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We did contra-style dancing at our wedding (2 comments) December 18, 2010 Me & Husband, waltzing! (2 comments) We wowed them with our kiss! Officially Married! (12/18/10) Who knew the veil was such trouble!? (1 comments) I will work to make my long limbs ever more elegant! The band-aid is from a tetanus shot. On week 2 of I'm developing a waist! I can't believe it! I feel like an artist chiseling away the marble! (5 comments) Valentine's Day 2011 in my cute purple turtleneck! HOT HOT HOT Beginning of February: the skinny jeans -- YIKES MUFFINTOP! Another Day Another Challenge (thanks, DeStorm!) t-shirt size SMALL! January 2011: YIKES! But progress is coming :) Tummy in January 2011. This is my thinnest!! Let's see some abs! (1 comments) Adventures of a Matron of Honor: Size 12 in January Haul him away!! (5 comments) Halfway point! (newer photo April 1, 2011) (1 comments) Halfway point! (newer photo April 1, 2011) (3 comments) We are Filthy! 5/22 Mud 5K Finished the Mud 5K in about 43 minutes! (1 comments) 5/22 Mud 5K (168 lbs) (1 comments) 5/22 Mud 5K (168 lbs) Trio of victors at the Mud 5K (May 22) This was one of my heavy work-out days: Bruises from Martial Arts, sweat from Bikram. Just before running the Hot Chocolate 15K in November 2011 (1 comments) She pops the question! (1 comments) CURSE YOU, NATURE! (1 comments) Farewell Dinner for Hiro (November 2010) (1 comments) Crazy Angle! Summer 08 Summer 08, World's Largest Hammock With the fiance, summer 08 (1 comments) Me and Fiance!! (2 comments)

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