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Me in La Romana with some of the pictures they panited so nice. Me at 353lbs I didn't know what Happiness was? SAD REALLY!!!! Me at 353lbs and I'm in side screaming to get OUT! Amanda dressed up on the Cruise for dinner,She is a beautiful young lady I'm very proud of her. My grandkids,Pat 10, Mat is 6 John is 5 and Lady my walking with me dog. Buster with his toy, Mathew with his new Fishing Rod.we are at the lake,5/17/08 is the real date! Johnathan feeding a wild Goose, than it got into our boat.5/17/08 Mathew and Johnathan 5/17/08 we going fishing Boys!! Patricia johnathan, mathew Park is so Flooded 6/6/08 My grandsons,Mathew and Johnathan,6/7/08Lake is up in some camp sites My Son testing the pool water.6/8/08 Patricia&Mathew going fishing! date6/7/08 This is a mess room but three people on a cruise and this room is little. grandsons cool guys,gotta love em.. 8/20/08 this Elk was showing us his stuff, he was bulging and it was a site to see. This herd of Elk came out 5;pm and the Bull Elk is moving them,8/20/08 8/19/08 SADIE THE LITTLE KITTEN THAT WAS HOMELESS,now is spoilded rotten!! Isn't she sweet(: 8/20/08 Its where we stayed campming to see the Elk.Beautiful place!! 8/20/08 Ponica Ark. its a Mountain we went up and wow what a site Elk tracks everywhere!! The falls in Jamicia Falls in Jamicia, you can walk them, but we didn't.. My husband,Keith trying to look pretty in the falls.. The Dolphin I swam with, isn't she pretty.. At sea.. beautiful at sea... Keith getting my pictures as I'm putting on makeup.Thanks honey,lol waves got so high I'm sea sick, Great time here. Cozumel its warm here.. Yes a Big screen TV on the ship, men could watch the game!!! Waves got 8 feet high here.. Sea gulls being fed from ship, not good they will get the food,lol Ship by ship we are the one on the right. Huge Ships we are going to port. in Cozumel.. Still Cozumel. beautiful from the sea.. a ship behind ours but they looked the same..we are fixing to pull out of port. our walk. from the ship. Miami was the prettyest place of all. cause I'm close to Home here.. Miami its so big ships port here up to 14 ships can port here now there is 6 From the plane its Miami.. a sight to see.. Hayden Nicole Young 6 lbs 10 oz and 201/2 long Hayden birthday 4/15/09 at 9:50 pm She is a beauty!!!! Amanda and Hayden aren't my baby's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hayden three days old, isn't she a beauitful All dressed up and heading to Church the date is wrong,4/19/09 isn't she a doll Meet my granddaughter Hayden Nicole ! Youngest Grandson holding Youngest Granddaughter. Johnathan and Hayden! Van ride to church. Loved it!!! Look at them big pretty eyes!! Hayden is her church and ready for church. 4/19/09 Me and Amanda and Hayden what a Blessing Joy and I give God all the Glory!!! Patricia and Mathew Johnathan my grandkids!!!

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