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Color run with my fiance Posted a photo My walking buddies! Lunch: kale cooked in beef broth with balsamic vinegar, homemade toast with chef Meg’s deviled egg (salad) on top, roasted pepper and tomato soup. 🤤 Breakfast today: eggs with peppers, onion, and feta cheese + oatmeal with lots of cinnamon and a little brown sugar. Today’s #foodpics. Breakfast may have looked good but all the carbs left me feeling sluggish. Dinner was 👌🏻. Lager’s having some pain in his back legs so we couldn’t do our usual long walk. I really hope he only pulled something on the ice and that it’s nothing serious or long term. 🤞🏻 He is quite mopey today and it breaks my heart. Lager went to the vet and luckily they think he only sprained or pulled something. No long walks for a week or so. I hate seeing him like this but I’m grateful it’s nothing serious. Homemade bagel with light cream cheese and homemade smoked salmon. Uhhhhmmpphh. Lager is finally on the mend!! We walked a mile. I can’t wait to start covering more ground again but I didn’t want to push our luck! I couldn’t decide what kind of toast to have so I had all 3. This is only 155 calories worth of bread. It’s homemade and I weighed everything! 🤤 Dinner was jollof chicken & rice and kale! A little bit of a calorie splurge but very satisfying. I haven’t been doing my usual workouts because of this guy. This is my foster dog Keanu, who walked 14,000 steps with me today! The new foster dog threw off my routine but I’ve gotten a solid 12,000 steps in most days! I’m getting back into the swing of things now that he’s adjusted. (Here’s the whole crew! The big shepherd is the foster dog). What I looked like when I cut down to 123 lbs.. not really maintainable for me Waiting my turn to lift in my first powerlifting competition! This was my ideal shape.. muscular but not so thin I can’t maintain it. I think I weighed about 130 here. (5 comments) Flexed! (5 comments)

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