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around 190 pounds around 183 lbs I've come a LONG way!! (2 comments) Me and my little workout buddy! =D Before & After 50 lbs Lost! (1 comments) 5.2 lbs from goal. Can I make it by Christmas?? (3 comments) . (3 comments) Here is my new family pictures that I sent out in my Christmas cards. (3 comments) Christmas picture preview day 2. (1 comments) Selfie with my sisters on Christmas Day 2015 Selfie with my sister and niece on Christmas Day 2015 Weight-Loss Family photo. I inspired them to lose weight too. They have lost 65+ lbs each!! Playing with the wigs at work, LOL! =D Headed out to MS petrified forest with the family. It's a pretty day for it. (1 comments) Has been doing some more sewing. (1 comments) Had to get glasses for everyday wear. I guess they are alright... (5 comments) day 389 of my streak for "Track Your Calorie Deficit Here! 0 Calories per day" earned 3/31/2016 Did some more sewing today. =) Sewed up another ruffle skirt yesterday. Getting the hang of it now. (1 comments) Took some blue coral cleaner to my microfiber couch today. WOW! It's amazing how clean they are now. Here's a before and after of the worst arm: (2 comments) Went to Greek Fest today! SO FUN!! Got in some sew therapy yesterday. (3 comments) Has been MIA lately due to taking care of my DH. He has been down in his back. Had an MRI done and it doesn't look good. 2 ruptures. 1 severe hernia toon. =( (4 comments) Groomed my mini poodle this morning. He looks so much better. =) (1 comments) My DD who will be 14 Aug. 19th My 10-year-old DS and his chicken friend, LOL My Husband and Daughter Me and my Son Been to the farm/pumpkin patch on a homeschool field trip today. It was loads of fun! Me Before at 199lbs & After at 174.4 - 25 lbs GONE!! Goodbye 25 lbs!! WOOHOO!! Comparison picture. I weighed 199 in the pic of me in the red and currently at 174.4 (purple). (1 comments) Me at 174.4 on September 23, 2012 My Clothes are TOO BIG! 35 lbs GONE! 164.4 lbs 11/16/2012 (2 comments) My Clothes are TOO BIG - Pic # 2! 35 lbs GONE! 164.4 lbs 11/16/12 (4 comments) It feels good to be carrying 35 pounds less! =) 164.4 lbs (2 comments) Easter 2012 compared to Easter 2013 - 35 lbs gone! Easter 2012 compared to 2013 - 35 lbs gone! Easter 2013 Fun Pose....164.2lbs! (4 comments) Somewhere around 192 lbs in 2009 (1 comments) 42 lbs lost!! 42 lbs lost!! (4 comments) (5 comments) 189 lbs 153.4 lbs October 2013 ~ 46 lbs lost! (2 comments) January 7, 2014 ~ I have a chin again! =) (3 comments) #ShareaCoke Campaign. Josh & I found a couple of bottles with our names on them. (2 comments) August 2014 August 2014 (1 comments) Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 (3 comments) We can't deny we are mom and daughter! LoL! (1 comments) Had a very successful birthday party for my son today! It was a ton of Angry Birds FUN!! (1 comments) It's official, I have lost 50 lbs!! I'm moving to 140ville today. (1 comments) Thinks it's AMAZING what 50lbs looks like!! Still hanging out in 140ville. =) (1 comments) August 2, 2015 ~ 147.6 lbs (skirt and flower pin sewn by me) (5 comments) Me "Before" with my brother and 2 sisters. I am in the pink shirt. another before photo taken in 2010. Around 199 lbs. My DD took it for us. =P Family Portrait - August 16, 2009 (5 comments)

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