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That's pretty much what I look like now. That's what I would look like 20 pounds lighter. August 2011 Packed lunch: pita bread and jalapeños hummus, string cheese, veggies and grapes. The applesauce is for a later snack, if I need it. Prepared some cold steeped teas for today. Just throw leaves in cold water and keep in the fridge all night! Between 0-15 cals each. Today I got Blue lagoon and Melon Drop from DavidsTea and Casablanca Twist from Adagio. Breakfast to go: oatmeal, maple syrup, dried cranberries Packed lunch: ham and cheese rolls with veggies, strawberries and a cereal bar. I just got home from a little run (cut short because my feet still hurt *cry*) and I was starving! I'm going to eat all of this! I've been losing and gaining back the same 5 lbs for the past year or so. I want to see the weight go down for good. I have a good 60-70 lbs to lose but I'm focusing on small goals right now. Light lunch is packed. I rarely eat tofu but I had to add some protein to my salad (leftover side dish). Not the healthiest dinner but it's late and I'm tired! My coworker gave me a loaf of homemade banana bread so I'll be eating some for dessert. My coworker baked me some banana bread. Not sure how many points, I'll have to guesstimate! I'm doing a little fitness challenge for June on Facebook. Yesterday was push-ups (I did 16) and today was triceps (26 in one minute). Let's see if there's improvement in a month! (1 comments) I also started the blogilates beginner workout calendar. Day 1 was tough! But it's done! Day 1/28! Lunch is homemade quiche, veggies, Apple and Special K bar. And I'm bringing chocolate tea to work because I'm a bit tired of my work stash. Small portion of Italian chicken bake with lots of veggies. Heavier lunch than usual! Quinoa panzanella with salmon, Apple, fruit snack, Special K bar. The fruit snack is for a later snack. Next time I make the quinoa salad I'll use less oil. I didn't photograph my breakfast, I had 6pp worth of banana bread. Day two of the Blogilates beginners calendar is done. My poor abs! Breakfast and lunch were the same as yesterday so I didn't take a picture. Dinner is a yummy tuna casserole. Lunch (9 pp) : turkey sandwich with Swiss cheese, Apple, nutri-grain bar. 2 pp snack: wheat thins and sweet lime tea.

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