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Deborah and her friend Laura -April 18 2009 Deborah and I at her 23th birthday celebration. Jeff and I. Having fun with my daughter. Deborah and her step siblings. They were happy. My SD and Daughter: Taylor (16) and Deborah(23). Taylor and I in the car back home. my baby is beautiful Another beautiful Beach- Fortaleza Brasil (1 comments) I am entering the autumn of my life. My Baby just graduated from Mcgill: Middle East Studies. I am so proud. May 2009 (1 comments) Dan, Mary, Me, Taylor &Deborah. A weekend in family!! May 2009 Deborah's graduation in May. (1 comments) Dan & mary visiting Montreal in June 2009. Me in a bathing suit...March 09 and again...It will be a before picture! Sunset Beach March 10 2009 (1 comments) march 2009 , going to exercise! March Reunion; Took this picture March 5 2009. My picture for the March Roman Reunion...UGH I love this picture: Have you noticed the color of the water?? My SP Friends and I: Forever Friends Party on February 7 2009. Dancing with my mother in Law Again Jeff and I at my friend's little grand daughter 1st party. September 2008. I felt really tired and looked very big. What a cute baby! I love babies! The snow is so beautiful when we look at it from indoors... Us at the i Hampton Inn Jan 16-09- Burlington -Vermont-USA babe! A little change of toutine. Montreal’s Olympic Park. I live in Montreal since 1988. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is Copacabana Beach on a Sunny Sunday. It snows a lot over here in Montreal-Quebec. That's our front-yard last winter(07). Last time I saw my father (OCT 3 08). He is using a shall I knitted for him. He looks so frail... My father passed away on Nov.22 2008. I loved him and I miss him. Jeff and I during our wedding cerimony on September 1st 2007. my children at the wedding. our children having fun...

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