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Commitment Day 5k 281lbs PR 42:55 Day one of the rest of my life Chuy's Hot to Trot 5/5/12 253lbs ran in 44:19 (2 comments) My wedding day 3/5/12 Such a long time coming, but so worth the wait. (4 comments) Tiara 5k 3/3/12 43:13 (2 comments) 40lbs, Looks like the last 20lbs lost me some upper butt and leg size. (3 comments) Finished in 44:01. Slow jogged the entire way and am incredibly proud. 12/2/11 (1 comments) Because I looked all hot tamale when I turned 31 on 11/12/11. Now time to keep working on it :o) (2 comments) Stop Child Trafficking Now 4 mile Walk Beautiful (2 comments) What 6 months and 35 lbs looks like :o) From a 28/5x to a 22-24/3x (3 comments) The dreaded "OMG I LOOK SO BIG" photo.... to now :o) (2 comments) SPARK MEET! YAYAYAYAYA... 5 mile walk with AUSTINNICO 6/4/11 (1 comments) Why walking Lady Bird Lake trails can be soooo incredible... (1 comments) First suit in half my lifetime that I will actually wear in public! "Yea, I'm still fat, so what?! (5 comments) After Deutschen Pfest Pfun 5k 5/22/11 Everyone needs pizza and beer before 9am, right? RIGHT! (1 comments) Deutschen Pfest Pfun 5k 5/22/11 Finished in 44:12. (2 comments) Chuy's Hot to Trot 5k 5/7/11 Unofficial time 43:20 :o) So proud!!! (1 comments) Muchas Boobies... Its all an illusion folks. Might retire this top :o) (2 comments) 20lbs for the year :o) Went from a 28 to a 24! (2 comments) Date Night 4/2/11 (2 comments) August 2011 Done Girl 263# Done Girl June 7 2011 back to 270# after a three week stay at 265 :o( DIE ZOMBIE POUNDS!!! May 4, 2011- 270# Done Girl :o) Nothing like the motivation of a new work out top. Took this pic, then hopped on the treadmill :o) (3 comments) April 2011 Done Girl :o) March 2011 Done Girl! (1 comments) Done Girl Feb 2011 (1 comments) Embracing the fact that I am a Done Girl. I am not just on the team; I am officially DONE! 1/1/11 (1 comments) He was so proud of his "Diva" he gushed! Finishing the Diva 5k! (2 comments) My reward haircut for losing 50lbs!!! 2/22/11 (1 comments) Me and my lil lady love. (1 comments) Carriage ride. I love my family. Some of my favorite people. My dad, my oldest daughter Korin, and my youngest daughter Mireya Me and my beautiful sister Angel. Me and my love. ATXcellent Adventure 2010 The joy that shines through you when you know although you have not physical changed, you have mentally changed! 30th Birthday 11/12/10 (1 comments) Celebrating my 30th (2 comments) Feeling pretty for the first time in a long time.Size 30 dress, but I rocked the hell out of it ! (7 comments) Another Before photo: Family is great! Jelly rolls most certain aren't. (1 comments) My 29th birthday. Minutes after consuming about 4000 calories...LOL (3 comments) A BEFORE:Yes I was wearing the same shirt, but this is a different time...I need more clothes!!! LOL (1 comments) Another before photo. See how I was cleaverly hidden behind that pillar. Master of diguise. One of the photos that opened my eyes to just how far I had let myself go... (1 comments)

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