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wishes all her Sparkfriends a wonderful day. (1 comments) is back from a whirlwind visit to the kids - and she's missing them so so so. But she had so much fun. (2 comments) Day #6 and my big pantry cabinet is neat and tidy. I also have meals planned for all those items that have been decorating the shelves for months. I have FAITH I can keep them that way. (4 comments) Day #7 and there is a week of dinner menus posted on my refrigerator. You have no idea how enormous an act of FAITH that is. (1 comments) Day #10 and I see by my active link there was an hour when I didn't get up and move. It was a stay at home snow day and I tried. I have FAITH that my trying will soon become automatic. (1 comments) Day #14 of my 4-step streak. Last night's dinner was too salty. I have FAITH the water weight will be gone by tomorrow. And look who we met on a walk! (2 comments) Day #27 of my 4-step streak. I'm going to watch the Superbowl with a WW buddy so I have FAITH the food will be light and healthy so I won't have to do this to keep from over-eating. (1 comments) day 75 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 2/5/2015 Day #43 and I made it through a snow day with my refrigerator - without going overboard! I have FAITH I can get my car out this morning. day 90 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 2/20/2015 Day #48 of my 4-Step Streak and at a concert last night I suddenly realized I didn't have to have all those appetizers. I was there for the music, not the food. I have FAITH I can do that more often! (1 comments) Woo Woo! Day #50 of my 4-step streak and though I didn't get up every hour because I was sleeping off a germ, illness was always a permissible excuse. I have FAITH that I take all 4 steps today. (5 comments) Day #58 of my 4-Step streak and we definitely got snow. I have FAITH it will be gone by Monday. (1 comments) Day #60 of my 4-step streak and I finally got some laundry hung on the line. I have FAITH that today we will buy a dryer and it will be delivered and installed by Friday. (3 comments) Day #61 of my 4-Step streak and I did not buy the dryer yesterday but I will pick it out today. Rain will make the road undrivable for a big truck. I have FAITH it will be dry soon. (1 comments) Day #75 of my 4 step streak and yesterday's walk with the dogs yielded this. I have FAITH I'll see their babies grow up this summer. (2 comments) Day #77 of my 4-step streak and I DID get out with those pups. I have FAITH that I will stick to this activity, habit or no. Here's another brag shot of my dogs. (7 comments) Day #93 of my 4-step streak and yesterday I managed to squeeze in a few moments of walk with the pups - today I have FAITH that there will be LOTS of time spent outdoors with dogs. had some fun with her new camera yesterday and got a chance to capture wildlife with that super zoom lens! (4 comments) slipped into her kayak yesterday and found herself transformed once again. She was One with the boat. Ahhhhh. took the kayak AND the camera out yesterday morning and caught this! (4 comments) suspects the rest of her vacation will be filled with storms so she's going to revise her plans. Not so much outdoors, after all. Thank goodness she got in some early on, in the kayak. (2 comments) Has a sparkling clean house, 4 new tires to get put on her car on Monday and the porch is painted at last! And she still has a weekend day to enjoy it all. (3 comments) cleaned all the porch furniture but she hasn't put out the pretties yet because the paint needs to cure. She needs some new tablecloths, too. (3 comments) is so proud of her new basket! Just what she needs: a new hobby! (3 comments) didn't kayak after all - she went to Belle Isle State Park and walked about 6 miles over new territory. (1 comments) loved her morning off with kids to savor the beautiful countryside and ride 2 of the last ferries in Virginia yesterday. (2 comments) spent a day talking about her grief with Himself and she not only felt better - she stayed within her calorie range. And took the camera out. Here's one of the new baby bald eagles - checkin' us out. had a wonderful time out in my kayak yesterday, paddling into my very own Virginia Everglades. day 250 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 7/30/2015 finally got out in the river yesterday with niece and pups. Callie loves her floaty toy. (4 comments) is still walking around with a big sloppy grin on her face and a heart full of love after TheReunion. Here's just one thin line of family that were there. (3 comments) loves it that the fun just never quits around here. hiked with my honey yesterday - 8 miles and then grocery shopping which is actually another mile. (1 comments) is BACK! From Romania - and 12 festive days with her new in-laws. (1 comments) weighed in a little up - just like she thought she would - but she's ready to start a New Journey and she's feeling very happy about it. Time for a cool change. and here I am with my new bro. and sis (1 comments) woops. here's the correct photo. LOL. had better go grocery shopping soon or her cupboard will be bare. Oh. Yes. and FRIDAY! (2 comments) day 30 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 10/6/2015 co-hosted the big library dinner last night and oh my goodness was it fun. Funny and fun. If you want to laugh till you cry - read anything by CELIA RIVENBARK. (2 comments) (2 comments) will certainly do Day #20's challenge - to burn 100 extra calories. She's decorating her tree today. But yesterday she was in a parade - and walked 15K steps. (3 comments) Chose an upbeat Christmas carol for my Day #22 30-day Small Change Challenge. Read an interesting article about creating a health vision and realized I don't have one. hmm Something to think about. (2 comments) Day #23 of my 30-Day Small Change Challenge is to either exercise in the evening (which I do) or don't snack after dinner ... which I never do but DID do last night! Ugh. Up next - Tree Photo (3 comments) Day #24 of my 30-Day Small Chages challenge was a complete bust as I collapsed beneath the weight of a SUGAR BINGE. Oh Well. For ALL my SparkFriends I give you this, with my warmest regards. #24 of my 30-Day Small Chages challenge was a complete bust as I collapsed beneath the weight of a SUGAR BINGE. Oh Well. For ALL my SparkFriends I give you this, with my warmest regards. (2 comments) Day #26 of my 30-Day Small Changes Challenge is to sneak exercise into a busy day - but today is an easy one so I'll just do real exercise instead. Not wiped out like these guys. (1 comments) Day #27 of my 30-day Small Change Challenge and it's a No Complaints Day. I think I'm a positive person but I'll track it and see? (what? more tracking?) LOL (1 comments) Day #28 of my 30-Day Small Change Challenge is to eliminate hidden sugar - which I hardly ever eat. It's the OutInTheOpen sugar that's my downfall. I'll watch that today. gratuitous Christmas Photo (1 comments) had her first really healthy eating day in a week. Yay! And she shopped with Himself for a couch - without tears. Yay x 2! looking ahead to New Years Resolutions (3 comments) 2016 Vision Board is gonna play in the snow today! (3 comments) is living in a winter wonderland (5 comments) woke up to 40 degree temperatures outside! Where's my bathing suit. Oh. Right. It's Tuesday. Back to werk for me. and a final happy dog photo for you. (4 comments) is really in a FridayFridayFridayFridayFriday mood. Happy girl. Oh - and one last snowy dog photo - too cute to skip. (2 comments) We've got Couch! (3 comments) drove home in a pretty snowstorm last night - no dear were browsing in the fields - she kept her low beams on. She woke up to a blue snow dawn. (5 comments) will snuggle down beneath our 4" blanket of snow today and watch birds. (1 comments) What?! Monday already? I've been spoiled by too many 3 day weekends. I want to stay home and look for more signs of spring. (3 comments) It's raining and will be for 2 days. I bet these little beauties will open up after the rain stops. (3 comments) managed to capture this yesterday while hanging out the laundry. (6 comments) spent a glorious day with Himself as he placed the first cross marker commemorating Captain John Smith's furthest exploration of the James River. (1 comments) is celebrating our 42nd anniversary today - well, really we started Friday night. We're feeling more blessed today than even on that special day. Happy Anniversary to us! (9 comments) is beyond happy that it's Friday at last, even if it IS raining. Today will be as demanding as every other day this week - but it'll be the LAST demanding day of the week. yippee! (2 comments) wishes everyone who is a mother, or who had a mother or who knows a mother a happy Mother's Day. (1 comments) 40 years ago today this little fella was born and my life was blessed. Celebrating William's birthday today. (3 comments) didn't realize she hadn't posted here yesterday. Well - she spent it in a massive dog hair removal adventure: Vacuuming and Brushing. Let's hope that's enough for a while. (1 comments) I took TheBrains to our Enchanted Forest yesterday and we got in a whole lot of healing. got ALL the wool sweaters washed and dried AND she put in her wee tiny garden. A perfect weekend. Wish it didn't have to end. (1 comments) want's to remind you that ... it's BLACKBERRY SEASON!!!!! (3 comments) had absolutely the best time ever with her house full of favorite people. she also fell asleep at 8:30 and didn't wake up till 6 o'clock. Yup. that's me at the far end. (3 comments) is crazy busy and is just zooming by to say hello. (1 comments) The 163 Hoskins Family Reunion - now a memory but what a sweet precious love filled memory. 4 of the 7 sisters had descendants present and 1 first cousin. Here's my branch. (1 comments) here's my first bling chart for the Birthday Month - a small flourish because I only stayed within my 30 points 3 days last week. But so many blinged boxes deserve a flourish! (2 comments) Houston - we have contact - with a cement truck and some construction workers. Bathroom floor poured at last! (6 comments) just wallowed in the beauty that is October outdoors. I think a carpenter will be here today - with tools and lumber. How cool is that? Now, come walk with me. (4 comments) has a day off from her vacation. LOL! Going to stay home today - do some yoga, read a book and knit. Ahhhhh. (2 comments) Oh say can you see, by the dawn's early light. It's a New Bathroom Frame with some walk in closet space. (2 comments) We've got a roof line! (3 comments) Let it rain now! (3 comments) The bathroom addition is boxed in. Suddenly it's real. (1 comments) Breakthrough! (2 comments) the bathtub I never thought we'd agree on. (2 comments) was stowing away all the stuff dislodged in this reno project and found these tiles. Himself wants them in the bathtub alcove. What do you think? (7 comments) did a good workout at the gym yesterday. In spite of the rain, more framing was done in the new bathroom. (1 comments) finished the baby gift. (10 comments) spent most of yesterday in the car but she had some city fun with 2 of her sisters as well. (4 comments) is wishing everyone a Thank-filled Thanksgiving. (5 comments) is gong to get out the Christmas cds in just a moment and start the month off right. Favorite children's Christmas book #1 is (3 comments) doing the Friday Happy Dance. Off to the hear the Messiah tonight. Here's my Children's Christmas Book for today: (2 comments) spent a glorious 24 hours with family, music and fabulous food. I'm beyond joy field. Here is my Children's Christmas Book pick for the day: (1 comments) had a change of plans and we're going to spend part of today with our son. Here's favorite children's Christmas book (in no particular order) #4 (3 comments) We got to spend the day with both son and daughter in law - and soon to be out in the open granddaughter. A total love fest. Favorite Children's Christmas Book in no particular order - #5: (2 comments) Did most of my Christmas shopping yesterday. Yay. Here's my Favorite Children's Cristmas Book in no particular order #6. Long out of print but so worth shopping the used book market. (3 comments) had training all day and when 5 pm came the cold rain was streaming down so Iskipped WW. coming home at 7 to a dark cold house after a day like yesterday? uh uh. Bk #7: BESSHAILE had training all day and when 5 pm came the cold rain was streaming down so Iskipped WW. coming home at 7 to a dark cold house after a day like yesterday? uh uh. Bk #7: (2 comments) got home in time to take the dogs for a walk in the glorious evening sunset. Here is Favorite Children's Christmas Book (in no particular order) #8 (2 comments) is so glad it's Friday. Favorite Children's Christmas Book #9 - McDuff looks a little like what I expect Max, of Max & Ruby, will look like when he grows up. (3 comments) is ready for a day at home - and a huge house cleaning blitz. Here is my Favorite Children's Christmas Book (in no particular order) #10 - and there is a live action DVD version that is also splendid. (1 comments) gave the house a deep clean - even got the dust rug beneath the bed vacuumed up. Today is the live nativity at St. John's. Here is Favorite Children's Christmas book (in no particular order) #11 (2 comments) loved today's Best of Sparkpeople with both an inspiring blog by Buttonpopper1 and a great goal setting article. And FCCB in no particular order #11 is: (2 comments) will try again to get my bloodwork done. I didn't sleep much last night but I enjoyed the silver moonlight coming into my bedroom. Favorite Children's Christmas Book (in no particular order) #13 (2 comments) weighed in within her goal range last night. Nobody was more surprised than she. (than I). Here's Favorite Children's Christmas Book (in no particular order) #14: (4 comments) is taking half a day off to play with girlfriends in the city. Sweet! Here is Favorite Children's Christmas Book (in no particular order) #15 (1 comments) ate way beyond healthy amounts of sugar yesterday. Baaaad Bess. Now, having been scolded, I best put it behind me. Here, in no particular order, is my Favorite Children's Christmas Book #16 (2 comments) is getting her tree today and racing up and down the attic stairs a dozen times or more. Oyster pie for dinner per son's request. and here's my pick for today's Favorite Christmas Story #17 (2 comments) just blew out the lights in her Christmas tree. Now what? undecorate and redecorate? ugh. Still, here's FCCB in no particular order #18 (4 comments) is just back from Baltimore where Himself was lauded at a ceremony - an outdoor one - very c-c-cold but oh so fun. Here is my FCCB #19: (2 comments) still has plenty to do to get ready for Christmas. Favorite Children's Christmas Book #20 is one my whole 3rd grade class memorized in 1960 and recited at a PTA meeting. (3 comments) is gonna get to the gym today or bust. Today's Favorite Children's Christmas Book (#21, and in no particular order) is one I read every year. Sometimes twice a year: (2 comments) made it to the gym last night and she'll be walking the trails at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens tonight with family!! Here is Favorite Older Child's Christmas Book # 22: (1 comments) is exhausted but happy after a night of caroling at the beautiful lighted up botanical garden in Richmond. Favorite Children's Christmas Book (in no particular order - but this one is new) #23 (3 comments) day 475 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 12/24/2016 will stay home this rainy day and wrap, clean, decorate and watch Christmas tv. FCCB today is really just a chapter but it was a pivotal book for me. #24: (1 comments) Wishes all her Sparkfriends the best Sunday, the Merriest Christmas, and/or the most joyful weekend ever. (1 comments) finished the Baby in the Garden sweater. (7 comments) Ooops. forgot to put in the picture. Here's my refrigerator poster - to remind me this weekend that it's my choice. posted a 2.6 lb loss last week so I want to keep up the momentum. No coffee for Hailey (3 comments) (11 comments) (3 comments) A Very Christmasey House (4 comments) (1 comments) Oh la! This is the BEFORE picture - January 1, 2009. It's definitely a spur! (1 comments) "That" dress Is this a Bald Eagle? Really? (1 comments) It is! It's the king of birds - ready to soar ... Just like I am (2 comments) (1 comments) this is an old photo of me reminding me that I can do it if I believe I can and do it (2 comments) Spinning tales. In one of my other lives I am a storyteller. Nothing like a captive audience, hmmm? (1 comments) For my knitting buddies - y'all know what I'm talkin' about (3 comments) (1 comments) 2003 and now - Left is me as purple beach ball (my skinny sweater) and me 1 month ago (4 comments) Flowered skinny jeans - size 10 (11 comments) Finally burst through that 150 lb barrier This drawing of me was done by my new BFF 6 year old library patron. Love that heart over my head. (3 comments)

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