG for the irises & peonies and then to the Ti-Cat store, then lunch at the Butcher & the Vegan on Barton St. & then wandering around Buskingfest (2 comments) wishes a Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends and family! went to Stratford yesterday w/hubby & saw The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe, which I liked but didn't love. The loving part came when we purchased these: has tracked my food for 575 days! has completed the BLC Navy Ninjas' Amazing Race Challenge for the very first time ever! (4 comments) won a Spark Trophy. won a Spark Trophy for exercising 180 minutes per week for 21 weeks. (2 comments) won a gold medal for tracking my food for 700 days. (1 comments) got a RED iPhone this morning! SWEET! (1 comments) hopes everyone has a wonderful Wednesday! Black Panther w/Blue Eyes Black Panther w/Yellow Eyes Black Panther sleeping Biggest Loser Summer 2017 Challenge - Black Panthers Team - Campfire Team (1 comments) New Niece - 7 mos old (2 comments) day 1000 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 11/16/2017 is celebrating a great streak! Feeling pretty proud of myself today. won a bunch of SparkGoodie points on the wheel today. Woohoo! Me and my parents on March 24, 1984 March 24, 1984 (2 comments) (2 comments) Joanna at Work - October 1, 2013 (3 comments) DH & Me at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (2 comments) Motivational Poster that I Created (1 comments) Aunt JoJo w/Lucy, 6 hours after she was born (5 comments) July 2014 Lucy's First Teeth - September 2014 (1 comments) Lucy - 6 months old (September 2014) (2 comments) My new glasses - October 2014 (2 comments) week 51 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 180 minutes per week" earned 12/18/2014 wishes her beautiful niece a very happy 1st birthday today. (1 comments) guesses I should probably call the doctor again. (3 comments) Love this! My husband with his new bike My niece, Lucy - June 2015 is glad I bailed on the CFL game today! It's supposed to be sunny & 108F with the humidity! (2 comments) has dinner ready for the week. (1 comments) My MIL and me at the cottage. (2 comments) is wearing her White Poppy for Peace and is remembering all who have died in war and wonders if there will ever be world peace. Imagine... - Happy International Human Rights Day! Please like if you agree that everyone should enjoy the same basic rights that we do. Jake & Joanna - January 2014 - Desert Museum, Tucson, AZ (1 comments) Joanna through the years (3 comments) My Dad and his daughters (October 2008) (1 comments) My husband and me in the Fall of 2008 (2 comments) My husband My sisters and me Me at 18 (2 comments) Me at my heaviest in 1998 (1 comments) Me in Fall 2008 (1 comments) Ogoni, my cat (8 comments) My House (3 comments) My backyard (3 comments) My Family (2 comments)

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