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This is the diaper cake I made for my nieces baby shower (8 comments) This is my niece with her cake at her baby shower - isn't she cute/pretty (2 comments) It's hard to see, but Tessa's back let is behind her head and she was asleep. (2 comments) My dog Opus and i the day we brought him home. (5 comments) Ingrid and I the day we went to go get her (11 comments) My wedding day and our candle lighting - this is one of my favorites (13 comments) A close up of the picture I drew of my Niece's senior picture. (3 comments) Ingrid found the most comfortable place in the whole house - a stack of blankets. What a princess! (2 comments) Ingrid trying to get comfortable while Daddy works. (5 comments) Ingrid pulled all the blankets and her beds together to make a nest - John decided to tuck her in 2 (2 comments) Caught spooning - how awkward. (5 comments) This is why Cleo's nickname is 'Ball Kitty' (1 comments) Buttercup watching supervising Daddy's work - well actually just watching the mouse. (1 comments) Buttercup giving Daddy some pointers. (1 comments) My feet after the first surgery and before the second one - I was amazed. (5 comments) The nieces and nephews made me their own 'get well' after my 1st surgery. (1 comments) Our bedroom at our old house (5 comments) Our bedroom plants at our old house More of our master bathroom at our old house Our master bathroom at our old house (1 comments) My nephew's senior picture I drew My real mom's senior picture I drew. The Harley pattern I made and then stitched Our new puppy "Tessa" (3 comments) One of Tessa's favorite positions to sleep in (2 comments) Tessa before her leg was amputated. (6 comments) 'Me' at 289lb.

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