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Do what Works 4U!!#stayconsistant,#paleo,#keto, (1 comments) Squeezed in another 4 miles tonight with my sister. Putting me a lil over daily goal. Enjoying this Cold dry weather in Seattle❤️ (1 comments) January 2017: 343lbs December 2017: 263lbs My goal was to walk my long driveway to build up my stamina. I walked out of my Driveway & never looked back! I Climed Mt Ellinor Twice this year both times around 320-311 lbs!! I walked a total of 918.5.. Short of my goal 1,000 miles Total... ! I still have a ways to go, but Im Doing It... Every. Dam.Day!! Happy New Year Spark Family❤️ Thank You for all your support. Cheers to a Healthy 2018 (1 comments) Happy New Year! Walked 6.5 miles with my sister this morning! It felt great walking into 2018 with that many miles under our belts. A few weeks ago I was inspired by the Fabulous @PELESJEWEL. Create a Vision Board outling what you'd like to work on for that month!! Here's my Vision Board for January. -Try Spin Class -Maintain LCHF diet -Weights/kettle bells -Walk 3-4 miles daily.. What's on your vision board!! (3 comments) (2 comments) First pix was 5 yrs ago. after giving birth to my son my weight stayed between 330-355lbs for 8 yrs.. Pix on the rt was yesterday. Tho I've lost quite a bit of weight, "My Associations" of myself are still with the first pix. Not In a negative way, it just takes me longer to process how far Ive Come, & How much more I have 2GO. Keep Pushing, Keep Fighting. Climbed Mt. Ellinor with my sister & this Amazing Lady!! 90 yrs old & she hikes this every year!! Me & my sis @ the top of Mt. Ellinor (2 comments) February 2017: 343 lbs/ October 2017 291 lbs.. B4 pix was taken with friends & family for my sisters 50th bday party. Turning to the side & holding my Dooney Hobo purse in front to hide myself!! should of carried a Messenger Bag Big Men's Big & Tall if I wanted adequate coverage! lol I have a lot more to go, but Im pushing for my health every day. Thanks Spark!! (1 comments) (16 comments) My Niece is my new Trainer!! Yaa (1 comments) Earnastine Shepherd is now 81 & still looks Amazing!! Saw her doing Planks/Push Ups on Forever Young series on Steve Harvey show!! OMG😱😃 Island Style Goals!!!! Sarong & Bikini Top... *Picture is from Tahiti-Tourism (1 comments) Salmon with sautéed pork belly & yellow squash with side of sweet potato. #Whole30,#Paleo Hubby made sweet potato hash with sautéed onions mushrooms, & bacon.. With scrambled eggs.. Awesome Sunday Breakfast.., B Well Sparks- Vegan Naan Bread with Country Style Pork Ribs with veggies. Nann bread is just sweet potato & flour seasoned with salt, pepper, onion powder, & curry!! Fantastic!!!! *Youtube Vegan Sweet Potato Nann.. I added my own seasonings. 1 large sweet potato yields 12 Naan Rolls! Soo Yumm Cauliflower Pizza Crust!! Topped with Aidell apple chicken sausage, Olives, Basil, Tomatoes, Mozzarella Cheese & green onion. This Was Delicious!!! #whole30-Reintroduction. (1 comments) Chicken Curry Stew with Veggies, simmered in Chicken Stock & 1 can organic coconut milk #whole30/Paleo (1 comments) Day 30!!! of Whole 30 plan. I made it.. Yaa This was such a tough eye opening adventure for me. In a nut shell whole 30 is "Short-term nutritional reset,designed to help put an end to unhealthy cravings, habits, & help heal your digestive track. Dinner: Pork Belly stir fry with green beans, yellow squash sautéed onions, & garlic. With Flash Fried Fish in Ghee. #Whole30 Oven Roasted Butternut Squash, placed in crock pot for 3 hrs with chicken stock, sauteed onions, Garlic, celery seed, & curry powder. Used emersion blender to a soup consistancy. Add 1 can organic coconut milk.. Topped with Pan seared pork belly in ghee. #Whole30.. Cornbeef & cabbage with yellow squash, & zucchini. Steamed Sweet potatoes in coconut milk with green onions.#Whole30 (2 comments) 1/2 Yukon Gold Potato diced & sautéed with Pork Belly, Onions, peppers, cauliflower, & mushrooms. Fried Poached egg over top with green onions, salt & pepper.. #Whole30 Day15 of Whole30!!!.. Half It's all down hill frm here.. Last nights dinner: Shrimp with Sauteed yellow squash, onions, peppers, snow pea's, tomato, garlic ginger, & green onion's. Sauce: ghee, coconut amino's with juice of one lemon. #whole30 I love Monday's!! Helps me reset mentally, & Forge ahead with new Goals 4 the week.. B Well Sparks ⚡️ Have Faith in the Process; Committing to a Healthy Life Style takes hard work/balance. Your worth it. Keep Pushing 4ward Friends!!

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