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Goofy thinking self portrait cell phone camera. 150 lbs gone. (1 comments) The me of the moment... Me now...frazzled and worried but trying...trying... trying... view from the hot tub in our room at Bennett Bay Resort in Idaho... (1 comments) Me and my Love...trying to be healthier together this time. been awhile... Yay! Whole30 collage (2 comments) Goofy phone snap last week... Bundled up walking in winter One of my co-workers sent me this because I adore Hello Kitty! LOL The me of 2010...well how we're starting out anyhow! 205 lbs...I'm not sure what I'm going to think when that 2 is a 1! I was happy enough when the 3 went to a 2! Can hardly believe I was 348 pounds this time last year!!! (1 comments) 2007 Halloween total Before pic. I so "see" what I've accomplished in these 2 yrs when I look back Rob makes me smile through my tears the tickling did help I suppose dates and designs for the final 4 of my butterflies!! (2 comments) My 3rd 10% goal butterfly tattoo My 3 butterflies= 30% of my starting body weight GONE! YAY!!! (2 comments) Here's me yesterday at 100 pounds less than when I started in January!! Here's me being brave enough for a full body shot in a size 18 outfit... (3 comments) lotus flower tattoo First Day of Spring First view on my walk down the hill St. Regis River First Day of Spring!? Walking walking farther and farther maybe next week a new sign! Snow Wooffitt! (1 comments) Xenkii kitty in the window so tired... close up Buddah & candles Rob, Wooffitt & Xenkii on the couch watching MTV's Spring Break Special My sewing box March 28,2009 April 6,2009 Dancing at Rob's Birthday Party Scary...Absinthe glows in the black light! Bored..can't sleep, playing with the camera. This pic startled me this morning. I'm not sure where my other chin went. The Wooffitt hanging out at camp Xenkii, Wooffitt and Rob all three of my boys in bed together as I work on SP stuff. LOL (1 comments) virtual representation of me at goal weight pouty (1 comments) Yoda helping Aaron pack for GA saying bye to Aaron at the bar (1 comments) My Second 10% Goal Met Butterfly, I'm getting one up my collar bone each time I meet at 10% goal. (1 comments) Half way back to my goal last time I concerned myself with taking care of myself...sigh (1 comments)

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