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Love Love Love! (7 comments) (1 comments) 175 face shot (10 comments) my my grandma what big glasses you have (3 comments) (4 comments) (1 comments) Be the sunshine (2 comments) (2 comments) Always the fool (3 comments) Indelibly Me (1 comments) Conquer! (1 comments) Everything's going to be alright (1 comments) Me and my niece, Dec 2014 (7 comments) I heart pigs (5 comments) I can, I will, I must! (1 comments) Yes Yes Yes! Just did the London Winter Run, 10k in 90 mins. I'm officially a runner again, knew I'd get my legs back, 3years of hard work!! So Proud! (5 comments) why animals always staring me out.. (3 comments) Sharing a pic from my nature walk yesterday, was a lovely if cold day and was worth the effort! (5 comments) day 10 of my streak for "Walk 12,000 steps per day" earned 2/11/2015 day 10 of my streak for "Walk 12,000 steps per day" earned 2/11/2015 Is better. A mammoth nap and a strong walk fixes everything. My flowers have bloomed and my bedroom smells of lilies:D (4 comments) it really beggars belief...when I got back from my walk and went to have my shower this morn' I found THIS!!! Crazy chick smashed a mirror in the bathroom...glass shards everywhere and just left it... (5 comments) Stalked again! (you might have to enlarge to see them, but I clearly look like a life size acorn why they be following me so!) (6 comments) Happy St Patricks Day! A green cheers! (4 comments) A gift from my mums neighbours garden, I never get beet greens, so excited!! (5 comments) Homemade yumminess! Vegan GF Pecan Banana Shortbread and Melonade (like lemonade only better and pink lol) (1 comments) Had a great time listening to prom no9 at the royal albert hall (this is the only pic I got before jumping on the bus home!) (2 comments) is chillin in grandmas garden with my Life & Goals notebooks. Failure to plan is planning to fail, long live notebooks lol (3 comments) means business!! ;) my new books came today #levelup (2 comments) is back at the cathedral chillin with Tennyson. Such a beautifully sunny day :D (2 comments) I like food, I also like Batman! (4 comments) tired but happy = weightless (3 comments) honorary mountain girl (3 comments) 'I wanna hold your hand' around 195 suprisingly I'm smiling (3 comments) I love my apron (7 comments) (5 comments) Feelin good! 174lbs (20/3/08) (4 comments) (1 comments) Bourbon St 2004 (3 comments) preservation hall! my birthday 2008 (1 comments) star trek rocks harder than a space rock (2 comments) Miss Van (1 comments) (3 comments) Someday (1 comments) "Today" 178lbs (4 comments) Me and my bestie (180 - 185) (2 comments) 180lbs (3 comments)

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