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(1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) My sweet Bobby Boy! (3 comments) Roles reversed - Puppy in charge! (2 comments) "Enjoying a summer day" (1 comments) (7 comments) Nestle, our new Family Member we adopted from the Animal Shelter recently. She is 5 years old. (2 comments) (6 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) Hard to believe, but on October 8th my Husband Roy & I will be married 50 years. YES!! (4 comments) I finally got my new Bird-feeder put up today, that I bought Saturday at a Craft Show. It didn't take long for Chickadees to check it out. I can tell they've given their approval.. (2 comments) To my surprise, shortly after I began using my new birdfeeder, I thought my eyes were playing a little trick on me. I had to do a double take, but there, the Chickadee was inside the feeder. Yikes! (3 comments) The female Cardinal has been and still is a freequent visitor to our back yard. I'm sure attracted by the bird feeders of food. (1 comments) Today, December 21st, is the first day of winter, and I evidently had two "Lovebirds", the male & female Purple Finch; the male is the pretty one! (1 comments) (1 comments) My Sweet, Darling Visitor is coming around more often. I hope that I soon get to meet her mate, the Male Cardinal. (1 comments) What a treat to see a pair of Evening Gross Beaks today. I still see my favorite, the female Cardinal on a regular basis. Love that Beauty! (1 comments) I'm so fascinated by all the birds visiting and eating in our backyard this winter. This is one of the beautiful little finches. some of my pictures are looking like paintings. I LOVE my camera! (2 comments) (1 comments) I'm so happy to see that sweet female Cardinal coming to the bird feeders. She does get camera shy. Even though I'm taking pictures from inside the house, she sees me, I got some lovely pictures. (1 comments) Eventhough I think these creatures are cute, they can really be a nuisance at times. they like to overtake all the feeders if possible. thank goodness they can only reach this feeder. Thank goodness! (1 comments) I'm still seeing that special Visitor to the bird feeders, the beautiful female Cardinal. I haven't seen here mate as of yet but still have hopes to see him someday. (1 comments) Yesterday & today, I was able to get many lovely pictures of the beautiful female Cardinal. Still waiting for Mr. Cardinal. (1 comments) Since our Spark Activity Trackers will no longer work on Feb. 21st, yesterday I was able to find the exact one I wanted, on sale for $34. "Lucky day for me!" (1 comments) Eventhough I still so in love with the Female Cardinal, today I had a few Evening Grossbeaks that were visiting my feeders so, my eyes were on them. (2 comments) Even though I get a bit perturbed time to time with these creatures, as they take the roof off the feeder, I'd never want to harm them. Thank goodness they have access to just that one feeder. (1 comments) I can't say enough how much I've been enjoying frequent visits from the female Cardinal. I take pictures when I can, but it seems when she sees what I'm doing, she's gone! (1 comments) My sweet, frequent visitor, came to the bird feeders numerous times today. I decided to name her. So appropriate a name for her, Cardi! (1 comments) I took this picture in May of 2016, of this beautiful Butterfly setting on a Dandelion. Make me think of Springtime! (3 comments) This morning as I was gathering up my laundry, this Deer sweet creature caught my I as I was looking out a window. It looks more like a painting to me! (5 comments) Got some great & colorful pictures today of some visiting birds. The Purple Finch made many poses for me! Got some great & colorful pictures today of some visiting birds. The Purple Finch made many poses for me! I captured some lovely snapshots today of the beautiful Purple Finch and other visiting Birds. A Most Happy & Blessed Easter, Everyone! My Easter Surprise! The Male Cardinal came to visit on Easter Sunday. That was a glorious surprise for me. "Happy! Happy!" (1 comments) (1 comments) (3 comments) This is one of the many pictures I was able to get the my special visitor on Easter Sunday. I have not seen the male Cardinal since (1 comments) I took a number of pictures of this squirrel, earlier in the week. I could not resist those beautiful brown eyes, but look at those claws! They are cute little creatures! (1 comments) This was one of my sweet & pretty Sunday morning visitors. (1 comments) This can be a bit unusual because usually one squirrel wants to share it to himself, but they do have generous moments. Too cute! (2 comments) The Rose Breasted Grosbeaks are frequent visitors this week. I'm surprised to see a number of them coming to the bird feeders. (1 comments) Love seeing the many birds hanging around the bird feeders, and looking to see more variety as they travel through, stopping by for a bite to eat! (1 comments) I thought this Purple Finch is mighty pretty! (2 comments) I had not seen the Baltimore Oriole since May 10 and I saw three together. got a lot of pics. I took this one of the Oriole and the Rose Breasted Grosbeak. (1 comments) I think it is drawing close to the time, during the year when I will need to take down the bird feeders at night because of bear & raccoons which could destroy my feeders; so enjoying the birds. (2 comments) On Monday, we honored and remember all those Veterans who are no longer with us, but too, we think of those who are fighting now to keep our Country free. I purchased all my flowers yesterday, and there are so many lovely choices. I had a lovely visitor today that was enjoying them too. (1 comments) Following the visit of the Hummingbird on Friday, a Butterfly visited, and fed on the same flower. "Such a love for nature!" (1 comments) Just love being able to take pictures of God's creation. (1 comments) Can anyone tell me if this is possibly a Moth, or a Butterfly. When I was getting ready to go out the door to Church this morning, this was on our screen door. Isn't is pretty? (3 comments) I managed to get this picture most recently, and was more beautiful than I expected; another one of God's beautiful creations! I'm overjoyed, as today my Cousin sold me his stationary bike at a very good price. He brought it over this afternoon. For sure I'll be getting good workouts with this one, as I did this evening. My Prayer Warrior Brother-in-law Steve (1 comments) My Sister Kathy with Steve, Patrick & Josie who's like a Daughter with her Daughter Jaylah Missy the squirrel posing for me (2 comments) Another pose from Missy the squirrel Another selection of Missy the squirrel (1 comments) My Sister Kathy & I (1 comments) My Sister Kathy & I from way back when (3 comments) South Texas, at my Sister's 2015 From my Sister's beautiful yard, 2015 (1 comments) My Sister's autistic Son having fun at summer camp (2 comments) Our Parish Priest loves fresh flowers. Beautiful, fresh flowers adorning the Church My fascination with the moon Bobby Boy's Nap Time (2 comments) Little Girl Loves the Outdoors (2 comments) Little Getting Lessons from a Young one! (2 comments) Husband & I, at our Nephew Joe's Camp (2 comments) Lunch time at Culvers (2 comments) St. Joseph Mission-December 2013 (2 comments) Our Priest Fr. Al with Altar Servers & Deacon Brandon at far right Love this little Chipmunk I love this sweet, precious cat! Deacon Brandon & I Miners Beach - Pictured Rocks Miners Beach - Pictured Rocks Husband & I at Wedding Reception Yearly Women's Class Reunion (1 comments) My precious Sister Kathy & I (1 comments) Having fun at Cancer Survivor Picnic Former Bishop Alexander Sample, celebrating milestone Wedding Anniversaries (2 comments) A favorite picture with my Husbansd Roy in '97 (1 comments) Me and my Dear Sister Kathy (1 comments) My Sister, our Dad & Myself Dad & Mom, Wedding Day 12/13/41 Then, Seminarian Brandon & Father John Boyle in summer 2013 Jesus, I trust in You! Me, my Friend Susan & my Sister Kathy (1 comments) My Dad, as a little Boy to far right "Toby" Farewell to Father John, our wonderful, caring Priest (1 comments) Seminarian Brandon & myself Retired, Bishop Garland & Seminarian Brandon (1 comments) My Sweetheart, Bobby Boy Me & my Sister Kathy (6 comments) Relay for Life (2 comments) My Sister Kathy & I (2 comments) "Not My Will Lord, But Thine" Me, in September 2011 Me , at a Friend's home , one of my computer Teachers 2010 At the San Juan Shrine in in San Juan, TX (3 comments) Me, and my Sister Kathy (3 comments) Jesus, My Savior Janis & Kathy "Forever Sisters" (1 comments) My Wedding Gown made by my Mom (1966) (4 comments) St. Joseph Mission : Northland, MI (2 comments)

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