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A dragonfly in my yard. I swear she was there just for me. (3 comments) Just before embarking the ship. (2 comments) First day and first drink. (2 comments) My men!! Freeport, Bahamas with my sons. (1 comments) With the love of my life. (2 comments) Me as cindy lauper - 1985 (1 comments) Just married my best friend - July 18, 1987 (1 comments) Mayan Ruins - April 23, 2012 (1 comments) Last day in Playa del Carmen - April 28, 2012 - 25th Wedding Anniversary Trip (2 comments) Longest ride this year. Felt great pushing myself, especially since I was doing it with a fribromyalgia flare up. My youngest, Kurt with his gf, Kasey and MOI!! 5/15/2010 (1 comments) my favorite SIL, Jeanne (JEANLECUY) after the kids left for prom. (2 comments) Jacquie n Lissy in real life height. :) My 2 sons - brotherly love!! At my heaviest (1 comments) 5/17/2010 (1 comments) 5/17/2010 (1 comments) 5/17/10 At my heaviest 2005 (somewhere around 220) 5/17/2010 Back view 5/17/2010 side view (1 comments) 5/17/10 John and I at class reunion July 2007, John and I out celebrating our 20th anniversary at Purgatory Chasm. (1 comments) November 2008 Just me in my front yard - May 2, 2009 (2 comments) God I was so oblivious!!! April 2007 at a Leblanc Girl Cousin weekend in VT. (2 comments) celebrating our 20th anniversary, July 2007. Me and my hubbby (the mad scientist) Oct. 2008 - didn't realize just how big my belly was. John and I in Shelburne Falls! Beth and I - February 2008 My tattoo - redone and added to in October 2009 We call ourselves the Wonder Triplets. Diane, Jenn and I in SF during ASL Interpreting Conference. Christmas tree hunting 2007 John and I with Johnny at his HS graduation. Maureen, Memere, Mom and ME Jeanne at summit of Nutting Hill (1 comments) My claim to fame - when I was the weekly Biggest Loser in the 8 week challenge. :) Me and Jacquie (one of my 2 favorite nieces) on her prom night. Isn't she gorgeous. Skydiving - July 6, 2009 - never would have attempted at my weight last July. (1 comments) Mother's Day 2009 - the last one with my grandmother. :( (1 comments) More wonder triplets!! My best friends - otherwise known as the Wonder Triplets. me at my 25th class reunion October 17, 09 (5 comments) OUCH!!! Had a lot of fun, but wow, at the time I didn't realize just how heavy I was. Oct. 2008

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